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relationship status: “The scanners are showing levels at zero, Captain. There’s no life there.”

favorite color: Optimus Pime Red!

lipstick or chapstick: People put stuff on their lips?

last song i listened to: Song? With lyrics? Dang, let me think… ugh, I think it might be this thing. (Incidentally, I’m getting sick of the orchestra-discrimination in these things.)

last movie i watched: Edge of Tomorrow (AKA “Live. Die. Repeat.”)

top 3 tv shows: Star Wars: Rebels, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash. (Yes, I love my genre shclock.)

top 3 characters: Sherlock Holmes, Spider-Man, Sokka.

top 3 ships: Maikka, Spider-Jane, and- uh- Pipes/Nautica! Ha! …oh dear Primus, there’s actually fanfiction of it! XD

books i’m currently reading: The Napoleon of Crime: The Life and Times of Adam Worth, Master Thief“ - It’s the story of the real person who inspired Professor Moriarty, and at about ¾ of the way through the book, I have to admit to be shocked that there isn’t a Worth/Pinkerton slash fandom on tumblr.

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One of Adam's firsts? Something he didn't have the chance to do as a kid because his dad thought it was a waste of time or money? Adam's first petting zoo/Aquarium? Adam's first amusement park? Adam's first, uh, airplane ride/vacay out of Virginia?

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” Ronan says, cautiously. Ronan is hardly ever cautious, which makes Adam feel even worse.

“It’s fine,” he replies flatly, drying his palms on his jeans. Ronan, as always hyper-aware of Adam’s hands, gives him a skeptical look.

“I can see that. Listen, it’s not too late to cancel.” 

Adam can tell both that Ronan doesn’t want to cancel, and that he would in a heartbeat.

“It is too late to cancel,” he says stubbornly. “We would lose the money.”

“I’m not exactly terrified, Parrish.”

Adam throws him a withering glance. “Some of us don’t have the ability to just dream up checks.”

Ronan shrugs. It’s not real, this sparring, Adam knows that, even though only a year and some change ago it would have devolved into an absolutely real and ugly fight. The calculated insolence in the set of Ronan’s shoulders means he’s putting on an act, pushing Adam’s buttons with the spoilt Aglionby prince attitude, in an effort to distract him from his nerves. Adam is a little awed – both at Ronan’s strange brand of thoughtfulness and at their ability to read each other so well. He guesses dating for a year will do that.

A year. He can hardly believe it. And yet they’ve lasted this long, in spite of demons, hit men, and the various obstacles of long-distance relationships. And that’s why they’re here, at an airport, waiting to board a flight to Paris for their first anniversary. Paris, of all places. That’s something else Adam can’t believe.

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The quiet by Troye Sivan + Adam Parrish??

[listen to the song here]

Adam thought he knew silence.

Silence in the waiting for the blow to fall. The red dust of Henrietta mufflin everything, getting into his lungs and choking his own voice.

Adam thought he knew pain, too.

But this is worse. This ringing, this absense. This is something he cannot hide with scholarships and hard work. This is not something he can fix with a bit of grease. He’s Damaged™ now, and he’d take a dozen broken bones over this.

“Tell me,” he asks Gansey, and belatedly tilts his head so he can hear his friend deliver the news he already knows.

The church is its own kind of quiet, which is why it’s so strange that Ronan Lynch seems to fit there. He wouldn’t think that the wings Ronan wears on his back would fold down enough to let him through the doors, and yet here he is, on his doorstep again.

And he says nothing, again.

Adam knows, and Ronan must know that he does. But he says nothing, and so Adam has nothing to respond to, and they’re adrift in this sea of non-verbal communication, everything possible and nothing concrete. Like the prayers Ronan mouths but doesn’t dare say, anymore. Like totems worn smooth with searching fingers.

“Tell me,” he asks Blue, and Blue says Gansey’s going to die.

They all find their battles in the end, unravelling a spider and a curse, two impossible tasks, five impossible figures. How many plots are they juggling now, not daring to say them out loud for fear of alerting someone else to the game? Gansey can’t know his fate. Blue can’t know her own feelings. Ronan can’t know his own worth.

Adam can’t-

Well, he’s a hypocrite, but he already knew that. That’s not a secret at all.

Noah knows everything, but he doesn’t often talk to Adam. It’s frustrating, because he feels like he should be listening for something from the ghost boy, but he keeps standing on the wrong side, keeps flinching at any noise that might be that voice coming back to whisper in his dead ear again.

Maybe that’s the one thing worse than the quiet.

All too soon the end is coming at them and Adam isn’t ready. He digs in his hands, gets dirt under his nails as he tries to grab for more time. He grabs at ties, done up properly just for him, at tins of dream things just for him, at a little car that plays a tune.

“Tell me,” he asks Ronan.

He grasps at the boy in front of him as they fall forward, fall together, finally say everything they needed to with body language they both understand. And yes, talking will happen later, but this is the best conversation starter either of them have ever managed, so he’s not worried. Not about this.

After, he asks Gansey an impossible question, and the king delivers, like he wakes the dead, like he commands the world itself to move. He talks of quiet like a good thing, and Adam traces the feeling of another heartbeat in his fingertips, and starts to perhaps understand.


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Summary: It had been four years of good dreams, then she walks into a nightmare 

Warnings: blood, canon level violence and gore, minor character death, angst, Stockholm syndrome, evil sam and dean

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Y/N felt her blood freeze, thoughts slipping away focussing only on fear. Fear was in control now. She began to shake, trembling the longer she focused on Sam and Dean. They visibly adorned the signs of age, scruff tracing their jaws. Their arms and chest had filled out, making them stronger than they had been once before. 

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