Os presento el meme de Always Online Adam Worth.

Si alguien no conoce la historia de este tipejo, es un desarrollador de Microsoft que actualmente trabaja en la nueva Xbox. Después de que se filtrara la información de que estaba planeado que la nueva consola SOLO PUDIESE FUNCIONAR ONLINE y después de recibir el aluvión de críticas, este genio de la mente humana demostró su intelecto en Twitter despreciando a todos los que no tienen una conexión de altísima calidad.

30 days of Sanctuary - Day 05: Favorite Helen Magnus BAMF moment

The Confrontation, Breach

Let’s face it, Breach was just one big BAMF-fest. Pole twirling maneuvers, chain whipping, several good kicks, and punching the FUCK out of each other. But when Magnus finally confronts this mysterious and elusive steampunk farmer, who, by the way, HAS A FUCKING MACHETE, what does she do? SHE BASHES HIS FUCKING FACE IN WITH A HAMMER.

What’s not to love?

Honorable Mentions: Wrenching Will in the head, Requiem; Flare toss, Next Tuesday; Hot tea to the face, Kali Part 3; Bazooka launch, Kali Part 3; Stabbing Afina, Awakening.


Who is Adam Worth, and why should you care? 

Well, to start with the simplest possible reason, because the descriptor “the Napoleon of Crime” was invented to describe him, and the character of Moriarty was inspired by his criminal exploits.

He stole $500,000 worth of uncut diamonds, tunneled out of prison, tunneled into a bank, stole priceless art, ran an illegal casino with his bumbling partner and their shared mistress, and prized above everything else he had stolen Gainsborough’s Duchess of Devonshire (above) which he kept in his bedroom for years.
He began his criminal career as a bounty jumper, enlisting repeatedly in the army during the Civil War before deserting with his money, and then became the leader of a gang of pickpockets, before moving to big time crime with the help of the fence Marm Mandelbaum. He stuck to a code of rigid morals that put him at a huge disadvantage in the underworld, but he never betrayed a colleague, left a man behind, or allowed violence to be used in his name. He joined English high society and controlled a far-flung network of criminals who never met him or knew his name, finally going to prison on the testimony of a resentful former partner. William Pinkerton, of the eponymous detective agency, had spent years chasing him, but, on his release from prison, became his close friend and confidant for the rest of his life.