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Honestly I think Adam is jealous of Chelsea. I think Adam expected Chelsea to be hung up on him for the rest of their lives and she isn't. She met someone and got married and is having a baby. While Adam jumps from girl to girl getting them pregnant. Chelsea has a life and is loving life. Adam isn't. Adam told people that Chelsea was hung up on him which wasn't true. She was hung up on the fact that Adam didn't want Aubree. She moved on.

I agree with you completely.

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I wonder if Chelsea sometimes regrets that she didn't take Adam up on his offer to sign over his rights to Aubree when she was a baby(I think it was in her 16&P episode). Her life would probably be alot easier and Aubree wouldn't be being hurt by Adam not showing up for her and there would be the added benefit that Adam also likely wouldn't be getting paid by MTV because they would have no reason to have him on if they weren't sharing Aubree.

Good points. However, I think Chelsea would have felt guilty had she not allowed Adam to try and change his ways and be in Aubree’s life.