No, No, No, Boyfriend?, No - Terroriser

So, I’m saying this now so just it gets confusing to people when they read this. The italicized words are a flashback to a time before Brian moved to the school he’s in now. I’m going to say where, because I like the idea of it being literally anywhere in America. And I only said America because I don’t know any other school system.

Also, I really enjoyed writing this. Love to hear your feedback and ideas for future chapters.


Brian never thought he’d have to hear that laugh again. He thought he had moved away from that laugh when he entered high school. He believed that it was all over, that the person behind the laugh was out of his life forever. He hoped that he’d never have to run into them again. Yet here he was, in his own school, when he heard that laugh. That infectious, dolphin-like laugh that practically haunted his past like a soldier is haunted by war.

Adam Montoya, otherwise known as Seananners, stood about 15 feet away from Brian talking to Chilled. Adam’s back was to Brian, but that didn’t mean he was completely safe from being spotted. He kept walking, hoping that he could just avoid Adam. He didn’t want to have to deal with this part of his past right now. Though Life had other plans, and Brian found out when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Brian!” Adam exclaimed, and Brian felt himself tense up. Adam must have felt it too. “Relax, it’s just me.” His shoulders dropped, and he knew Adam has used his power.

“Hey Adam.” Brian said, trying to keep his voice steady. “When did you come to this school?”

“Cmon, Brian. I know you’re hiding something.” Adam pressed, slamming his hand into the lockers behind Brian’s right side. “Spill.”

“First day was the beginning of this week. I didn’t realize this was where you went.” Brian looked around, not spotting Chilled anywhere. He stole a breath. He did not want to alone with Adam, especially how well that went last time. “Did you miss me?”

“No.” He replied bluntly. Brian glanced down at the watch on his wrist. “Look, I have to get the class. The two minute bell is about to ring.” He started walking away, when Adam called out to him.

“I … I can’t.” Brian stuttered, and the other 8th grader frowned. Brian had to be careful now. He knew the strategies Adam used to make his power more … influential.

1. Flattery
2. Facts
3. The Pushover

“Oh, don’t leave yet.” Brian felt his feet stop although he just wanted to keep .. going. “We aren’t done talking yet.”

“Why can’t we be?” Brian muttered as Adam approached the Irishman. “What else do you want to know?”

“I want to know who else does.” He stated.

“C'mon, Brian. I know there’s something in that pretty little head of yours that …” He put his left hand on Brian’s chest. “You need to let off your chest.” One.

“Know what?” Brian asked, trying to play dumb for just a little bit longer. Adam chuckled as he walked around to face Brian.

“You know what.” He deadpanned, locking eyes with Brian. Brian gulped. “Who. Else. Knows?”

“No one.” He spit out a little too fast.



“No.” Brian replied, putting more force behind the word than he felt in his own abilities. Adam made a tsk sound and walked away from Brian. The latter enjoy the breathing room, but the former wasn’t done. He turned around.

Two people said his name simultaneously. One was demanding. Harsh, like a parent who knows his child just lied to them. The other was comforting. Soft, like a friend who was confused and needed answers. Brian turned toward the softer one.

Brock stood a few feet off to Brian’s right, one hand on the backpack hanging off his right shoulder. His face was plastered with both a concerned and confused expression. Brian relaxed while stealing a glance at Adam. He had a calculating expression on his face.

“Look.” He began. “It’s the last day of middle school, correct?” Brian nodded.

“Hi.” Adam said with a cheery expression, like his entire demeanor had flicked like a light switch. He started to walk toward Brock. “I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Adam.” He extended a hand.

“Brock.” He replied as he took it. “Do you mind if I talk with my boyfriend? Alone?” Brian had to do a double check to make sure he heard him right. Boyfriend. Brock had call him his boyfriend. Keep it cool, Brian. He told himself. Keep it cool.

“Of course, not at all.” Adam let go of Brock’s hand. He gestured back toward the Irishman. “We were just finishing up. I have to get to class anyways.” As if on cue, the bell rang. Adam smiled, and began walking away.

“And you said you were moving over the summer, right?” Another nod.

“Wait!” Brock called back. “Do you need a pass?”

“It’s fine.” Adam waved, not looking back. “I can simply talk my way out of it.” And with that, he disappeared around the corner. Brian finally found that his legs listened to him as he rushed to embrace Brock in a hug. The other man was taken back for a moment, but soon became comfortable.

“Thank you.” Brian finally said, breaking away from his friend.

“Who was that?”

“So, if you tell me that secret you’ve been dying to keep in, it’s not going to do any harm. I can’t hold it over your head because most likely I’m not going to see you again. Ever.” Two.

“You know when I told you my secret and you asked who else knew. I said there was this one guy at my old school who knew because he was really good at using his persuasion power.” Brock nodded. “Adam is that guy.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know.” Brian admitted. “I can’t avoid him all my life, and I don’t want him to hang my secret over my head like strings on a puppet. The only thing I can do is make sure he doesn’t tell anyone else.”

“That is true.” He replied, feeling Adam’s words influencing everything he said.

“Well, how do we make sure of that?” Brock asked. “You said he had the power of persuasion, so how do we know anything coming out of his mouth is real?”

“I think I can help with that.” A voice interrupted. Both boys turned to see another one standing just at the entrance to the hallway they were in. Brian recognized him vaguely from his Biology Class. “I overheard some of you conversation. Don’t worry, if you said the secret I don’t know it.”

“Max, right?” He nodded. “Look, if you know Adam, and I’m assuming you do, than you know that he’s an unpredictable cocky son of a bitch who we should never trust.”

“Right?” Adam took a step closer and another. Brian didn’t move. The former leaned in close, so his mouth was right next to Brian’s left ear.

“I’m telepathic.” Max stated. “Which means I know exactly when he’s using his power or not. I just … I need more time to figure him out. In person and over a Skype call are completely different ball games.”

Brian was hesitant. Sure, Max seemed trustworthy enough. But seeming trustworthy and being trustworthy were two entirely different concepts. He had made that mistake with Adam.

“Um … Earth to Brian?” Brock interrupted his thoughts.

“Yeah, you can help.” Brian said. “But that doesn’t mean I trust you.”

Max laughed a little. “I don’t expect anything less from someone who’s dealt with Nanners.”

Brian could almost feel the power building up in Adam’s words. “So spill.”


“Nanners?” Brock questioned.

“It’s a shortened version of his gamer tag, Seananners.” Brian explained.


“Well, I better get going.” Max interrupted. “I’ll see you guys later.”

“Where you going?” Brian asked.

“Guidance. You?”

“Lunch.” Brock answered for the both of them. Max mouthed the word ‘Ah’ before waving and walking away. Brock then turned to Brian, holding out his hand. “Shall we?”

“We shall.” Brian responded, grasping his hand and interlocking their fingers. “Hey, can I ask you a question while it’s still fresh in my mind?”


“When … When you call me your boyfriend, was that just to throw off Adam or did you actually mean it?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“You.” Brock said back.

“Oh.” Brian looked down at their hands. They swung with the two sets of footsteps, fingers in fingers. He didn’t say anything else.

He didn’t let go of Brock’s hand either.