Adam Reed

I would like to thank

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall. Who taught me to never give up. That i always have hope, always.

Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski, you showed me that I don’t have to be special, to make a difference.

Holland Roden as Lydia Martin, thank u for telling me to never make myself less than i am for someone else.

Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate. Thank u for letting me know that i can be honest, sassy and bitter but still be kind and have passion.

Crystal Reed as Allison Argent. You taught me that if people underestimate me. Prove them wrong.

Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey, who showed that I am more than I’ve been treated, that if i see evil, make the world a better place and show some good.

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, thanks for showing that if a lose a battle, to get back up and try again

Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar, thank u dearly for showing me that I’m more than my emotions. To power through what i feel.

Cody Christian as Theo Raeken. Thanks for showing me that people can change. That the bad can be good.

Victoria Moroles as Hayden Romero, who showed that there are many sides to being a badass, being tuff, compassionate, weak at some points, to be able to show emotions. Thank u.

Khylin Rambo as Mason Hewitt. You should me that i can always use my intelligence.

Michael Johnston as Corey Bryant. You helped me realise that even though i think im invisible to everyone, i might not be

Cody Saintgnue as Brett Talbot, you should me that I should give people second chances. They could turn out to be really lovely

Adelaide Kane as Cora Hale. Thank u for showing me to never give up on my family, even if they disappoint or leave. They are still my family

Ian Bohen as Peter, thank u for teaching me power isn’t everything.

Orny Adams as Coach. Thanks for being utterly amazing.

And soo many other cast members i love to bits

And i big thank u to Jeff Davis for creating my favourite tv show ever. Though u have made mistakes that have annoyed me, u have made my soooooo unbelievably happy by creating this show.

Thank u to all of u have made me happy in times of sadness and have taught me many lessons. I look up to your characters who u created they were amazing, i will always remember them. Always. And i look up to u as people, the incredible people u are. Thank u. I will never forget u all

I will miss you all.

(In case you don’t recognize everyone:
Coach Finstock, Chris, Allison, Lydia, Theo
Deaton, Melissa, Scott, Stiles, Malia
Peter, Derek, (heart), Stilinski, Liam
Isaac, Corey, Mason, Kira, Hayden
Parrish, Brett, Natalie Martin, Deucalion, the Twins)


“Rachel was beautiful, inside and out. She was a hard worker with a great sense of humor. After I got out of the school on the day of the shooting, I watched the news coverage on TV, trying to find out who had been shot. I saw videotape of students running past a body on the ground. All you could see clearly was the victim’s hair, but that was enough. I had helped to cut Rachel’s hair, so I knew she was the one lying there.” - Devon Adams

“Lauren Beachem was trapped in one of the science rooms that day. When the SWAT team evacuated everyone, she saw Rachel’s body on her way out of the school. She didn’t want to believe it was Rachel.

We’d been at home watching helicopter footage outside the school, and lying near the exterior steps of Columbine was the body of a girl who was wearing clothes just like those I’d seen Rachel wearing earlier that day.  My brother Aaron was on the phone all afternoon, asking people if they knew anything. I was sitting with my friend Steve Partridge on our porch when Aaron ran out to give us an update. “Rachel Scott’s dead,” he said. Aaron was just giving us a name. He didn’t realize that we both knew Rachel, or that Steve had dated Rachel for a long time. When Steve heard the news, he fell silent. Then he collapsed.“ - Brooks Brown

“Officials began to let Granillo and other students still leaving the school run up a nearby hill to safety. “I run up the hill and I look down and there’s a girl who had been killed laying on her back – which was my friend Rachel. I didn’t know that at the time – and I almost tripped over her.- Sam Granillo

“I went to the local Elementary school where the unconnected children and parents were gathering. It was there where countless students told me that they’d been evacuated past the body of Rachel Scott, a girl on my debate team with whom I was close with. I looked at the first boy who told me that - her varsity mentor on the team, my state poetry champion - and said, “That’s not true. You’re lying.” Then I walked away. - Paula Reed