i kno i said i was gonna write more Jensard stuff but i have to clean my room before i settle in for some real writing and i really dont want to do that so i’m procrastinating 

earlier today i was thinking about Adam & Charlie getting married which is new, like i’ve always thought about their future - they gonna grow old together, be constantly on the run from the Illuminati, be like robin hoods and help other ppl who are trying to escape their control, be some grizzled but compassionate and very much in love old people. but i never planned to have them get ‘married’ like i don’t think either of them would really be the people who would care about that kind of thing

but then i realized that hell yeah they would, both of them. Adam cause inside he’s secretly really traditional and has this deep abiding need for ‘normality’ and stability and fears losing the ppl he loves, and Charlie cause she appreciates and values ritualized/symbolic actions and would love nothing more than to take a vow of devotion to Adam.

so i pretty much think events of the game are taking us to San Francisco re: VersaLife/Megan/Bob/the Earthquake and i think Adam & Charlie leave Europe to head back to the states. but before they go to SF they stop back in Detroit. Because it’s their home. Adam is going to visit his parents, and they both want to see their friends Malik & Pritchard. By this point they’ve both lost and found each other a thousand times, they’ve both nearly died (or completely died in Adam’s case) and have been changed so fundamentally together, they’ve been torn apart and reunited halfway across the world and while they aren’t naive enough to think that some stupid vow will prevent that from happening again - being together again, and around all this domesticity, experiencing so vividly what is at stake, what they could have and what they could lose…. they feel the need to do something

so one cool, sunny morning they go to the Detroit courthouse. Malik hooks them up with some rings - simple, made from salvaged SI augs, and she and Pritchard come along as witnesses and it’s just the sweetest most precious pure thing they stand there facing each other and holding hands and beaming (Pritchard’s never seen Jensen smile like that) because for once in their lives they are doing something that normal people do, something peaceful. a commitment, a plan for the future that they are more determined than ever to fight for. and no matter what happens to them in the future, nothing can take away this moment where they stood in the courthouse and said I do, they will always be a union, married, husband & wife until they both are dead and buried

mostly i’m just obsessed with Charlie Winters-Jensen *dreamy sigh while writing it over and over again in the back of my notebook*

edit to add: o my fucking god and then they leave the courthouse and go straight to the cemetery and Charlie kneels at her mom’s headstone with Adam by her side and says through tears “I’m married, momma…. wish you could meet him“

*shrieking sobs*

Drive (Adam Jensen x Reader)

Well this is short as all hell…but whatever, here ya go! ~Slash

Music casually played in the background, you were nodding along. One hand on the wheel, the other on the door. A third, augmented hand, rested on your thigh.

 You had finally convinced him to just take a drive, and neither of you regretted it in the least. The back roads were calm and free of other drivers. 

 His seat was leaned back comfortably as he stared out the window, sometimes glancing at you when you mumbled something, or smoking. 

 The days have been rough on you both, relaxation being much needed.

 It was peace, peace that would end to soon, but it was something.

 You couldn’t have asked for anything more, your beautiful smile giving it away. 

 Stay beautiful everyone, no matter how bad it gets. Don’t dwell on today, look straight into tomorrow.