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Get to know me meme[3/05] favourite movies: Cloud Atlas.

Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.

Adam and Eddy on TV Editor's Hour on EW Radio Sirius XM 105

Entertainment Weekly’s TV Finale Awards had Adam and Eddy calling in to accept. Transcribed by zengoalie

One award was for funny moment in a drama and Hook punching himself in the face won:

EW: Tell me how Hooks personality led himself to that moment ?

Adam: “Well I think he, like all of us, will look back on themselves sometime and be like ‘I can’t believe I was like that’ He just happens to have the opportunity to take some action and punch himself.

Eddy: Listen I think all of us inside have jealousy and sometimes that even includes ourselves- in past lives,  so I think that’s really where it came from. And for us we look at Captain Hook as kind of our Han Solo character…We say he’s Han Solo with guyliner.”

EW: And also led nicely to the end- the kiss between Hook and Emma, which I may have rewound multiple times…Tell me just about that kiss as well, it was a great one.”

Eddy: Well for us we just, you know, we thought this was the culmination of two years of his wooing, and…those two actors just went for it on the set. You know it was really like-we just wrote that and they just kind of-you know..I think that’s just two years of character buildup there.”

EW: About bringing back Marion(other award was Best Romantic Cliffhanger which Outlaw Queen won)?

Adam: It’s a tricky situation. You know when you’re dating Robin Hood…if Marion comes in…it’s gonna get complicated.

Eddy: Well yeah, because he has already mourned his wife and got over it. He didn’t realize someone would bring her back from the past. So that is something I don’t think he counted on…”

EW: I was watching it on my couch and  I just said poor Regina! Do you ever feel like you’re too harsh on poor Regina?

Eddy: You know sometimes, but happy endings…you have to work for them-as we said to Lana-(who plays Regina)- we said “She was like I’m really enjoying this! I’m falling in love-and we said Great! Enjoy it because we are going to destroy you. We are literally going to destroy you by the end of this”

Adam: And look happy endings are about those things where you get destroyed and then you build youself back up. And that’s part of the drama for us. Can she do that?”

EW How evil will she get..or not get?

Eddy: What’s amazing for us is that this is a woman who started the show trying to kill all the lead characters and now everyone is mad at us for ripping away her boyfriend I don’t care that she killed half a village or ten dwarves, but get her her boyfriend back!”

Adam: In fairness, she may have killed all those people, but she has grown.

Eddy: That’s true, that’s true, she put it behind her. And what happened in the Enchanted forest was a long time ago.

Adam: What happens in the EF stays in the Enchanted Forest

EW: We have to ask about one more thing…Elsa from Frozen is coming-EW had 40 questions about what’s next..”

Eddy: Literally we thought was he in the writers room because everything you said was exactly what we went through. Should we do it should we not do it? Do we go to this person do we not go to this person?

Adam: those questions were spot on and we’re going through our own versions of those questions as we plot out Season four.

EW: This is Elsa from Frozen, or half of HansCAnderson’s Snow Queen?

Eddy: This is Elsa from Frozen. For us that was the inspiration. We really really loved the movie. And the benefit of being owned by Disney is that we get to take the toy off the shelf and play with it,. So-will there be our own elements put to it? Yes. Like all things, like we do with Snow White or Peter Pan, or Captain Hook, you know we take our own kind of twist on it , but remaining faithful to the actual essence of the character.

Adam: For us we felt like Frozen had a way it could slot into our universe where we could kind of honor the movie and also make it a part of our world.

Eddy: You know they have frozen hearts, and we rip them out…so we felt it was the perfect marriage. We love to rip a heart out, and if it’s frozen we’ll take it…

EW: Casting for Elsa?

Eddy: It’s only day two of S4, so we’re nowhere…

We are as going through all those questions now. Starting our search…

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-transcribed to the best of my ability..(listening/rewinding) shortened some of the ums and ahhs, and the questions from Mark and Ann of EW Radio.