Adam Couple

ok i don’t even know where this idea came from but i’ve now held it for long enough that it’s acquired official headcanon status so here we go

  • let’s talk about ronan driving up to visit adam in college for halloween, but adam had already been invited to this party by someone in his dorm, so they decide to go together and start throwing around increasingly ridiculous ~couple costume ideas 
  • at one point ronan suggests – mostly to be a little shit – that adam should go as poison ivy, because of his connection with cabeswater/sentient plants and his love of all things science
  • at first adam is skeptical but then he’s like “if i go along with this do i get to pick your costume” and ronan’s like “sure no problem” 
  • and he’s so damn smug already because this is a couple costume after all, so obviously if adam’s poison ivy, ronan gets to be the freaking batman, moodiest and coolest and most-black-wearing of superheroes, right??
  • wrong, because that’s when adam just gives him this honestly borderline evil smile and says harley quinn
  • and that’s the story of how – some makeup, two temporary hair dyes, and a lot of dreaming later – adam and ronan rock up to the halloween party as this badass gay villainess couple
  • ronan, being his gd extra self, has actually dreamt the purple lamborghini from the suicide squad movie because screw the joker this car is too good for that fuckboy, so everyone is already staring at them before they even properly walk in
  • adam is wrapped in what is basically a (rather revealing) plant catsuit (“bro, are those real vines???” “shut up todd you’re stoned” “no but chad i swear those leaves moved” “yeah ok you’re super high right now”), wearing green eyeliner, green lipstick and his coolest magician look
  • ronan is wearing honest-to-god hot pants (”listen parrish this is too much” “oh, right, like this vegetable suit you dreamt me covers my modesty so well??” “i don’t know what you’re talking about” “i’m sure. now put on the shorts, lynch”) with the obligatory tank top and letterman jacket, red and blue eyeshadow, smudged lipstick, and a fucking baseball bat 
  • (it’s maybe just possible that his bared midriff and the careless way the baseball bat is slung over his shoulders are doing things to adam)
  • (it’s also maybe just possible that when one of the vines from adam’s costume possessively wraps around his waist, that does things to ronan, too)
  • long story short, that is how adam and ronan win the costume contest while managing to make everyone at the party irrationally aroused 
  • but possibly one of the highlights of the night is when somehow a picture gets posted on the facebook page of the event and within five minutes ten increasingly agitated/enthusiastic comments appear
  • spoiler alert they’re all from gansey

“Adam?”  Her quiet voice had him stirring from his bed, where he had almost been asleep.  Pushing himself to sit up he watched her slowly shuffle her way from the doorframe and across the floor to his bedside.

“What is it, Y/N?”  He asked, worried that something had happened.  When she was close enough to his bedside he reached out and gently grasped her arm, guiding her to sit on the edge of his bed and gently rubbing his thumb against her arm in an attempt to sooth her.

“Were you asleep?”  She asked, unseeing eyes settling in the area of Adam’s face, making him believe that she was looking at him even when he knew that wasn’t the case.  “I’m sorry.”

“No, I wasn’t sleeping yet.”  He brushed off quickly, adjusting his position so he was reclined against the headboard and gently pulling her fully onto the bed to lay against his side, legs tangling together comfortably.

“Would you mind reading to me while we try to fall asleep?”  Smiling softly to himself Adam stretched to grab his book off of the night stand.  Pressing a kiss against the top of your head he settled back against the pillows and began to read quietly to you.


“How do I look?”  You questioned, spinning around once slowly while smoothing your skirts.  Adam didn’t respond right away, engrossed in having his makeup painted on for the looming ball.  Once the last stitch of face paint had been applied he turned to look at you, smirking when he took in your dress.

“Ravishing.”  He was out of his chair quickly, stepping towards you and pulling your chest flush against his.  With one hand he kept you against his body, and with the other he grasped your hand and began to lead you in a waltz across the bedroom.  “As always, we are going to be the best looking couple in the room.”

With quick steps you followed along to the dance, giggling as Adam dipped you so low that the ends of your wig grazed the floor.  “As if there was any doubt about that.”  Craning your neck up you pressed a chaste kiss against his stained lips as he pulled you back up onto your feet.  Entwining your arms together you started making your way into the ballroom, where the music was already playing and people were chattering away.  Waiting for the arrival of the Prince and his love.

Brallie opinion, if you don’t like just ignore.

It means so much to my Brallie heart that Callie is singing the song that she was singing with Brandon when she was with that terrible man, because i think that she needs to hold on to something that give her hope, and i think that she find security in Brandon and in that song.