Adam Couple

“I filmed We Got Married as if I were really dating Ga In. At the time I wanted to show everyone that celebrities can sincerely date just like regular people. In order to be able to connect with the viewers we needed to be honest. I think fans loved us because I always thought ‘we’re really dating, we really got married’ to myself.” Jo Kwon


Started: September 20, 2009

Ended: January 6, 2011

Husband: JoKwon (2AM; Leader)

Wife: GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls; Maknae)

Started as just a one day couple for Chuseok Special, but they turned out to be one of the permanent cast, :)

They’ve been to Hong Kong as the Korean Representatives. 

They’re called Adam Couple, because of their petite body structures. 

JoKwon is known as the kkab king. And GaIn as a Chic.

They’re complete opposite of each other.

They released a song titled, We Fell In Love. :D

And soon, JoKwon released a single titled The Day That I Confessed. It is a song full of JoKwon’s feelings for GaIn. <3


OTPs: Adam Couple (Jo Kwon + Ga In)

“Sometimes, she’s truly like a real girlfriend, an older sister, and a warming mother, GaIn noona. Although she may be mean sometimes, she is my very very nice wife. I am currently entranced by her charms.” – Kwon

“No matter where or when we meet in the future, or whatever our relationship becomes, I hope that you could continue to stay by my side giving me strength.” - Gain

“The place that catches my eyes is the place where she is..The place that I look for is the place where her heart remains, which is with mine..” - Kwon

“My heart still flutters and feels like it’s only been months since we’ve met.” - GaIn

Like this, the Adam couple lives happily ever after..