Figure in Abrahamical lore who became the first human male created by God, in the Garden of Eden. According to ‘Genesis’ God created Adam by gathering dust or clay, moulding it into a human shape, and then breathing life into the new figure’s nostrils. This may have taken up to forty days or happened instantly.

When Adam came to life, he placed the first man into the Garden of Eden, instructing him not to eat from the tree of knowledge. When God realised Adam was alone, He gathered all the animals and had Adam name them. When that was done, He put Adam into a deep sleep and took out one of the man’s ribs. With that rib, God formed the first woman, Eve, who became Adam’s wife.

Adam was cast out from the Garden of Eden, after he ate a piece of the forbidden fruit that had been offered to him by his wife, who had been tempted by the Serpent. Upon swallowing the fruit, he became aware of his naked state and made a loincloth of fig leaves. As punishment for eating the fruit, Adam and Eve were taken away from the Garden of Eden and stripped of their immortality.

Adam and Eve survived and went on to have many sons and daughters, including Cain, Abel and Seth until Adam died at the age of nine hundred and thirty. In the ‘Book of Jubilees,’ he was said to have a daughter named Awan, who married her brother, Cain and a daughter named Azura, who married Seth. In Islamic tradition, he had two other daughters, Aclima and Lusia, who Cain and Abel fought over.

In some variations of Judaic lore, it is said that Adam was born a hermaphrodite, before the creation of Eve. Other texts state that Eve may have been his second wife, the first being a woman named Lilith. The pair are believed to have been buried in the Cave of Machpelah, located in the city of Hebron.

The angel, Raziel, would reveal a series of texts, known as ‘Sefer Raziel HaMalakh’ to Adam, which taught him about the world and how to speak.

Islamic tradition states that the Garden of Eden may have existed within Jannah and Adam and Hawa were sent to the physical world after eating the fruit. Adam himself sat upon the peak of Al-Safa and wept for forty days until he repented. Afterwards, Allah sent down a black stone that showed the pair were to build an altar to worship Him and taught the pair about the Hajj pilgrimage. When Adam and Hawa reunited near Mecca, they had two twin sons, Qabil and Habil and a third son named Rocail.

Those of the Ahmadiyyaian faith, consider that Adam was not the first human in the world, but the first human God spoke to, making him the first prophet.

Some Gnostics theorise that Adam and Eve may have been created to help fight against Satan and were freed from the Demiurge’s grasp by the heroic Serpent.

Adam was also seen as a manifestation of God Himself in the Bahá'í Faith and those of the Druze faith, see him as the universal mind, similar to how Eve was the universal soul.

Okay, so imagine a BatB/ATLA crossover.

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This was a random idea we had while we were watching the 2017 movie together.  So now I’m making it official.

  • Adam would be a reclusive earthbender who probably lives in Ba Sing Se with royalty.  He would probably turn his nose up at metalbending and try to stick to the basics and make himself more powerful through earth and stone alone.  Edit: He could totally be a lavabender and not realize it.
  • Belle, Maurice, and Lefou wouldn’t be benders, but they’d make up for that with resourcefulness and knowledge.
    • Maurice and his wife were members of the White Lotus, but they were found out and attacked.  Belle’s mother was killed, but Maurice and Belle managed to escape.  
  • Agathe is another member of the White Lotus, and she found shelter for them in the village.  She’s a waterbender who can both bloodbend and heal.  Her healing is sometimes said to bring back people from the brink.
  • Mrs. Potts and Chapeau would be waterbenders.
  • Plumette, Jean, and Chip would be airbenders, and Plumette would be the most talented.
  • Cogsworth would definitely be one of those metalbenders that knows every technique in the book and would lord it over lumiere (”I’m more advanced than you” “mon ami we don’t even control the same thing”)
    • I think Clothilde would be a metalbender too, if not just a regular earthbender
  • Garderobe and Cadenza are this wicked awesome metalbending duo, but they don’t use their abilities for fighting/defense (unless the situation arises, in that case, watch out).  Garderobe uses it to adorn her dresses with specific jewels and other decorations (because on top of being a good singer she’s also a seamstress), while Cadenza uses it to enhance the volume and feeling of the notes on his harpsichord (and because the strings are made of metal, he can totally do that).  Bottom line is, they don’t really show off their bending skills because they find more joy in other things, like music and each other.
  • Gaston and Lumiere would be firebenders, but their thoughts on fire would be completely different.  Gaston thinks that fire’s the element of power, and that firebenders should be feared and loved for their abilities, and Lumiere believes that fire is something that is there to offer warmth, comfort, and defense against dark times.  Gaston thinks it’s destructive.  Lumiere only wants to light the way (and do awesome firework shows, b/c that’s what Be Our Guest would be tbh).
    • I kinda feel like Stanley could be a firebender too, but Lefou teaches him that he doesn’t have to use his abilities just for fighting.
  • The whole thing takes place in Ba Sing Se and the surrounding districts.  The villagers live in one of the poorer districts where there aren’t that many benders, but they’ve proven to be self-sufficient with what they have.  Maurice is an artist that sells his wares, gets lost, and taken prisoner by Adam, who’s not cursed, but is instead cruel and very reclusive; he’s afraid of the outside world because Agathe told him that danger would come specifically for him if he didn’t clean up his act.  Adam didn’t believe her, and several attempts were made on his life by the other villages, so he went into isolation, and people more or less forgot about him.
  • And so the story continues like usual, except there is no curse, but some other reason why the servants are confined to the castle.  Belle starts to teach Adam more and more about the outside world, telling him that it’s actually not that bad.  And Adam begins to warm up to her, but then after Belle goes to visit her father, Gaston leads an uprising against the palace, seeing that Belle cares for Adam more than Gaston.  Adam and Gaston have this really epic fight on the rooftops that’s pretty evenly matched until Gaston reveals that he knows the lightning technique, and downs Adam with a few wild attacks.  He would have done more, but one of them ricochets and sends him flying off the roof to his death.  Belle arrives soon after, and Adam’s on the brink of death, but Agathe sees that Adam has changed and will be better to his people and revives him.
  • And they all live happily ever after.  The end.

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NOOOOOOOOOOO MON AMI DONT FEEL DULL, FEEL...NOT DULL. no idea what the direct opposite feeling of dull would be BUT THAT. (also I don't care who with but I kinda wanna see some Chapeau in my life so a fic with him would be cool) ~@forr-everrmorre

@forr-everrmorre for some reason i just fucking saw this?! and i don’t remember what it’s about but hey look let’s have a masterpost of great Chapeau literature:

Chapeau & Belle. by me, @lumiereswig! Takes place during the curse.

Chapeau & Plumette. Also by your resident trash heap. Precurse.

Chapeau & Cogsworth. I tried. During the curse.

Smile. By @sweetfayetanner. Chapeau comforts tiny Adam and it’s the fucking cutest

Tears. Also by @sweetfayetanner! I cried. Like a sequel to the one above, sort of? More Adam. More Chapeau. More of me lying on the floor, bawling.

All Those Precious Days also by the genius above, sweetfayetanner. I love their work?! So damn much?!

i know @batbobsession also wrote a chapeau fic, but i can’t find it right now. but guys chapeau fics are the best (right after plumiere and garderenza fics)