Adakias was part of the prophecy, but he wasn’t The Chosen One. The boy that The Oracle spoke of was actually Pallis. He and Anhura used their respective reigns to unite the dark and light through true love- not love for each other, but the mutual love they had for Adakias.

Explanation: I always though it was curious that the details of the prophecy applied to both brothers, not just Adakias (i.e. they are both male descendants of Ahrima who successfully crossed the mountain and ended up meeting Anhura). Additionally, The Oracle never specified that it was each other that the “two chosen, bound to meet” would love, and the Bawaba Brothers never specified what part of the prophecy Adakias would play, merely that he had his own destined path.

I’ve been looking for details that contradict this theory just in case I’m talking out my butt here. If you find one, note me or something.

“Adakias, tired of fiction and bound by his ambition
Left his home for the city of light
Disguised as a citizen his identity was hidden
Within in a city that sat glistening
He was eager for his new life
He contemplated and hated
Why had he waited for so long
To flee his home forever shaded, where the jaded are never wrong?”

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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where evil and darkness grew like grasses and reeds. The kingdom was ruled by a young proud king named Pallis. Pallis was a natural-born king of the darkness with all his evil traits, and certainly, the people of the kingdom were typically arrogant, cunning and evil as well. On the other hand, Pallis had a brother named Adakias who contrarily disliked the kingdom trait, he craved for changes—he just felt like he didn’t belong there. Pallis told him he was a foolish, and thought Adakias must be just the way he and all the people of the kingdom were, as Adakias was also the heir of the kingdom. Afterward, Adakias was leaving the dark and journeying to another kingdom, where he met the princess of light, Anhura, whom he instantly fell in love with. The birds gradually developed their feelings to each other. Love was in the air until Pallis revealed himself in the kingdom of light; yes, he found out, and was so mad. The situation was getting chaotic, and later on, a war between the two kingdoms occurred. In a second, Pallis was about to stab his spear into Anhura’s beating heart when Adakias quickly threw himself and got stabbed instead. He was dying and telling them to reconcile for his sake. Anhura and Pallis were beyond shocked and devastated. The kingdoms were enveloped by gloom and sadness by Adakias’ death, but filled with new hope afterwards. The two kingdoms reunited eventually, and a new equilibrium arises. The end.

Performance by MBWG ITB.