Blue Collar/White Collar from Sterling Hundley and Adhouse Books.

Signed and adorned with original drawing on the endpapers: $34.95 + shipping

$50.00 + shipping: LE (100) with slipcase and “Nation Slayer” LE (100) print

$34.95 + shipping: Signed and adorned with original drawing on the endpapers: 

$24.95 + shipping: Unsigned

Available on Etsy.


CXC exhibitors and special guests tracked down at SPX 2015: Gregory Benton, Chris Pitzer, Dylan Horrocks, the Family Roberts, poster artist Dustin Harbin, Derf, Katie Skelly, Jeremy Baum, Frank Santoro.

The first CXC show gets underway on Thursday, October 1!


The original Marat/Sade illustration that I created for Point Park University is now available for sale here:


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There’s a new hardcover edition of Street Angel coming out, and I finally found the full Street Angel short film. 

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