Juxl Puzzle: All you need is a pen & paper!

Win the game by connecting all the open line ends with curves, according to the pattern of moves!

Create harder Juxls and more intricate designs by adding additional groups of lines at the beginning:

  • Easy Level: Start with four groups of 3 lines each.
  • Medium Level: Start with five groups of 4 lines each.
  • Hard Level: Start with seven groups of 6 lines each.

Learn how to Create a Juxl Puzzle.


Alright, here’s the full Mondrian set 8^) Sorry for continuously throwing these onto you, this is the last time promise, I just added some extra designs I wanted to show.  I picked horse number 2 and knight number 6, cause I especially like how they’re of entirely different works. Inspired by the way he painted (white being wild brush strokes, etc) and what he painted.
He will wield a halberd and a short sword. Not the most functional armor in the world, lots of things to grab (hu hu), but it sure is pretty. Imagine the cloth and the feathers on his helmet whirling ahh

I’m struggling to believe that a staff web designer on one of the most prevalent social media sites of our time decided to design this, submit it to the administrators without once thinking that this ad placement design is obnoxious and damaging to their brand (or whatever remains of it), and then they approved and implemented it.

Not a single person in authority raised their hand to point out that this would diminish their brand value and look ridiculous with Adblock enabled. None of them thought that maybe - just maybe - that the windfall from an insanely outdated web marketing scheme would not be worth the long-term destabilising damage to user retention and intake.

There’s a good reason why Google and Facebook try to make their advertisement subtle and integrated, and their staff have learned from the marketing and branding mistakes of many websites past their prime. They deliberately restrict the types and styles of advertisements on their websites so that they conform with their branding, making the site easier to interpret and use. Tumblr already has a bad track record with web design and usability, and short-sighted marketing strategies like this only serve to exemplify the problem.

If Tumblr wants to stay relevant in the future, they will have to do the same.


The Ice Cream that Understands PMS by Parker Jones

Texas-based college student Parker Jones tapped into the painful world of menstrual cramps and emotional frustration women endure monthly. Funny and cute, Jones wants you to know that the struggle is real and that your binge-friendly best friend, ice cream really does understand. With hilarious phrases, such as “I Think I’m Dying” and Don’t Come Near Me,” the ice cream containers feature seven emotional states one undergoes when PMS attacks. They read: “Day One: It’s Only Just Begun,” “Day Two: Hell Is Coming,” Day Three: Can’t Turn Back Now,” “Day Four: Only A Few More Days” Day Five: Dear God Make It Stop,” Day Six: Please Tell Me It’s Over” and finally “Day Seven: Sweet Relief.” Finally, someone is saying what everyone women is thinking.

via Parker Jones


High five for Aerie’s new ad campaign. It’s smart, simple, and wonderfully honest. Bonus points for having smiling models!

Great article on AdWeek. Check out the real girls at Aerie.



What Tokyo Looks Like Without Ads

French graphic designer Nicolas Damiens took the liberty of eliminating every ad on the streets of Tokyo. By digitally altering the photos, the GIFs display a before and after look of a monochromatic city. By removing the excess which  bright, neon ads what lies underneath the iconic metropolis is a dull, dark city, which has lost its identity. 




6 full-lengths, 3 live albums, 1 compilation, 13 singles, 9 videoclips. 6 members, 3 past-members, a lot of tours, millions of fans world-wide, 10 years of history. Thank you, Mark Jansen, Simone Simons, Coen Janssen, Isaac Delahaye, Rob Van der Loo, Ariën van Weesenbeek, and the past-members, Yves Huts, Jeroen Simons and Ad Sluijter, for being one of the most awesome symphonic metal bands out there! “Epica is a place in the universe where you can find the answers to the questions of life”.

Also, thank you dogchasingcars, digitaldeceit, selmagorath, patricksilverrose, space-dementia-00coveredbyroses and  weary-dreams, for doing the challenge with me and sharing your love for the band!