• Yurio: I had a dream last night.
  • Yurio: In my dream, we're a family-the pig and you-sitting around a table and eating breakfast.
  • *are actually sitting around a table and eating breakfast*
  • Viktor: We ARE a family, Yurio. You, Yuuri, Makkachin, and I.
  • Yurio:
  • Yurio: Forget I said anything. I'm living a nightmare.

Prompt no 14. “First Kiss” - Kind of a Sequel to this pic. Have a shocked/surprised Mattsun. <3

Took surprisingly long before that prompt got claimed. @harvestmoonpeoples grabbed it for more MatsuHana. (I promise the next pic will be a different ship lol)


[Neville Longbottom is sitting through his first DADA class of fourth year, listening to the new mildly alarming professor, Mad-Eye Moody]

Moody: Now, can anybody tell me another Unforgivable curse?

[The entire class, including Neville himself, is shocked when he raises his hand.]

Neville: Well, there is one…

[Moody stares at Neville for what starts to feel like an uncomfortably long time before breaking the silence]

Moody: … Longbottom… Isn’t it?


Barty Crouch Jr: … Who do we have here?

Barty Crouch Jr: … Longbottom… Isn’t it?

*Flashback Ends*

Neville: *nods*

[Moody proceeds to take a large spider out of a jar and places it on Neville’s desk, pointing his wand at it]

[Neville watches in horror as the tarantula writhes and twitches in apparent and excruciating pain]

Hermione: Stop it! Can’t you see it’s bothering him?? STOP IT!!

[Moody places the spider, still twitching, back into the jar, and turns to address the class]

Moody: Pain. You don’t need thumbscrews or knives to torture someone if you can perform the Cruciatus Curse….That one was very popular once, too.


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29 with Vernon 😍

29 “What if I kissed you right now?”

   It’s dark and quiet in the room, and you swear you’ve never been so close to Hansol as you are right now in this movie theater. He’s just a high school sweetheart, you try to tell yourself, someone who will be gone as fast as he’s appeared. But even the little mantra of, “None of this matters,” in your head didn’t stop the fast beating of your heart when he nervously asked you out on a date.

   It didn’t stop the fast beating of your heart as you sat right next to him in the back of the theater, your hands so close to each other, you can literally feel the warmth of his skin against yours.

   But you’re at some old, vintage theater - a place you’ve never heard of that strictly showcases films produced before the year 1970. And the movie you’re watching is foreign, in a different language you can’t begin to be interested in, much less follow along with the subtitles. But Hansol is next to you right now, and he asked you out on a date, and his hands are so warm against yours, you don’t dare to complain.

   He must’ve noticed you weren’t into the film, though, because half an hour in, your eyes are wandering to observe the different people in the theater with you - an old man with a somewhat nostalgic expression on his face, two men whispering to each other with loving looks, a young girl near the front with an enthusiastic expression, a lonely woman in the corner who can’t stop crying.

   Hansol suddenly squeezes your hand to catch your attention, and you turn to look at him. He’s got an apologetic smile on his face.

   “You don’t like the movie, do you?” He’s whispering, his voice so low, it’s barely audible over the sound of the weeping woman. You try to smile back, pretending that any other movie wouldn’t have been better, but you swear never in your life have you ever wanted to pelt popcorn at a theater screen more than you do now.

   “No, no,” You whisper softly. “I love it. I’m glad you picked it.” He looks into your eyes for a second, almost as if he sees the lie swimming there, and before you can break into a nervous sweat, he turns around with a quiet laugh.

   “I’m sorry,” He apologizes. “I’m kind of glad you don’t like it, actually.” And now it’s your turn to search into his eyes, because you’ve never heard him say anything so strange before. “I was kinda hoping I could use this movie as an excuse to do something else…”

   Your eyes suddenly go wide at the implication, and Hansol takes a moment before realizing what he’s come off as. He pulls his hand out of your grasp to quickly deny the fact, his cheeks flushing a bright pink even in the darkness of the theater.

   “Wait, no! That’s not what I meant! What I was trying to say is - like, I didn’t mean - I was trying to -” He cuts himself off, taking a deep breath. “What I meant was… What if I kissed you right now?” You lick your lips subconsciously at the mention, and you feel your neck flush as you picture the scenario in your head.

   You told yourself that Hansol is just a high school sweetheart. That stupid mantra, “None of this matters,” has been engraved so deeply into your brain, you can see it when you close your eyes. 

   But he’s made your heart beat undeniably fast. And he’s made you suffer through a boring foreign movie just to see him happy. He’s made your hand warm in his, and has made you flush at the pure idea of his lips on yours.

   So maybe none of this matters, but in that moment, you know what you want. And you’re not letting a foregin movie with too many subtitles and bad haircuts stop you.

   “What if I said yes?” He grins, and for a pure moment, the sound of the weeping woman and the sight of the horrendous foreign film disappears while you feel nothing but his sweet tasting mouth on yours.

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I am so sappily emotional.

Okai so today, I went to tuition for maths, me and my friend were sitting in the living room where all the kids were, the teacher is just sitting on the couch, if we’re confused in our subject, ((each of us has their own subject for tuition, for example, I’m maths, my friend is biology)) she can help us and then boom, we’ll understand.

After school I have tuition with my friends so we walk to our teacher’s house and study there, it became our 2.1 home.

And I love it man.

Okai, tHE REASONNNNNNN, Why I’m so sappily emotional is because, well, me and my friend; ((I ain’t saying her name just her stage name but damn she cool tho)) SunFlower, I call her sunflower cause…idk she just reminds me of a sunflower for some odd reason XD.


Me and SunFlower were talking and she suddenly said to me.

“Why are you so perfect?”



I was confused but flattered, cause Mary has been asking me that question, fricken Lilly too, and some other girls in my class too, Jacob told me that I’m so smart and he’s dumb. BOI I SWEAR TO GAWD, JACOB, YOU’RE SMART AF, SHUT UP.

*sigh* back to the point!

So I said.

“What do you mean by that?”

Then she said that I play a lot of instruments, I write stories, I can “act”, I’m a responsible sister, I’m “everything”.

Idk why…I mean, eh, I don’t see myself like that…idk, I mean…I guess others can see your best while you see yourself the worst.

Then she began bragging about the thing I made like a month ago.

In our english class, there’s this beautiful poem we have to do as a group, the poem is called the Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth and oh my god, that guy is a genius, I love his poems and its just sifbwjfbwkfbwj.

So in this poem, I thought; ‘Hey, why don’t I bring my guitar and play a soft tune while my group recite the poem?’

My group agreed and we did it.

((The tune is the chorus from “its over isn’t it” by Rebecca sugar….yes we sang it too in class with actual music))

There’s this guy in my class, ((ain’t saying his name but his stage name)) Nathan..

He’s very shy, like really shy but he has the “bad boy” vibe but he’s actually really “kind” I guess, I mean, not THAT kind but he’s average, he’s cool, we talked but its short conversations.

Cause he’s also the silent type so-

Anyways, SunFlower and Nathan like best friends, so Nathan said this to her.

“I’m so proud of her.”


He said, he’s so proud of me to SunFlower, Sunflower told me this today.

And I actually cried.

Cause..its…I’ve never heard those words in a long time…I mean, its always me who says it to others but when someone says that to me..

I can’t help but feel emotional, I’m just happy someone acknowledge that I actually worked hard, I just don’t want to admit that I worked hard cause it sounds…too self-centered?


But I really am so happy he said that.

That he’s proud of me.

I’m glad he said that, I’m happy he said that.

Its been a while since I’ve heard those words…

And it just fills me with warmth and happiness, I mean, marshy said those words to me and I really am happy she said those words to me.

But to hear it…

To actually hear it from someone who saw me go through my panic attacks, who even helped me when I’m in my panic attack, and who is like…present with me and…

I just never heard it from my…amigos..I mean..idk…Naomi said those words to me when she helps me go through my panic attacks but I don’t think I’ve heard them say those words to the stuff…like what Nathan saw and said to me.

I know I’m exaggerating but…

Try to put yourself in my shoes.

Imagine your life in an another Arab country, two years no school, two years of isolation, three years of going through depression and self harm and actually made it through alive.

And trying to improve yourself so you could just get a small praise such as “well done, you did great.”

Just those words and when you finally…

Finally get to hear those words.

You break down.

Because you’ve been longing to hear those words, those simple words.

You feel like you’re exaggerating but you don’t care, cause it made you feel happy!

So at least…just this one time.

You can actually think of your happiness first…

So I’m posting this on my personal rather than the rp blog because meh. Anyway I present mun @truthorslap / @mistletoeorslap and muse! There’s not much to say, honestly. I know how much you love Alex and yeah.

Happy birthday, fam! Many more to come!!

vasselheims replied to your post: why i hate group projects, example a: so our group…

tell your professor, they will take that into account and probably give your other group members a zero

yeah we have a group evaluation thing to turn in. “group participation” is only 10% of the grade though so who knows