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Do you ever get annoyed of getting so many questions about lams (in your au)?

Of course not- I’m actually happy that you guys are so passionate about it haha ♥

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Over time, Lotus has became my favorite AU Sans. And he is currently, due to his personality. And I kinda feel bad for him, since he's been cheated on my Rurik many times. I think he needs more attention, he deserves it. -w-

HAHAH THANKSS X’DD Well I’m gonna use this chanse to clear things up about Fell!Goth/Lotus/Cupcake ;7;

Heres the thing; Despite being a fan of love story- he rly isn’t a romantic person x'DDD In fact the situation he is in with Rurik doesn’t make him sad at all actually >w> He often place himself as Rurik’s sidekickss rather than a partner. #Dont get too fed up with all the fanfictions and comicss- they arent always accuratee x'DDD

Yess he does have feelings for Rurik x33 He would do anythin for himm- even if Rurik ‘cheatin’ on him he would still dedicated his life for him- even when many sweeter people come to him sayin “cmon just forget him” he wont crack n be all stubborn n a brat about it x'DD #ye he is an idiot lil sht

Also he fact that Rurik get to be happy with Dante actually make him genuinely happy.. :)) Sure Cupcake love Rurik but that doesn’t necessarily gave him a strong desire to be his boyfriend x'33 In fact his bratty n tsundere bitching behavior are not only his nature- but also so Rurik wouldn’t feel bad because he “left him for Dante”. Cup find that feelings gross.. #SHOT TO DEATH #DESPITE EVERYTHING HE IS STILL AN UNDERFELLER X'DD

THERE U HAV IT SOM ‘CANON’ INFORMATION ABOUT CUPCAKE :333 Oh and don’t feel bad if you had been potrayed him wrong alright? X’D Im just a piece of sht who’s too lazy to write my character’s description.. #SHOT TO DEATH #n just if you’re wonderin- HECK YES YOU CAN STILL SHIP FELL POTH!! Q7Q <33 It can be separate universe all togetherr <3 so no need for hard feeling and just enjoy what ya lovee~!

Jameson Jackson

So about 20 years later and I have finally finished up doodling Jackson! I’m way late to the party but here his is finally! I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out!

~Anyways thank you for stopping by and I’ll see ya in the next post!
-finished 11/19/17


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I watch your streams and I adore your voice and accent it's so calming idk why that's probably creepy lol... :P

IT’S NOT CREEPY it actually makes me super happy because i’ve spent my whole life hating my accent ahhh i love you

catching up on mark’s videos (except live streams, waiting until i have time this week to binge them) and i’m smiling and laughing again. with actual happiness. and i…i dunno, i started crying? good tears, don’t worry. but…I guess, I’ve been feeling empty and absolutely awful lately, you guys have been helping me feel better trust me, it’s just…watching this goofball again after not being able to watch anything without feeling bored and laughing and smiling all over again…it feels great. i feel great. and i’m crying over the fact that i feel great again because of the biggest goof i know, mark. and i’m just so happy and thankful that i’m able to watch him and just feel this joy inside me grow again.

alright i’m gonna slide away now from being sappy ahaaa—

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The fact that Taylor earned more than KP who had album out early this year, touring, got a lot of endorsements like covergirl, xfinity and her shoe line and america's got talent fee really is impressive.

Yeah, probably because of her two concerts (check out my last ask…) but I’m still surprised cause Katy got a lot from American Idol and she did perform at Glastonbury for example… I’m sure Katy did more than fine though, it actually makes me really happy to see women pull in big numbers and Katy is no exception 😉

Taylor has additional thing going for her which is that she runs couple more businesses and she seems to be in charge of them, which is obviously not very common with musicians. Plus she owns her music so she gets her royalties regularly - basically she has built a sustainable business model which allows her to have a completely comfortable off year and still earn a lot of money. We stan a business mogul 👏🏼


I ACTUALLY HAVE A SMALL ARMY OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS!!! honestly it’s so weird thinking I have that many followers because I was so happy with 100 and now bam like omg. That actually makes me happy seeing more interaction ahhh also tonight is deep talks with Kai send in things and I’ll give my thoughts and I give advice lolol

Day 1 of Myth City Week!

Yeah, I didn’t really like Helena’s original design…having her just have a skeletal lower jaw just looked too silly. So I decided to just go ahead and do the same thing I did with Rhys, and have half of her face (and body) be human, and the other be a skeleton. Not to mention I changed her hair…again. 

All in all, I’m actually quite happy with the result. Plus, I still think she looks cute. 


I got my striped ray yesterday and he’s such a good boy he immediately replaced the flying chair as my favourite mount for the time being.

I’m actually very happy that SE decided to make the mount and the emote buyable with the tribal currency (Sango or something?) and so made it possible for me to get both without buyer’s remorse.

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I'm actually happy that I didn't watch the AMAS because I was able to be awake the whole day of school and school is really hard lately ^^ but I'm a little bit sad because I really wanted to see it live and it's hard to keep up with everything that's happening on Twitter and tumblr ^^" but I hope you had a greater day today love !💕

yeeah i honestly tried to stay awake as long as i could but i couldn’t even watch the whole red carpet live lmao. but it’s okay.. like namjoon said ‘you can watch it on youtube after this’ asdfgfdsa. but hey thanks!!! i love you~

You and your partner should have a shared, unified, and unique vision for happiness in your relationship. If you’re relationship is based on how things should be and how other people have a relationship, you are not actually living in a relationship; you’re just performing.

And actually being a happy couple is way more powerful and fulfilling that playing the role of a happy couple.


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isabelle lightwood or clary fray