it’s a  b l o o d s p o r t
                   but i understand 

au in which boyd comes from a hunting family and chris takes him in after the death of his father. boyd is loyal to the argents, but when he is bitten he chooses to live as a wolf in derek’s pack (rather than take his own life, as the code would have him do).

Ayyyyye it’s museday again! The theme this week is your muse in your favourite video game character’s outfit. Well, needless to say, Master Chief from Halo has always had a special place in my heart.

Egor looks pretty damn good in green!

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How many blogs do you actually have? (Were you around in the time of the livejournal/somethingsomethingjournal craze? I thought I needed to collect them all.) ( Not that I think you have too many blogs. Ugh. I am aware they serve different purposes.) <3

I have a bazillion.

Some will always stay private, and some not so much. I was around during the Livejournal craze (I have an account from 2005, and it’s a permanent account too, though I don’t update there anymore. I ported over to Dreamwidth when Livejournal went through multiple bouts of ‘fuck user-friendliness! HAHAHA!’ oh also Strikethrough, I was one of the many pretty fucking pissed about that and in the original exodus). It’s just occurred to me that some of the online friends I’ve had, I’ve had for over 15 years. The internet is really cool you guys. :)

I have a few different Tumblrs, some of them are:

piafoxhall (official writerly journal)
artforartists (my first Tumblr - an art rec blog)
myawesomespace (just cats and stuff)
capillata (fandom and writing quotes)
fornatureiseverywhere (my photography and sometimes other photography)
faetalesresearch (fae tales visual reference arena)

And on Dreamwidth I’m: moonvoice (it’s not a fandom journal - though I do sometimes discuss fandom and meta) (most of my posts are friends-locked and often filtered too)

And on DeviantArt and most other places like Last.FM, wordpress, Twitter, Instagram and like 20,000 pagan forums I’m: Ravenari

I also host a free animal guide dictionary that specialises in rare animals because that was what I used to do a long time ago.

I’ve been on the internet for a fairly long time, so I’m all over. Like I even had a Xanga journal at one time. I had my own geocities website. I’ve been an avid journaller for over 20 years, and so my epic rambling has sprawled all over. These days I’m more private than I used to be. So personal stuff goes onto paper, or into my Dreamwidth account. I also use Skype a bit, since I’ve always loved IM chat when I have time. Before that I used hmm, IRC, mIRC, ICQ, MSN amd gmail chat lol.

The places I’m most active are here, Instagram, myawesomespace/capillata (for reblogs), and then probably my Dreamwidth account. Most of the others are dead or just very inactive these days. They took a lot of time, and it started to feel not so fun. I go through phases where I regularly swear off Facebook for months.

It’s not so much that I have too many (I’m not active on most of them), it’s just a natural by-product of being active in all kinds of social media for over 20 years. One day you look back and you’re just like ‘oh…my god.’


[HANNIBAL AU] Abigail Hobbs Joins the FBI

Abigail Hobbs is rescued from her father’s clutches by Beverly Katz, and is inspired to join the FBI to get justice for victims such as herself. When she starts her first day at the Academy, she sits in on her first class, which is taught by Professor Will Graham. Almost immediately, she feels immense respect and admiration. Graham, however, is closed off to any of her attempts at friendship. Though when Jack Crawford sees potential in the trainee, Abigail gets to participate in crime scenes with Graham, and naturally, the two are forced to work together. With their latest killer on the loose, Abigail takes it upon herself to hunt him down. Back-up arrives just as Abigail makes the arrest, and soon after, the Academy is so impressed that she’s rewarded with her badge. Graham is also impressed, and the two finally reach a level of understanding.

Dedicated to the lovely/talented bundyshoes for the idea! :D <3

Here’s the gif-set (in color) that started it all:

Hey guys! I just wanted to give a big thank you to all my peeps for helping me reach my summer follower goal of 550~ I love all of you and I am so happy to have met some wonderful people in my time on this site. tofurkeyburrito fall-away-endlessly and empressgarrulous are three of my main bros on here. Honestly, anyone of you who I have talked to mean alot to me. Thank you so much! *mwah*

I just had THE BEST phone conversation with a customer service representative.

I was helping a friend assemble her new bed (bc she’s hopeless with tools and would have called me crying within two minutes of trying to figure it out on her own anyway), and aside from nearly ripping my hair out trying to understand the assembling instructions and more than a few explicit words muttered in the process of the actual assembling, I managed to put the bed together perfectly - until the very last step. The last step simply did not make sense; the parts required simply physically could not be placed as depicted (because this company’s instruction manuals are like a book for toddlers - all pictures and no freaking text). It was pretty crucial too, since it’s a bed with storage space underneath it, and the last step was what would make it possible for the (ridiculously heavy) bed-part to stay upright in order for someone to actually put something in the storage space.

My friend decides to call customer service, and she gets through to this really nice woman who is ready to do anything she can to help. Of course my friend, again being hopeless with tools and assembling of any kind, had trouble explaining what was actually wrong and which parts were the problem, so she handed me the phone. I quickly introduced myself to the customer service rep. as “the helping hand” and managed to explain what the problem was. The lady on the phone was extremely helpful and scheduled for someone to come in a few days with new parts, and then proceeded to insure us that “[the two of] you can safely sleep on the bed until then, that’s perfectly safe” (which we had already figured out ourselves but that’s not important).

She thought we were a same-sex couple.

I don’t blame her, though, I mean, with one woman calling in as the person who had placed the order and another taking over the phonecall to elaborate. It’s possible that I would have come to the same conclusion if I was in her place.

The beauty of it is that she never even missed a beat. There was no awkward pause, no weirdness, nothing. The words just rolled off her tongue.

Honestly though? I have come to expect nothing less from a country that allows same-sex marriages in churches. Sure, there are still some ignorant people, but there will always be a few rotten apples in the basket, and the majority of the population either openly support LGBTQ+ rights or are indifferent and simply mind their own business, for lack of a better word.

And that, my friends, is why Denmark is a beautiful place to live.

So, I haven’t been around much lately because of work and a show, but… fun life event… I’ve started seeing this guy and he’s cute and sweet and apparently we’re obnoxiously cute together and he makes me feel like a combination of 


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As a Larrie, what's your take on the pregnancy rumor?

if it;s real then i’m really happy for them and i know that louis is going to be the greatest dad in the whole wide world!!!! and if its fake then thats fine too but ultimately its none of my business and i will support + love louis regardless