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how do you mean, 'underwhelming'?

I should’ve clarified that as far as Bechloe moments it was a little underwhelming. I mean I remember when we got the first trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 it was littered with Bechloe. 

But I know it’s not all about Bechloe. I was actually really happy to see that Beca and Amy live together and I love how their friendship has been developed over the course of the franchise.

when i was in highschool, one of my favorite things to do was watch people rant about things on youtube. and i remember i had followed some people for years watching them just be angry throughout their own high school experiences. then they graduated and gradually, they stopped being so angry. at the time i was annoyed bc i found their more mild content less entertaining.

looking back on it, i actually feel super happy for them knowing that they moved on to a point in their lives where they weren’t as angry. like i could see that they were genuinely happier with themselves and their lives. and looking back im super happy they got happier.


23/06/2017 - 🌹 Prom 🌹

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Growing up I had very tough Ramadans and eids to the point where every year I never look forward to either of them. It gives me anxiety, sadness and grief. My heart never really healed from those past events, it’s a hard pill to swallow and look forward to it. I grief so much over the past, accepting Allah’s decree is the hardest thing for me, looking over what others have and just drowning in sadness. Every year this time I sit in sadness and grief over something, I just want the time to pass quickly. I never enjoy Eid, I never have. And Ramadan just feels like a chore; I have barely experienced a Ramadan where I was excited about it. It’s always been so much to bear with; every year getting ready & pretending to be happy when you’re just really sad. It makes you wonder will I ever be happy? I’ve never had a Eid where I was actually happy. I don’t know when was the last time I was genuinely happy.

Plot 161: Camp Do Over

Years after graduating college, Muse A feels stuck.  Working a nine to five desk job, every day seems the same and they can’t remember a time where they were actually happy with their career.  It’s time for a change, but they don’t know where to even begin as far as starting to make it goes.  When they overhear a conversation two coworkers are having in the break room about a summer camp for adults, however, their interest is piqued.  A quick google search and five hundred dollars later, they’ve signed up for a week in the mountains with complete strangers that promises to make them feel like they did years ago, when things were easier.

Camp is everything they hope it would be too.  From the moment they arrive, all the stress from work and life in general is completely forgotten.  Muse B is a counselor at the camp, roughly the same age as Muse A, who helps show them that they still have the ability to enjoy the simple things.  

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If the baby survives as a way of giving Kaneki something to live for and protect (even though it would pretty much break all in-universe laws) I'll actually be glad and happy for Kaneki, but Touka has to go because she's just causing him pain and stress at this point. He looks so uneasy around her, like he's walking on egg shells and trying really hard not to say something wrong from fear of being hurt :/ The baby doesn't deserve this; let them be happy without Touka. She doesn't deserve them.

okay actually i’m very happy with the last clip. the vilde/chris moment was amazing!! eskild and linn brought some great comic relief. everyone looked great. the only thing that was very weird was the emma/p-chris thing but whatever. it obviously wasn’t perfect but i’m content. ofc there are things i’m disappointed in but in general i think it was a very good last episode and i’m both sad and glad it’s over. thank you skam <3

So my new job is workign in a book store. And yesterday some guy came to buy a book about football. and he bought messi one. I was actually happy. And in 10 mins he came back and asked if he can chnage for ronaldo and he said “I guess messi isn’t that popular anymore”. I S2G I WAS BURNING INSIDE, YOU DO NOT TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT HIM