The funny thing is, I’m actually not completely cynical about my job. I do care about my commitment to my patients and I do try very hard to do right by them.

I just don’t express it by screaming “YEAH PATIENT CARE! WHOOOO! LET’S HEAR IT FOR PATIENT CARE EVERYBODY!” while waving my arms in the air.

anonymous asked:

I doubt Starz is aware of what is being said on Tumblr if they continue to fail with PR. That or they just don't care.

I actually do believe they know what is being said on social media.  But I think they are a clown car of misfires. Hopefully one of these days they get a clue as to how to package and promote the goldmine they are sitting on.

why do y’all think i care? you actually take the time out. you click on my damn ask page. you type the message. and you think i care. wow ok