PSA: You actually CAN ask your Autistic or otherwise Neurodivergent classmate to prom without inviting the news to cover it, or recording it and posting it on Facebook, fishing for people to call you “inspirational” or a “hero”.
That is all.

orphielmeg  asked:

Yo, signs you need to take your adhd meds: - You can't remember when you took your morning dose - You can't remember whether you actually already took your scheduled lot - You can't find your meds - You never remembered to get the actual prescription filled in the first place. FML :D

Many people have pointed out the irony of how much executive functioning is required in order to treat a disorder that has executive dysfunction at its heart. And, in particular, the irony of needing medication in order to remember to fill a prescription.

I don’t know that it’s been put so well before now, though. :)


  • ADHD hell brain: you want something
  • Me: ok, what?
  • AHDH hell brain: something.
  • Me: ...what something?
  • ADHD hell brain: sound.
  • Me: ok? Music? Netflix? YouTube?
  • ADHD hell brain: want something...
ADHD Gothic

You have 13 tabs open. Three of them are the Soulja Boy Crank That music video.

Your room is a mess. Tomorrow you’re cleaning it. Tomorrow never comes.

You check your calendar. Your appointment is at 3. You check it again. And again. It’s now 3:15 and you missed your appointment.

You can’t stop playing games on your phone but also have not been able to find your phone in days.

Your leg is bouncing. Your classmate says it’s distracting and asks you to stop. You start thinking they dislike you and get stressed. Your leg starts bouncing.

Coffee is cold. You microwave it. It’s too hot. The next minute it’s been 2 hours and it’s cold. 

A freshman in your intro psych class tries to argue that ADHD does not exist. Your professor gives up on correcting him. You vanish.

anonymous asked:

You said that people with ADHD tend to be less mature, but for a variety of reasons I feel like I'm both more and less mature than my peers at the same time. I have a high IQ, had a rough childhood, worked a job all throughout high school and pretty much had to "be the adult" from a young age. All this leads me to feel "older" than most young adults. However, at the same time I feel REALLY behind emotionally and socially, especially with romance and sex. Could I have been misdiagnosed?

You somewhat answered your own ask. The important part here is tend to be; it’s a little more common for ADHDers, but it’s not a given. Level of maturity has a lot of to with life experiences like the ones you mentioned. It’s also pretty normal to be more mature in some areas, but less mature in others. This is pretty much true for everyone, ADHD or not. It’s also pretty common for ADHDers to be less mature emotionally and socially in particular, so in my opinion your case seems to be pretty classic ADHD. Don’t doubt your diagnosis.


just adhd things

• hyperfocus until u die
• unless u actually need to focus, in which case: no
• “if you cared, you’d remember”
• bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
• “just write a note for yourself!”/“just get organized!”
• casual interests??? those aren’t real
• forgot to eat for three days oops
• time is a man-made construct and nothing is real
• when ur brain won’t shh so u can sleep
• “but ur so smart!!1” ok what’s ur point
• talking about a hyperfixation and ur very !!!!!! but ur audience seems uninterested and u get Sad™

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Hi so im 21 and recently ive been wondering if i had the inattentive type of adhd. i found a channel on youtube (How to ADHD) and a lot of what she wa sayign made sense to me,. Like how the only times (to do things) are either now or not now, and the procrastinating thing and the reason why i like vid games so much, i cant focus on anything p much, and it does feel like more than just what i assumed was laziness.. . idk i dont want to be making things up, im not really sure waht i should do. ?

It’s entirely possible. A lot of us mistake what are actually symptoms for laziness or lack of discipline, especially inattentive symptoms. Don’t be worried that you’re making it up; if you’re experiencing these things, then you’re experiencing them. 

This post on self-diagnosis is a good place to start figuring out if you might have ADHD. This post has the official DSM-V criteria for reference. Look through these and see what sounds familiar, then decide if you want to see a professional for it. A lot of us have been where you are. Good luck!