Aboriginal historian, activist and leader, Gary Foley, explains the do’s and don’t’s of white activism. 100% Juice from an inspiring orator, and priceless advice for all would-be allies of Indigenous people in the struggle for justice.

Filmed during the public discussion forum: ‘Deactivating Colonialism / Decolonising Acivism’ convened by Clare Land at MAYSAR (Melbourne Aboriginal Youth, Sport and Recreation), Fitzroy: August 31st, 2010.

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Really important information for white “allies”! Educate YOURSELF, then educate the people. Don’t expect us to do it for you.

“I’ve been a card-carrying, radical feminist since I was 19. Most women who I would want to listen to wouldn’t have any problem at all with the word feminist. It’s bizarre. Any woman who says they’re not a feminist is basically saying that they don’t believe in equal rights for women. Any woman who says, ‘I hate my bum, I hate my body,’ is essentially expressing a kind of misogyny. All women who come up with that need to think very carefully about what it is they’re saying. Including me!” 

Emma’s full interview with Vulture [x]

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Same ask as the Pol Pot/genocide thing before... I'm interested in your answer. Specifically anti-genocide work, either education about the past or trying to stop shit happening in the present, is not something I've ever done as a project. You have apparently done both (and, with this blog, are currently doing one of these things). So yeah, I'm interested in your take.

I mentioned that taking part in the Save Darfur movement put me off activism for years, right?

My take is that it is dispiriting beyond all belief. You learn a lot about hypocrisy and futility. You lose a lot of faith in human nature. My current fuel for running this blog is more anger than hope. It’s not a happy place to be. You learn that people of every political affiliation have their own anti-interventionist logic, be it the “Imperialism!” excuse of the left or the “who cares what those people do to each other, it’s not my problem!” excuse of the right. The will to stop true evil on a genocidal scale is rarely there. People would rather engage in smaller battles they feel they can win. 

Really, I think this scene from Hotel Rwanda sums it up. 


Emma has joined campaigners and giant polar bear Aurora outside Shell’s London headquarters today to protest against the company’s bid to drill in the Arctic. 

Emma has pledged to be among dozens of people to break a legal injunction preventing Greenpeace activists from crossing a line drawn around the Shell building on the South Bank to place a giant paw print on the offices. The giant paw carries thousands of names that make up some of the seven million people worldwide, who have signed up to save the Arctic from drilling for oil and gas.

Help amplify Aurora’s defiant roar, by emailing Shell’s CEO and telling him that you stand with her today. Together let’s force Shell, its investors and political allies to back down.


This Artist Is Using ‘Artivism’ To Break Down Queer Stigma And Stereotypes

A Venezuelan artist is making a bold statement about queerness and art’s power to aid in the breaking down of stereotypes related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) identity. The “ I’m Not A Joke” campaign from Daniel Arzola is a series of images inscribed with compelling truths about human diversity that encourages individuals to live as their authentic selves. 

See more of the stereotype breaking posters here.

canadians have a music genre against their prime minister

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“My God. Every single heart should be bleeding w/ pain & rage from the Epidemic of extermination. #RIP young brother.” 

“Exactly 363 days after #MichaelBrown… Now #ChristianTaylor. What the fuck are we gonna do about this?”


28 August 2015 - Hundreds of volunteers gathered in Heidenau on Friday to host a celebration aimed at welcoming newly arrived refugees to Germany, after mobs of people belonging to right-wing groups like Pegida, Hogesa and NPD spent several nights attacking the refugee center, throwing bricks and bottles at buses full of refugees and several arson attacks on refugee centers happened across Germany. [video]/[video]