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Vans Propeller - Daniel Lutheran’s Playlist

The process of licensing music for skate videos is not a cheap or easy one and often skaters have to rethink the dream song they want to skate to. We sat down with some of the Vans Skate Team Riders to see what their tops songs to skate to in The Vans Video, Propeller, were.

Daniel Lutheran

1. The dream one was Kate Bush, Wuthering Heights. It’s such a sick song but she said no, she wasn’t going to lease her music to skating. She’s super protective of her estate. I’m bummed. It was such a passionate song.

2. This Rolling Stones cover they did of You Gotta Move.

3. Queen, Killer Queen. I read up on how it was about Freddy Mercury’s friend was super fat and doesn’t look like a killer queen at all.

4. Prince, Darling Nikki.

5. I really like T-Rex. I thought that would be sick. 

Download a copy of Propeller from iTunes today.

Photo: Active Ride Shop


Van Doren Invitational: Shop Battle

Today’s Shop Battle at the Van Doren Invitational in Huntington Beach, CA was the kick off event for skateboarding at the Vans Us Open. 11 Shops from California and Arizona brought their top 3 riders to jam in the bowl for 5 minutes. Active Ride Shop and Val Surf were on top of the pile after all the dust settled. After a 15 minute final jam heat it was Val Surf team that walked away with the $2,000 and a new axe.

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Photos: Grant Hatfield & Brandon Means