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Late ‘30s Gibson L-C Century of Progress in the shop! We’ve had this one for a bit, but wanted to get the bridge properly reglued, saddle cut for optimal action, and generally dial the guitar in to play its best and be structurally 100%. Always fancied this model, and the Worlds Fair connection makes it just that much cooler. I love it when history and guitar craft intersect in a meaningful way. #guitar #acoustic #Gibson #centuryofprogress #vintageguitar #mots #worldsfair #1930s (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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Just outside the Quicken Loans Arena at the Republican National Convention In Cleveland is a Donald Trump Pop-Up Museum (soon to become an online museum) that tells the story of The Donald’s failed business ventures and more. The liberal political action committee American Bridge set up this exhibit to “expose…a man obsessed with money and publicity at the expense of his employees and working families, using his name to sell tschotchkes, hawk apparel made overseas, and market fraudulent get-rich-quick schemes.” Um…that was way harsh, Tai.

The gallery, located in a 6th-floor loft space above a bar near the LeBron James mural, is full of Trump-branded items like his suit and tie line (made in Mexico), golf merchandise, shirts from his failed football team the New Jersey Generals, a Trump board game (made in China), mementos from his failed airline Trump Shuttle as well as dozens of books, articles and photos about him and his career. Most of the products were bought on eBay. There’s also a collection of documents from the for-profit real estate program Trump University as well as a map called “Trumpsourcing,” which pinpoints all the locations outside of the United States where Trump-related products are actually made.

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We (ok, “I”) had so much fun with the #macro of that zany nut on the #DuoSonic that I’m going to do another one - this time on the ‘69 #Gibson #SG Standard, and ask for your input. The story so far:

So I’m playing my SG the other day, and all of a sudden I find I can’t #fret any notes on the high E string…they are “fretting out” completely. Not just when I bend (something that happen pretty regards in a 7.25" radius #Fender neck when the action is set too low), but on any fret, any note.

So I thought “dumb*ss, you are always setting your action too low…raise that bridge up a bit”. So I did. And it still #frettedout. So I raised it again…and it STILL fretted out! So then I notice that the string slot in nylon #saddle (yes, Gibson #ABR1 bridges often had nylon saddles in the 60s! Why? How should I know? Do I look like Ted McCarty to you?!? Anyhoo, back to the story…) had worn down significantly! The string has cut into it over time and has sunk deeper and deeper!

Anyone else ever see this? I doubt it can be fixed… Think I’ll have to find a replacement nylon saddle or <gasp> a whole new bridge!

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Here’s the rough pawn shop Strat ready to head back out.  The major issues was that the posts holding the bridge were blown out and wrecking the action.  Once the bridge area was repaired (along with the neck pocket), I went through with the setup.  The bridge was fairly rusty, to the point I needed to use vise grips to remove the saddle height adjustment screws before replacing them with new ones.  A new output jack finished it off (check the video from the daily vlog below).

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