It’s official! I’m so excited that our film “Can we Save the Frog Prince” was selected as a Finalist for the New York WILD Film Festival in New York City, Feb 2017! Watch our trailer here (click on the frog): & join us in person if you’re in the area!

I’ve attended this festival several times and I’m always awe-inspired by the people who make these films and are featured in them. I’m incredibly humbled to be a part of this event! A million thanks to my amazing filmmaker @katieggarrett. The @nywildfilmfest will take place between February 23-26th at @the_explorers_club Headquarters. Schedule & ticket sales coming soon!

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In two short days America will elect its next president and a woman’s right to choose hangs in the balance. The Supreme Court is the last line of defense for safe, legal, and accessible abortion, and the next president will determine the court’s makeup for decades to come.

Before you vote, make sure you understand the issues. Our friends at Refinery29 (@refinery29) gathered a panel of healthcare policy experts and doctors to answer questions about abortion access and reproductive rights.

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Polls start opening in under 12 hours but felony convictions disenfranchise more than 5 million people, including 7% of the African-American community. A major contributor to the problem is the school-to-prison pipeline: A system of flawed policies that send at-risk youth—especially people of color—directly into the criminal justice system.

Mic’s The Movement (@the-movemnt​) did an Issue Time on the subject. It’s well worth your time, and it’ll give you plenty to chew on when you ✧・゚*go and vote tomorrow*・゚✧

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There are just five days before the election, but your ability to actually vote could be hindered by voter ID laws designed to suppress turnout. Earlier this year, The Washington Post’s Historically Black (@historicallyblack) gathered a panel of experts to answer questions about voting rights. Take a read.

And before you go to the polls, review your state’s voter ID requirements to make sure you won’t be turned away.

Have another question? Nothing is too stupid to ask The Washington Post (@washingtonpost). Their Ask Box is open and active.

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