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#ActOnClimate because our kids and grandkids should be able to enjoy beautiful places like these.

The EPA today released a proposal that will set the first-ever national carbon pollution standards limits for America’s existing power plants. Find out how the rules will make our communities healthier, and learn more about the President’s plan to cut carbon pollution in America.

Today, post photos of your favorite places, of places where you and your family get outdoors, and tag with #ActOnClimate.  We’ll post our favorites here on My Public Lands Tumblr!

View more beautiful BLM-managed places on the BLM’s My Public Lands Flickr site; photos here by Bob Wick, BLM Wilderness Specialist.

Glacier National Park’s phenomenal landscape was sculpted by glaciers. These massive ice flows carved valleys and shaped mountains. In 1850, there were 150 glaciers. Today, only 25 remain large enough (at least 25 acres in area) to be considered functional glaciers. Grinnell Glacier is a prime example of glacier recession. These images clearly show its retreat. #ActOnClimate

Climate change is a monumental test of global leadership. It transcends borders and economic status. Every nation has a responsibility to step up and respond to this threat because every nation is at risk. Thirteen of the 14 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000, and 2014 is on track to be the warmest of all. 

Read more from Secretary Kerry’s op-ed on climate change on DipNote.

Really thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, about the importance of taking action against climate change issues… at The White House. 😍🇺🇸 So encouraging to have an environmental leader with so much hope for the future! #ActOnClimate (at The White House)

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Children of Pacifica IX // Sisters of the Sea

“I am pulled back into the present moment by an unusual shape cutting through the water towards me in the fading sunset. I stop walking and watch as the silhouette comes closer and closer, until it is only a few paces in front of me at the water’s edge. I realize it is a child, maybe 8 years old, her right arm held high, straining under the weight of a fish over half her size. A tremendous grin spreads across her face as she deposits the fish on a burlap sack andproudlyproclaims, ‘my father is going to teach us how to scale it!’ She melts back into the water towards the shadowy silhouettes of her father and sister.” // Words by my brother @canyonsage describing our first encounter with our friend Elsie (pictured here) and her sisters and father Lulu

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