Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man


Okay, so the newest episode of Steven Universe made me re-evaluate Navy’s character a LOT, particularly her behaviour in Hit the Diamond. Originally I thought she was just flighty and oblivious, but like…

I think it was an act here, too. I think she knew DAMN well our Ruby didn’t belong with the rest of them and something was up, but she smugly pretended otherwise because…Idk, she thought they’d gain more information by playing along? Or maybe she’s a true Agent of Chaos and she just wanted to see how things would play out? I’m not sure, and I’ll def rewatch that other Rubies episode to see how I feel about that, but man I just don’t buy this lady at all anymore. “What a turn of events!” no longer sounds like like anything other than SARCASM to me. What do y'all think?

So, what did we learn from this weekend?

We learned that a giant mass protest that shuts down large streets of major cities will be met with cops on their best behavior if the protests are made up of “regular” white people. We are shown that most news organizations reported favorably and used positive rhetoric (for the most part) and nice photos of families protesting together. It was viewed in a very kind light, which is the opposite of what most major (BLM for example) protests get. 

If only there was a way to harness or organize the suburban white lady privilege into other protests. These women act as cop repellent because cops are far less likely to split Sharon from Accounts Payable’s head open or Sandy and her daughter Keighleeanne from Naperville or Susan the wife of a CEO. If more of these ladies showed up I think we could curb some of the violence that people of color face. Operation white shield or some shit like that. This is a way to use your privilege and power to back up what you say you believe in. I am just spitballing here, but man, I have never seen such lax police at such a large protest in my life. 

Men are so often mocked for acting too much like women.
I remember the single act that really got me thinking about the quiet, engrained, and socially sanctioned sexism in our society was a man mocking his friends.

A man working at Home Depot saw some of his buddies working down a specific aisle and he called down to them in a ribbing and “I love ya so I’m going to insult you” manner, “hey ladies! Why don’t you get to work?!”.

He called them ladies. Like, a man being a lady implies he’s weak, slow, unable to work, and a whole host of negative imagery.

Another example I can think of I have personal experience in is during football season… A man I know calls the Vikings the “Viqueens” when they play his favorite team. Again, feminizing them in order to bring them shame and to show their inferiority.

No one uses being manly as an insult except when it’s being directed towards a woman to imply she’s not feminine enough to be pleasing to look at or trying to take a man’s place in whatever she’s doing.

Women in America undoubtedly have more opportunities and more rights than we ever have before. But it’s this undercurrent of thought that women and femininity is the lesser of things to be.
It is weak.
It is frail.
It is inferior.
It is subpar.

It is because men, and women too, are taught these things, not overtly… But very subtly, that women have less opportunity.
They don’t deserve harder jobs because they can’t really handle them.
They don’t deserve higher wages because they don’t do the job as well.
They don’t deserve my vote because they’re too emotional or irrational.
If they’re being strong or though it’s obviously an act/for show because women aren’t strong and tough.

Sexism isn’t always a slap on the ass by a stranger.
Sometimes, sexism is the worldview of those you love most.


Lance looked up to his big brother.
He was so cool, a ladies man that everyone seemed to love and pay attention to.
Lance was the opposite, he was shy and anxious. He was ignored unless someone wanted something.
So when he went to the Garrison he started acting like his brother thinking that since everyone loved him, then maybe for once in his life Lance could feel loved too.
Then after they go into space Lance keeps up the act, not to feel loved, he gave up on that a long time ago.
No instead it helps him feel close to home and like his brother is with him through it all.

The boys want to buy u food (Rajigaze 3/31)

Uruha (reading mail): “I really don’t like being treated. It may because my father once said to me, ‘who do you think is paying your bills!?’ but I just feel this pressure like if someone is paying for me, I have to do what they tell me. Of course I know it’s not really like that, I’m sure not everyone who gives you money is expecting you to do as they say. But I still feel pressure, and I avoid being treated. If I go out to eat with that weight on me, I can’t even enjoy the food, and it’s really just a waste in so many ways. But I heard that not accepting someone’s offer to treat you could be taken as you trying to distance yourself from them, so I thought maybe it was bad that I was doing that, so, this was many years ago but, I decided to try to let my boyfriend at the time treat me. But sure enough he ended up thinking he could tell me what to do. Maybe he had always been that kind of person and I just didn’t notice, but since becoming a full-time worker, I thought it would be bad as a subordinate not to let my superior treat me, so I let them, but it was obvious that –” huh?

(people are starting to get giggly at this point cause it’s getting so long)

Uruha: “It was obvious that he had other motives. But I w–

(now Uruha is giggling too)

Uruha: “I wonder if as a subordinate and a woman it’s better to just genuinely say ‘thank you!’, and I’m sure the person treating me would feel good about it too–

Ruki: *snoring*

Kai: (giggling) don’t fall asleep!

(everyone starts giggling again)

Uruha: “But it just puts too much pressure on me and I really don’t like it, so I don’t want to accept it. Food that I buy with my own money is less stressful, and it tastes better…Is this my Dark Side?”

(everyone especially Kai lOsEs iT)



Uruha: Man that was hard even tho I was the one reading it I didn’t get it…

Reita: Okay so it’s like because of some trauma she has from her dad she thinks being treated equals you have to do what they say so she doesn’t wanna be treated–

Ruki: *snoring*

(Everyone dies laughing)

Aoi: Yep.

Reita: Okay but where she lost me is like, when she says she can’t enjoy the food, but do you already know if you’re getting treated or not before the end of the meal? …..What y'all think

(Kai and Uruha laugh)

Uruha: What, like, “you pay today”?

Reita: Well like, don’t you usually find out after eating who’s gonna pay?

Aoi: Well, yeah, you’re right

Reita: So wouldn’t she not know she was gonna get treated?

Kai: Yeah, but I think she already has that feeling

Reita: She’s in treat mode!!!!

Kai: Treat mode!!!

Uruha: Hmm…..

Aoi: Well, it’s kinda rude [of Reita] to say it like that.

Reita: Yeah I kinda…thought that too

(Kai dying in background)

Reita: I thought, that’s rude!

(Everyone laughing)

Aoi: I mean, she must have been treated a few times before, right?

Reita: Yes…

Aoi: Let’s just leave it at that.

Reita: I’m sorry!

Aoi: The radio is something we make together, you know. 

Reita: I’m sorry!

(there’s a pause and then Ruki says something but I can’t catch but everyone starts laughing, it’s something like u done fucked up on the last show)

Uruha: So, does this person have a Dark Side?

Aoi: I think she was just surrounded by bad people. The people around her were just that kinda person [who thinks they can tell u what to do bc they pay for u]…like, I don’t feel that, I feel like that’s arrogant

Reita: Right!? Like, I don’t even need u to thank me!!!

Ruki: Ah-! I just remembered something kinda similar…u know like…when you go out to eat with a kohai…you pay right?

Hoes: yeh

Ruki: But they try to pay too, you know? So I was like, show me ur wallet fam…and I looked and there was nothing in it… (why is this man so savage)

Kai: Oh, he just wanted to make the gesture kinda thing?

Uruha: That’s cute though!! …But is it really important that kohais offer to pay anyway..? Should they…? I mean, if a senpai is there…

Aoi: Well, I don’t need them to, but…

Ruki: Idk, in some cases is might come off as rude? [if they don’t offer]

Uruha: Ahh ur right…

Reita: But also I hate going back and forth a bunch of times.

Ruki: Ahh yeh

Reita: Like if I offer to pay just lemme pay

Uruha: Just be like “thx” right?

Aoi: I think it depends on the first time you go out. If the senpai was like, “let’s split the bill,” I’ll keep paying [next time]

Reita: Oooooh

Uruha: Aaaaah

Reita: I see

Uruha: Yeh for sure

Reita: Man it’s hard eh

Uruha: But isn’t it cuter if the kohai’s just like, “thank u!!!!” [just accepts]

Reita: Aww ya, when they depend on u like, “pls cud I have some more food???”

Aoi: Yes well we want them to eat lots until they’re full~!

Reita: Yes~!

(I translated what Rei said as depend on but another meaning of the word he used is when u act like a spoiled baby lmao so I guess he thinks that’s cute)

(LADIES if papa aoi n rei take u out to eat ask them to order lots of food for u and then let them pay)

(Translation) Seiyuu JUNON Vol. 4, 10.15.2016 - Aoi Shouta


I’ll be trying to upload more interviews soon. Next translation that I’ll be doing will be Hanae Natsuki and Eguchi Takuya’s interviews from the said issue

Aoi Shouta:  “ I’ll Break it Out”

The kind of “A girl or a boy should be like this, right?” stereotype is being reversed by a person. A person who never fails to captivate the audience. A miracle called Aoi Shouta.

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anonymous asked:

I'm curious to know why you portray Caesar as gay when in canon he was clearly proven interested in women. Is that because of your own personal preference or do you have a headcanon around it?

Mmm I portray him as gay because honestly I feel he is and that ‘clear proof’ just… I don’t know man it felt VERY out of character, like something Oda just put in there as a cheap joke. Also … I feel pretty strongly about this so feel free to ignore if you’d rather not see me rant cause thiis might get long.

I mean before that one joke Caesar shows absolutely NO interest in anyone except one particular male character, he has a sexy bombshell of a secretary and he barely acknowledges her for crying out loud, if he was a womanising pervert wouldn’t he have been all over Monet? And even Nami? Then we have Smoker in Tashigi’s body with ‘her’ tits out and Caesar doesn’t even notice? You’d think if he was a such a womanising pervert that he’d take advantage of that when he knocked them all out, that he’d at least… idk comment or stare or acknowledge that in some way? 

Oh but what DOES he later show an interest in?

Tbh he’s basically acting like Sanji when he’s fawning over women here. So, so far he’s shown ZERO interest in women even when a chained up this:

is presented to him. Nope, not even acknowledged

Then later you get this sexy cat girl being all hearts at him and, again, if he was this womanising pervert you’d think idk, he’d be happy about the love? Some kind of an internal comment like ‘shurororo being nice is terrible but at least I get sexy ladies fawning over me!” but nah, he’s just doesn’t want anything to do with this 

So idk man, the Caesar up until that girl ship scene had been pretty solidly presented as not interested in women and then suddenly Oda seems to decide that ‘oh wait, all men are straight and perverts and also that’s funny so let’s make a joke out of that with Caesar of all people for some reason’

He could have just had Caesar spend all his money on science materials and booze, that would have been perfectly in character and he’d still be a complete asshole for doing that.

And before you say ‘he’s Oda’s character so whatever Oda makes him do is in character’ I will ask: Is it in character for Sanji, food respecting Sanji, to poison and put razor blades in his NAKAMA’S food? No, it’s not, yet Oda said had him do just that. Writers can and do sometimes make their character ‘OOC’ compared to things that were already established cause hey they’re not perfect.

Also the reason Caesar’s sexuality is so important to me tbh is cause he’s my favorite character, idk I weirdly identify with him and also I am very VERY gay and have had awful experiences that I don’t wanna get into with heteronormativity and everyone always having to like the opposite gender. So getting attached to a character that had thusfar been presented as as close to a gay person as a shounen manga would allow without it being a gross stereotype and then Oda goes and pulls this ‘oh wait he’s actually into girls, no matter how not interested he was before lol’

it just …. really hurts.

“Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory“ Review

I’m not known for reviewing movies (although after this I might do more), but you know what I am known for? Constantly ranting and raving.

This movie is an experience. There are some majors things I want to talk about, and when they’re good, they’re VERY good. But when they’re bad… they’re fucking bad.

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anonymous asked:

You ever like... feel all men are the same? Do all men really only care about a lady's body and having s*x with them? I mean, why are they like this? I just hate it... I hate how that's how their minds are. I hate how people act like it's ok. I just don't understand men. I mean why the h*** can't they think about something besides s*x? I'm sorry... Idk much about this adult stuff. And my parents are always busy and I don't wanna bother them. You don't have to answer though... I just had to vent

I’m not a man, so I can’t speak for them by saying this, but I can guarantee that not all of them think like this. There are certainly too many men out there who are only interested in these things. But it’s also safe to say that there’s an equal amount of women who are the same way.
But you and I both know that not all women are like this. So it should be clear that it’s not the case with all men. I know plenty of men who don’t think like this, there are tons of men who respect women and don’t have sex on the forefront of their minds.
You’ve just gotta keep an eye out for the good guys. Pray for the discernment you need to pick out those who will treat you right. A true God loving man will be very different than the type of guys you’re worried about, and you’ll see the difference in the way he lives.
Don’t give up on men, not all of them are what you fear they are. Don’t just assume all men have good intentions, but don’t assume that they all have bad intentions either. Pray for guidance and God will lead you and the perfect man who’s praying for a girl like you together.
Thanks for asking, don’t be afraid to come to me with any other questions. 💖

itadakimatsu20  asked:

Hey ! :D i wanted to know, what do you think about lezhin's english translation ? Is it a good translation ? Love your translation !💕

I think they’re on point! Sometimes the translations can be a bit more honest like when Sangwoo says “Yoon Bum” instead of “Bum” cause it’s funny when Sangwoo tries to act polite or when in chapter 21 the gas attendant was more professional but in the Korean version the guy was a bit more playful, or when the front lady calls Bum a “young man” but in reality she said that to Sangwoo which is translated as “unmarried or single man” or switching sentences like one bubble will say xxx and the other bubble will say xxx but the translators switch the sentences. 

just small things but overall the translations are very very very well done

Bitch (felix x Reader)

Felix x Reader

Reader gender: female (I’m sorry :( )

I’m thinking of making more stories based on this one, what do you guys think?


It’s hard to be a woman.

You must think like a man,

Act like a lady,

Look like a young girl,

And work like a horse.


He remembered his first days of training to be a mercenary; it’s not what everyone thinks it is. They think you just walk in and BOOM they give you a title, gun and armor then suddenly, you’re one of them. No. it was never going to be like that. He had to train. Hard. And of course, there were always teams. You had to have a teammate on every mission until you were qualified to be on your own. When he was going to do his first mission, the commander said that they were going to pair him up with one of the very best mercs they had. Felix had spent the following weeks imagining what his partner would be like. He imagined that he was be tall, strong, buff, probably some kind of ultimate badass who had a huge ass gun.

That wasn’t what he got.

Instead, he got you.

He was almost about to ask the commander if his teammate was late or if he called in sick until you spoke, “You Felix?” your voice was blunt and very to the point. You seemed bored to be in his presence.

“Uh, yeah?” he said unsure, “Wh-”

She sighed, “Hurry up, we have a mission.”

He hesitantly followed her, still confused. Why would they pair him with a woman? They said that he was being paired with one of the best, so why is she here?

“Um, so you’re the person they chose?”

She ignored his question, choosing to let his ignorance slide, “Look. There are rules you must follow while we work together – one. Don’t get in my way,” she interrupted before he could even say anything, “Two. I have the experience, not you, you prove to be a nuisance and I will get rid of you, they wont even know it was me. Three-”

“Are you fucking serious right now? Rules? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

Her eyes darkened and she got out her knife and stabbed his shirt to the wall, pushing him against it.

“Listen here, pretty boy. You know how hard it is for a woman to get in here? I’m the only one. You know why? Because I don’t fuck around. You think that because you’re you that you can walk all over me? I do everything all these men here do and more, so they would actually glance at me, and you know what? I still have to train, and train, and train, more than you ever will, so in the end, I can do everything everyone in here can do, in heels, backwards. This is my arena, bitch.”

He glanced down for a moment and saw that indeed, you were wearing heels. Though he didn’t actually see how hard it would be to walk with them on, they’re just shoes, but only make you taller.

It was simple and easy to say that when he first met you, and for the next few days of it he didn’t like you, he was bitter to you and hated your constant “bitchiness”. The way you would call him out for failing and in training sessions, you would never go soft on him, which at times, led to him getting serious injuries, and how you would always greet him as “bitch”.

But over time, he grew to fall for each and every one of those things you did. How you were a complete badass and after you giving him a lesson on how to walk in heels, you noticed yourself having a soft spot for the newbie. After that lesson he never said anything about if you (rarely) made a mistake while wearing heals. The two of you were soon the top two mercenary’s (bit obvious who was at the top), and were always paired together, per each other’s request and the commander believing you were a perfect team. The two of you had promised that no matter what you would always stick together, you would always be a team.

However, not all promises can be kept. It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s just a fact in life. A day came when a new trainee made it in and needed a partner, his name was Locus. The commander assigned Felix to work with him, even though, Felix was now fit to leave the training system and start taking up real jobs for money. Anyone would think that Felix being his selfish self then would’ve declined, the thing was, he never turned into an 100% asshole until he was split up from you, you had rubbed off on him. He had promised that he would find you as soon as possible and that the each of you would wait and reunite.

He gave up on that after five years.

And now, he was still partnered with Locus, on a stupid case involving the Reds and Blues. He had never seen you since the day he went with Locus. You had both went your separate ways. Felix had told Locus stories of you, on how you were the best agent they would ever ask for and how no one, no matter what would ever be able to reach your level. Never.

“Yeah so boss, when’s this other merc guy coming? I can’t wait around all day, either they’re here in two minutes, or we leave,” Felix said.

“I can see their trackers, they’ll be with you soon enough.”

“Do we even need him? I doubt they’ll compare to myself or Locus.” The ego never really leaves a person.

“Trust me. You’ll be impressed.”

“Fine,” He said flatly, hanging up and crossed his arms, leaning on a nearby tree, bored out of his mind from waiting, “He sure is taking his sweet precious time.”

He was tempted to leave then and there but was stopped when he heard footsteps behind him.

“About fucking time,” he rolled his eyes, “Hurry up, you’ve kept us wai-”

“Miss me, Bitch?”

He stopped. Frozen. That voice, the way he could practically hear the smirk in the words. It couldn’t be… could it?

He turned around and sure enough, he recognized that (armor colour) armor. You hadn’t changed a bit.

“(your name)?” he said, fearing that it wasn’t actually you.

You took your helmet off and sure enough, that little smirk was there, “Reporting for Duty.”

He ripped off his helmet and walked straight towards you and pulled you into a kiss, you kissed him back eagerly, wrapping your arms around his neck. He had been missing this for over five years. Five years without your voice, sarcastic remarks, your touch, your smell, your taste, and finally, he had you back.

You both kept your promise.


“Now it doesn’t matter that we’re behind schedule?” Locus rolled his eyes.



<< 1.5 The Jersey Devil ——————————- 1.7 The Ghost in the Machine >>

What better therapy for a disappointing week than to put on my hat of judgement and preside over another edition of Rose Reviews TXF! I probably could have thought of something better tbh but I ran out of creativity on Tuesday and I can’t pass go or collect $200 till the 28th so… here we are again. As usual, gifs, sarcasm and swears await under the cut. Lower your expectations sufficiently and you may even have fun!*

*fun is not guaranteed

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anonymous asked:

Pretty sure that Kuno thinking his dad is dead was an invention of the anime. In the manga he realizes's that the Principal is his dad the same chapter he's introduced. (After a gag of not recognizing him because he got a tan and a pine tree instead of a topknot). I'm also pretty sure that Takahashi's intention was that Kuno was an idiot playboy wannabe instead of literally crazy. Kuno's "delusions" about his objects of affection are pretty in line with all the other stalkers in Ranma 1/2.

Meanwhile, with Kodachi. She does say in the manga that she knows Ranma doesn’t like her. Her flamboyance and over the top acting+ her laughter seems to me like she’s basically just having fun with life and trolling everyone (Like her father)

Yeah, I imagine the intentions for Kuno’s character by both Takahashi and the anime staff were pretty harmless (”here’s a goofball loser who thinks he’s a ladies’ man” VS “here’s a traumatized, psychologically messed-up person”)

But at least with the extended denials in the anime—Sasuke aggressively bringing up proof that Principal is his dad and Kuno repeatedly explaining it away (he says something like “my father is in heaven~” in the dub and “he’s a star in a foreign land [America, his last known address]” in the sub, but either way he talks about his father as a noble man with none of the terrible qualities that he associates with Principal)—plus the anime filler episode where Kuno and Principal are teamed up with no mention of / recognition of the fact that they’re father and son—plus the fact that all the flashbacks of their relationship (in the anime, at least) are of stuff like Principal forcibly shaving Kuno’s head and hanging him naked upside-down from a tree…regardless of the staff’s intentions or the fact that it’s played for comedy, it’s really hard not to interpret the whole thing as “Kuno is straight-up dissociating as a way to repress his trauma”, and once you’ve got that reading, it’s hard not to then apply that to the rest of his personality.

(And I am super curious about the anime staff’s decision to withhold the “Principal is Kuno’s father” info for like a whole season, with that “Principal and Kuno team up” episode in between…I’m halfway convinced that either a) they deliberately left it out and had no plans to address it, and someone else on staff hated that decision and wrote the later episode with Sasuke as their author insert, or b) they waited JUST for the sake of the “they’ve been in the same school for months and NEITHER of them recognized each other??” joke)

Anime filler also seems to write Kodachi somewhat inconsistently (a lot of eps make her seem more gentle and more delusional than clever and manipulative), but I definitely prefer your view up there, that she’s playacting for her own enjoyment.  It’s just a lot of fun and provides some entertaining contrast with her brother.