This is the entire life span of this painting. I only worked on it three times. I started it about 8 months and put it to the side after working on it for only a few hours. I started to work on it again a couple weeks ago and decided that same night to paint the whole thing blue. Now I’m doing an abstract painting on top of it, which I am much happier with.
Acrylic Workshop

Our first workshop was focused on monochramatic color schemes. We used acrylic paint on canvas as our medium to express ourselves to someone we are thankful for this holiday season. The energy of this class was mellow, unintimidating, and educational. Andrea, our instructor, explained how one achieves lighter and darker shades of a provided hue. After demonstrating the gray color scale to the class, she allowed them to use their imaginations to create a sentimental painting. To end the class, we each presented our paintings and described our artistic journey and vision. The students expressed their emotions, be them silly and light hearted or deep and close to heart. We received positive feedback and the students are looking forward to the next event. 


“Percussion Without Repercussions” (16x20) [ to buy 270+ paintingz] #Painting #Acrylic #Oil #Canvas