Three cuddly cheetahs in northern Botswana’s Kwara Concession by Panthera Cats
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Far too young to die

WARNING: Ehhhh rain? Hot pizza? 
Summary: So Clark and reader spend time together. Will something happen? Will Clark finally confess? Stay tune and find out!
Notes: Chapter update? Whaaaaaat. is this real? Have I finally got my depressed ass to write a semi decent chapter? 

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Chapter 8

LA Devotee - P!atd<– montage music cx I recommend listening while reading the beginning


  He smiles at you and answers, “Sure. What do you want to do?”

You thought for a moment, where can we go? 
“Um, anywhere? I guess. It doesn’t matter to me I just don’t want to be home.”

He nods in understanding and turns to grab his bicycle. “Well hop on.” He then straddles his seat. You look at him, dumbfounded. “Wait, what?” You were caught off guard of by that.

He gestures to the handles of his bike with a nod. “Get on. I promise you won’t fall.” 

You stood there with a raised brow while eyeing the bike in uncertainy, not sure if he was serious. 
“Are you for real? Is that legal?” You ask.

He shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know but I’m willing to find out.”

Unsure but excited you take a look around at the people before walking over to Clark’s bike and climbing onto the handles. He holds out his hand and you take it for support. 
“There you go.” He says; “Put your feet on the pegs.” 

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A New Hero Pt. 2 | Spider-Man Imagine

Pt. 1

Spider-Man x Reader
Words: 1.9k
Disclaimer: pg-13 bc of mild language

(thank you @booyfriendtom loml for beta reading this and making my heart feel full like you always do)


“Oh, you again…” you said without even acknowledging he was suddenly standing there next to you. Maybe he was even trying to surprise you, it didn’t matter. You were not thrilled.

 "You don’t sound thrilled about that.“ He said crossing his arms. 

 "Sorry your majesty…” you turn to face him and widen your eyes to look excited and surprised. Hands go to your cheeks in a Home Alone manner. Spider-Man immediately squints, displeased, but you ignore him and really fill your voice with shrill excitement. “Oh my god! It’s you! Spider-Man! No no no, the Spider-Man! From youtube!" 

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