The cult classic Paid In Full was loosely based off the true story of Azie Faison (Ace), Rich Porter (Mitch) and Alberto “Alpo” Martinez (Rico). 

In 2009, Azie talked about how he entered the drug game, how he was almost killed and his issue with the film Paid in Full.


“A nigga like me man. I love the game, I love the hustle man. I be feeling like one of them ball player niggas you know. Like Bird, Magic or something. Yeah you know a nigga got dough a nigga can leave the league. But if I leave… the fans still gone love me man? I get love out here in harlem man I done sold coke on these streets man hash weed, heroine. As long as niggas is feeling it, a nigga like me could hustle it. That’s my gift in life A… you know?”

-Mitch, paid in full