All the compilation for Apollo and Clay which I have drawn ! Tbh I think I missed out a few but I am surprise?? I drew more of Apollo than Clay lmao 

I am gonna cry since some is so old and it’s just so horrendous looking T0T 

I followed my friends work !! Check it out here : D  also check their work out in the mean time they have really nice art !! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

[ azrr2213 ] [ Ragi 1 Clay / 2 Apollo

ありがとう ~! (/^▽^)/


I just got to this dialogue in my re-play and I like to think that Aura totally lost it during that scene. Her sprite animation in-game was very impassive but what she said is so powerful… I felt the need to put that in a little comic.

Apollo is done with Blackquill's shit.
Apollo is done with Blackquill's shit.

((As promised, Simon and Apollo bickering. Like I said I’m female so my voices for these two aren’t exactly gonna be perfect, I really couldn’t find a ‘voice’ for Apollo that was unique from my own so I gotta work on that xP

I’d love to credit the creator of the original comic, but I actually can’t find who. If anyone happens to know who made this, feel free to send me a message so I can credit.))