Ace Hotel


New York City

The great artist is their own greatest creation, they say. If you’ve dipped down below the street in New York City where the cell phone don’t shine, and if you got to where you wanted to get, you’ve been influenced by his work designing New York’s simple and eye-catching subway map. Massimo Vignelli was generous, driven, and worked to make life more beautiful for himself and for the people in this world.

Mr. Vignelli understood that beauty is a way of seeing things in the world. Proportion, balance, space — the movement of the eye — these things are free, simple and clean. You can learn to see them by slowing down, paying attention, savoring the details. His work helped make our world more beautiful, and a world filled with beauty is a place we all want to care for, participate in, where there’s somehow more time to see and do together.  

Massimo Vignelli made things. But more importantly, he brought us closer to one another. Today we’re writing all our thank yous and goodbyes to him in Helvetica.  


Zavrazhye, Russia

On this day in 1932, the world was given one of its most gifted visionaries, the filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky whose recurring themes of dream, memory, childhood, running water accompanied by fire, indoors rain and hazy reflections help us see the world from an indelible new strange and soft angle. His films give breath to dreams of unmistakable beauty. 

Tarkovsky loved the Polaroid camera and always carried one with him. These are a selection of his photos.