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goodly drawn Klavier Gavin?

*clips into floor* aͯ̏̽̍̅ͨ͏̪͚͕͍͘͡c̴̱̮̱̪̰̚̕ͅhͩ̆ͨ̈ͣ̅͆̾ͩ͏͙͚̖̭̠͈̼̺͜ẗ̲̪̫̞̠́ͣ͆̓ͭ̃͘ưͧ͒͝҉̪͙͔̟n̢͕̞̱̻͙͔ͪ̏͢g̴̛̬̖͐̐ͥ͐͜ ̸̖̼͉̬̫̤͓̪̦̐b̞̹̼͆ͧ̀̚͞ą͈͙̩͈̼̅̅͂͐͒ͩb̴̷̯̹̊̓ͨ͐̃ͭͩ̚͝y̶̺̰̝͍͍̞̤͚ͭ̓̆́͘

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Wrightworth for either 8 or 9. You can pick :D

9. “Don’t you ever do that again!”


With everything that had happened in Khura’in, Phoenix was more than happy to finally be back home.  Sleeping in his bed, being safe, staying up late with Trucy watching terrible movies…returning to normalcy was something that was desperately needed, and it allowed him (and Trucy) to distract themselves from Apollo’s absence.  While Phoenix knew that Apollo had to go, and supported his decision, Trucy was taking his departure much harder.  While his daughter tried to keep a smile on her face at all times, he could tell there was a deep sadness within her that wouldn’t go away for some time. 

Yes, everything was back to normal. 

Well…except for Edgeworth. 

Everything had seemed fine; when they were in Khura’in, Edgeworth appeared to be his regular…Edgeworth-y self.  That was to say, reserved and sometimes snarky, but still comfortable enough with Phoenix to wander around the country and help him with the case.  Hell, they even shared a mat when they slept on the temple’s floor (though Edgeworth complained a decent amount about it, truthfully)!  

But it seemed that the moment they landed in the states, Edgeworth had gone cold - every time Phoenix tried to talk with him, Edgeworth’s replies were short and dismissive.  At first Phoenix chalked this grumpiness as jet-lag; Edgeworth hadn’t slept well in Khura’in and now was delaying with the time change…it was no wonder that maybe he would be a bit off-putting…more so than usual, anyway. 

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Dear Gabe,

Boy, there’s something to think about.  I’d probably be an artist of some sort, and I’d probably never have met Mia, Maya, Trucy, Apollo, or Athena.  Not to mention everyone who’d have to seek legal help from someone other than me.  Heck, that even includes a whole country of people at this point.

It really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?  Even the worst tragedies have their place in the grand scheme of things.

-Phoenix Wright

Dear Trucy,

Really?  That was a question on your test today?  I can’t imagine why they would ask that.  I mean, the answer depends on a lot of different things.

If Apollo or Athena decided to go against me on something, we would discuss what their reason was, and if I understood and agreed with it, I’d let it go.  Otherwise, we’d probably have a discussion about it, and hopefully find a way to resolve it.

In the worst-case scenario, I’d either have to fire them or settle it in court, but I highly doubt it’ll come to that soon.  I hope that answers your question, sweetie.