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A bunch of people just followed me for some reason ?? Hi new people !
My name is Rita but I’m just now seeing that boxy is a cute nickname too hahaha ! I go by she/her and if you didn’t already know, here are some random facts about me ! (Actually I just like talking about myself)
1. I play the accordion
2. I own 7 betta fish
3. I have dermatillomania
4. My birthday is on may 17th so
5. I am a taurus
6. I am an ENFP-T
7. I really like h3h3
8. My tablet pen broke
9. I am straight
10. I reaaaally really like eggnog
11. My favorite song is the Bertha theme song
12. I don’t sing
13. Feel free to ask me questions at any time ??
14. I always take requests
15. Idk what else to put I’ll think of some later

Daily Doodle! 6/27/17

Based on @imaginashon and @spatziline Pirates AU! FUN Story! My friend has been throwing Murder Mystery Dinner parties every year, and this year’s theme is PIRATES!! so of course I asked if I can bring my accordion and play some sea shanties, and he said yes! So I drew this for that.. cause pirates, accordion, fun.

This is the first time i draw Kass, i had a lot of fun doing this :) / Esta es la primera vez que dibujo a Kass, me divertí mucho haciendo ésto :)

The Zodiac Signs as Instruments

Aries: Electric guitar

Taurus: Saxophone

Gemini: Accordion

Cancer: Triangle

Leo: Trombone

Virgo: Harp

Libra: Violin

Scorpio: Acoustic guitar

Sagittarius: Drums

Capricorn: Piano

Aquarius: Electric keyboard

Pisces: Clarinet