I’d only had one relationship prior to using Tinder, and it didn’t end well. I was wary of the whole dating thing, but I finally mustered the courage to try tinder out since I suck at meeting people anyway. Not wanting any of the “tinder nightmares” I was pretty picky. I wanted something serious. I only ever met up with one guy and one time was all it took.

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Yooo…just a random thought. I just watched the part where all those tough peeps are singing in the bar in Tangled and I keep wondering about the accordion guy that’s locked up.

Like what did he do? How long has been there? Is he under some sort of contract or something? And I’ve also wondered does he have some sort of hearing disability? There’s like a big pile of weapons next to him so does that mean he’s been there so long that the way to signal for him to play music is to chuck a weapon at him? (He’s a talented musician regardless even more so that he plays so well under pressure.)

No one really speaks to him but he’s one of them.

Ughhh so many thoughts…. What is your story, Accordion person?!!!


Last night at work, there was a table near mine with three kids. The accordion guy came over and asked which Disney movie they liked, and the mom said about one of the kids, “Oh, he’s more into Harry Potter.” To which the kid enthusiastically added, “And Percy Jackson!”
I had to step away to do something, but when I came back, I couldn’t resist talking to him.
“I heard mention of Percy Jackson over here.” He raised his hand and got really excited. “Who’s your godly parent? Mine’s Athena.”
He took a minute and finally said, “Poseidon.”
“Like Percy? He’s way cool.” I had to step away again after that, but seeing that kid with such a huge grin on his face as I left made my night. :)


Ringabel’s theme on accordion!!!!

This guy is so good like w o w


1935 Scandalli 120 Bass Accordion. Signed “D.H. <allegedly L.Snicket>” by author Daniel Handler under the pen name Lemony Snicket. Owned by a music teacher named George Ott, who played it for years in Cumberland, MD at Ott’s Music House. When the store inventory was sold in 2013, his accordion was sold with it. I found it in another music store sitting in a lone corner. I walked away with this beautiful accordion for $50. The guy at the music store had no idea of its value. Was autographed by Daniel Handler on Valentine’s Day 2015 in Dayton, Ohio during a book signing at Books & Co.