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Big Bang Reactions to you not coming home after failing college entrance exam


Okay, so this one is really long lol idk I just wrote it all hahahah hope you like it. I have no experiance with doing entrance test so forgive me if I imagined totally wrong. I just asumed that’s how it is.

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Ever since you researched for colleges for you, the one that you liked the most was Seoul Women’s University. You studied a lot to pass the entrance exam, but now you got a letter. From that university and it said you failed the exam and you are not excepted in. Just reading these words was difficult for you. Luckily T.O.P wasn’t at home so you decided to go. You left everything but your phone. You walked through the streets all day. Drowning in sorrow you just kept walking and thinking what will you do with your life now.

He got home at 7 PM expecting to see you on the couch watching your favorite films and eating popcorn but instead, he found the letter from the University. He read it quickly and looked for your whereabouts. He couldn’t find you anywhere in the house. He called you but your phone was turned off so he decided to drive around the city to see if he’ll find you there. After driving for an hour he got really worried and was about to call the police. Then he saw you slowly walking in the dark street and crying. He stopped the car and quickly ran to you and hugged you. He wanted to make you feel better so he cooked you a dinner and watched TV with you to forget about the exam.
“Let’s watch Train to Busan, or… maybe we could watch… some of my movies? I know you love them…”

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Your dream was to get in Kyung Hee University. You knew Jiyong was at that university too, which made you even more nervous to take an entrance exam. Until now you studied medicine and this university was perfect for you. A few days after the exam you got the letter, saying you are not excepted. You couldn’t even be in the house at the moment. You felt like a failure and just couldn’t bare the fact you’ll have to tell him you failed. You took the letter and drove away. You were upset so you just stopped somewhere far away from your home and cried everything out.

Jiyong got home quickly and he thought you went out or to the grocery shop. He tried calling you but you ignored his calls. It made him worry a lot and he left you tons of messages but you ignored them. Drowning in your own thoughts you didn’t think your location was on and that’s how he found you. You were sitting on the wall at the beach half an hour away from your house. He ran to you and sat next to you when he saw tears continuously dropping down your cheeks. He didn’t care that you failed the exam, he was really proud you even had the courage to take it. He was just there and waited until you cried everything out.
“Jagi~ I know it’s hard, but you were very brave to take the exam.”

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It was your dream to go to Dankook University and T.O.P who also attended it helped you get ready since you would follow him on theater and he is your sunbae  Taeyang also wanted to practice with you a lot to get you ready and even begged T.O.P for help. You waited for the list of the accepted students for a few days and when you came to the University and your name wasn’t there, you just wanted to hide somewhere. You were feeling not worthy and you couldn’t imagine telling Youngbae about it. You just wished you wouldn’t take the exam.

Youngbae was home when you left and he was waiting for your call. He waited the whole day. The University is on the other side of the city so he thought you were stuck in a traffic jam or something like that. After 5 hours waiting for your call he gave up and called you. He was worried why you didn’t answer and panicked right away. He didn’t know where you were and what you were doing so he was scared. He called Jiyong and he calmed him down. After Jiyong called you, you saw how worried Youngbae must be, so you picked up the phone. You told Jiyong what happened and told him where you were. Youngbae came to pick you up right away and just hugged you without saying a word.
“— Do not do anything like this ever again Jagi–”

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You applied to Hansung University, major in fashion. It was hard to get in since you had to take the entrance exam. You thought you were ready for the University right after finishing 2 different high schools. Daesung wanted you to be well educated and he was very proud you finally decided to apply for the University. When you saw the letter which said you didn’t get enough high score for their school, you were crushed. This meant so much to you. You never had the feeling like you just failed life but now you tasted a lot of it. 

Daesung had to be in the studio for a couple hours and he came home late. You were always half sleeping until then but now you weren’t there. He was afraid something might have happened to you. He called you but you ignored his calls because you were too embarrassed. You sent him a text you’re outside but he then constantly kept calling you so you answered and with crying voice told him you didn’t get in. He was relieved you weren’t physically hurt and told you he’ll pick you up.
“What? Don’t worry you’ll get another chance next year and meanwhile you’ll just do some projects. Don’t worry I’ll pick you up.”

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You studied abroad when you met him and after you moved in with him in Seoul, you wanted to continue your education at the same University as Seungri went. Chung-Ang University, major early childhood education. You spoke Korean very fluently because your parents are Korean but for the entrance test, it wasn’t enough. You were a bit surprised when you saw you weren’t excepted and it hurt because you’ve made it so far and now your plan for the future is ruined. You needed some air. A lot of air.

Seungri was very excited because you decided to enter the same University as he did. He called you to ask you if you were excepted but he got no reply. 10 times, no reply. He knew something is off so he called you. You answered and told him you weren’t excepted. He was worried you were sad but left you to be alone for some time. When you still wasn’t home at 9 PM he went out called you but you didn’t pick up so he looked at all your favorite places in Seoul. You were in a restaurant, eating meat and drinking soju. He paid and took you home and put you to bed. He couldn’t believe you went drinking because of this and since you never drank soju he was even more surprised.
“Aish ~ You worry so much pabo-ya”

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charlotte: “so have you thought about where baz is going to go to school yet?” 

briar: “hmm? oh, yea he’s enrolled at the school a few blocks over, apple valley elementary – that’s where aksel goes isn’t it?” 

charlotte: “yea, well, used to anyway. hans insisted he starts attending heritage academy for boys. aksel’s not happy about it right now, but i’m sure he’ll come around.” 

briar: “wait, you mean the boarding school in windenburg? i didn’t know they accepted day students.” 

charlotte: “oh… they don’t, he’ll be boarding. i know, i know. don’t look at me like that, i know how close to home it is; it’s just… hans attended boarding schools growing up and insists it’s what aksel needs. he’s been… rebelling a bit lately.”


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SasuSaku Month 2015
Day 26- Boarding School.
: A Feminine Touch
Summary: AU- Confined in an elite school just for boys, it only takes one pink haired girl to show him what the poets mean when they called women beauties. It was all thanks to a cockroach.
A/N: Well… In this one, I tried to explore Sasuke’s sensible, yet indifferent, side. So he might be a bit out of character… Just a little tough… Also, I love literature and I tried to explore this part a bit too…  Haha every time I think about this theme, the “Dead Poets Society” comes to my mind XD it’s an amazing movie, by the way haha… So, I hope you enjoy it and leave me Reviews!!
‘Oh captain, my captain!’
- Walt Whitman.
Women were a mystery to Uchiha Sasuke.

Not a mystery in a way every man thinks of when they don’t understand what they are talking about, but a mystery in a much deeper and concrete way. He didn’t know anything about them and he never had the chance of spending some time with one either to take his own conclusions. In all of his 16 years, the raven haired boy had never met a girl his age. He had barely seen a woman at all, to be honest. Apart from the memories of his mother and the old ladies that took care of Konoha Elite Academy for boys, Uchiha Sasuke had never seen a woman. That’s it, until he saw her.

The life of the Uchiha heir was never exciting in any way. Ever since his parent’s death when he was still a child, his uncle confined him in that preparatory, traditional academy that, for decades,  only accepted male students. From that day on, his contact with the external world was limited. Saving a few excursions, some pictures sent by his elder brother that worked in another country, and of course, the description of the many books that could be found at the library; Sasuke’s life was deeply connected to the academy, but that was not a reason for him to hate it. In fact, his life was just as it had always been, and that constancy never bothered him at all. It never bothered him until the day when he finally started to appreciate literature.

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there r a bunch of str8 girls right in front of me talking abt unhhhh and they all in unison started reciting katya’s read u wrote u verse I wanna die

in better news a girl who lived in my building all of last year and could have asked this at any time came up to me just to ask me if, 2 and a half years ago, at accepted students day I was the kid who was wearing the same “this is what a feminist looks like” shirt as her dad


As most of my followers know I have an abusive father. Earlier in my life physically abusive, now emotionally and psychologically abusive. He had said he would pay for the first month of my college tuition. which is of. 3,672 dollars.
And now he has stated that he will not give me money to pay a place he’s never seen? Although I have been there for the acceptance students day along with my sister. And I have many pictures of my visit. 
I am unsure if a gofundme at this point will help. But if i can’t get enough money in a few days, I will not be able to attend and leave my abusive household.
I am currently completely booked with commissions (THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH) but It would be irresponsible of me to go and take more than I could finish in a timely manner. If anyone could donate or help, I would be so increasingly grateful…

So how about this?

I need feminism because as a female going into sciences, I worry that if I do poorly in a math class, I’ll be written off as a “stupid woman who can’t do math”.

I need feminism because I have never met a female professional in my field (geosciences).

I need feminism because when going to an accepted students day, the Earth Sciences and Nursing stations were near each other, and no less than three employees stopped me to congratulate me for choosing nursing.

I need feminism because when I toured colleges, my all-male potential professors treated me like I knew nothing until I proved otherwise, and were surprised when I knew more than the male prospective students they’d been giving all their time to.

I need feminism because when I asked my uncle, a geologist, for advice in studying in this field, he told me to, “disguise my feminimity so that the boys will respect you more”, and in field research to “powder my nose later, and try not to worry about getting dirty”.

I need feminism because when I expressed to my father that I was nervous about the 66% male class I was entering with at my college, he responded with, “isn’t it great? You’ll have so many boyfriends to choose from!”

I need feminism because I’m going to Penn State University, and when presented with an opportunity to protest recent events, I don’t want to take it for fear of being labeled as hysterical and being taken less seriously by my family or my college.

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flans i went to pratt's accepted students day and they gave us a packet with like info about the school and they had a list of alumni and it didn't say you :-((((

JF: it’s because of our BAD BOY IMAGE!