here we can see a broken man. a man who constantly feels despair and who questions his decisions everyday and wonders just how the fuck he ended up in where he is now. but even when he tries to look away from the source of his daily torment it just won’t make it go away. but maybe one day… the sadness will end.

GINTAMA coming soon 》仲村しんご

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So this happened. Sorrynotsorry definitely not sorry 

I saw this post and got inspired to do the Gintama cast… . twerking. This took waaaay too long to make, but it was totally worth it. This may be my most glorious post ever

I’ll go back and do Kondo, Yamazaki and Hattori. I’ll probably do the female Gintama cast pelvic thrusting or something. Idk I’ll figure something out