Deah Shaddy Barakat. Yusor Abu-Salha. Razan Abu-Salha. 

Barakat was a dental student at the University of North Carolina, and he started a campaign last year to send dental supplies to victims of the Syrian civil war. The YouCaring effort has raised more than $70,000 to date.

Yusor had planned to begin her dental studies at UNC-Chapel Hill this coming fall. The outlet also cited UNC officials as saying that she and Barakat were married in December — less than two months ago.

Razan was a student at North Carolina State University, where she studied architecture and environmental design. The New York Times notes that many have praised her artistic abilities; she won an award from her school “for capturing 3-D abstract model making with time-lapse video.”

These are the 3 victims of the Chapel Hill shooting — and we must remember them.


My latest tutorial in 3dsMax to model an abstract object for 3D Printing

4/29/2017 - 94/100+ Days of Productivity

Day 29 of @universi-tea‘s April Challenge - Study Role Models

While I love and admire several fellow studyblrs, I don’t view many of them to be my role model, even though they all deserve it. Really I just have more of an abstract role model, which is just someone who puts more effort into academics than I currently do, someone with more drive. That’s the most admirable thing to me. I want to be organized, someone other people admire, I want to be so many things but half the time I just get distracted or too anxious that I don’t do anything. I hope to get my drive back.

  • Breezy used to be into hardcore punk / punk rock bands like Descendents, Minor Threat and Rancid
  • she used to date a guy with a mohawk
  • she loves books by Anne Rice; she says some of her books are for adults only (The Sleeping Beauty trilogy 😳 )
  • she owns the Twighlight book series
  • they have “Warm Bodies” on their bookshelf because Dallon wanted to read it
  • she loves to paint and draw
  • Breezy met Dallon on Myspace
  • the first present she gave to Dallon was a signed Shaun of the Dead poster, and second, tickets to Elvis Costello
  • March 18, 2016 will be their 10th anniversary
  • the best concerts she has ever been to: Radiohead and The Cure
  • Breezy’s favorite colors are black and pink
  • Dallon is a jokester; she tells the story how they had a fruit bowl in the kitchen with oranges, apples etc and there was one banana; when she came back, the banana was in a “compromising position” between the oranges.
  • recent movie she has seen: Cinderella
  • Breezy’s favorite Doctor is Eleven
  • Dallon might get a tattoo together with Breezy
  • Dallon tans really easy
  • she doesn’t think they will have any more kids; “two are enough”
  • B & D had an internet relationship first
  • she thinks it’s cute when fans call her “mom”…and yes she will adopt you! :)
  • she’s trying to go to the Reading & Leeds Panic! show
  • B & D were friends first, then were talking on the phone; he came to L.A and they met; (he came like 4 times to L.A on a Brobecks tour and they met) the rest is history
  • Breezy dyes her hair a slightly darker color
  • she used to have blonde hair and a tongue piercing
  • she got bullied in highschool because she was skinny :c
  • she used to date guys in the music scene
  • she was an AP art student
  • favorite subject in school: art, she liked science too
  • she’s from Ventura L.A
  • Dallon wants to sing something together with Breezy; she sings for the children all the time
  • she prefers coffee over tea but she loves chai tea, green tea
  • her dad passed away when she was a kid; he used to design album covers, her mom was a model
  • one of her uncles does music for Disney and Dreamworks
  • Breezy owns a whole record collection, then she shows a Too Weird To Live P!ATD vinyl and a Sex Pistols vinyl
  • someone asks whether to pursue model career: answer “go for it and don’t stop!”
  • her height: 5″8, she says Dallon is 6″2
  • “religion/ church is a personal thing”
  • she draws abstract stuff mostly
  • her role model: probably her mom
  • she met Spielberg and Micheal Bay once; and also Tom Cruise
  • Favorite TV series: Dr Who, Orphan Black, Walking Dead, Peaky Blinders, Silicon Valley, Orange is the New Black, Teen Mom used to be her guilty pleasure; she used to watch Dexter; and she used to watch the first seasons of Supernatural; but she missed so much
  • she never watched 6 Feet Under; because she had audition; and you had to be nude for a dead body scene; she passed it
  • “Johnny Depp gets better with age”
  • Cry Baby is one of her favorite movies of all time
  • Edward Scissorhands is her fave Johnny Depp movie
  • unpopular opinion: she likes Moffat
  • she’s neither a pancake nor waffle person: she likes French toast more
  • she really wants to see Radiohead live again 
  • she likes Green Day; she went to many of their concerts when she was younger
  • first concert: she saw Bad Religion, Green Day and Rancid together at one show
  • Dallon keeps fan mail
  • how Dallon proposed to her: they met outside the apartment where they first met, she was under a vintage light pole; that’s where he proposed to her, he got on one knee too
  • Iron Man is her favorite super hero
  • the Ponds are her fave Dr Who companions
  • the Weekes recently got a new table :)
  • the children call Ryan Seaman “Uncle Ryan”