Finally, my Valentine’s Day follow-forever. I’ve only been on here a few months, but I’ve found so many wonderful blogs, thank you all for being amazing! I can’t make choices, and you’re all fabulous, so the list is sort of long, but I’ve organized it into categories to make it easier. Not everyone got tagged, it’s being weird. I’ll try to fix it in the morning.

My amazing real life friends! Emily Jill Leena Robina Toria

Marvelous Mutual Follows

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So this was my cosplay at the Adelaide Supanova yesterday :)

I handmade them both (sorry I’m just so proud of me) and I’m the Dalek and my sister is the TARDIS.

My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. david-tennants-little-fangirl (13%)
  2. alljustletters (13%)
  3. the-tenth-will-see-you-now (8%)
  4. absolutelyfantastic (6%)
  5. aroseintime (6%)
  6. slowlizard (6%)
  7. thetruththatshouldbe (4%)
  8. worstwolf (4%)
  9. lisabraedenfan (3%)

In review, a sparkly Master, RP, and Dean/Lisa have taken over my reblogging! (Had to post before potential debates messed it up again. Pftt.)

(I’m being dramatic, they haven’t taken over. But they do make that cool diagonal tic-tac-toe.)

I got tagged...

Tagged by: absolutelyfantastic

Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones

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Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them

1) If you were stuck in a groundhog day loop and had to live the same day over and over which day would you choose?
I would either want to relive the day of my first kiss or the day Senpai noticed me.

2) What is your favourite word (in any language) and what does it mean?
I have three (off the top of my head) Usa meaning Rabbit in Japanese, Fen the English word for a marshy swamp, and Inori the Japanese word for prayer

3) Do you have a favourite flower? What is it and why?
My favourite flowers are Orchids, dunno why, would never want to own one as it would be dead in 12 hours…to own I’d like white roses please… ;)

4) Would you rather your favourite show only have one more season but have it be absolutely amazing or six more seasons that are only okay (not bad, but not terribly good either)? 
6 more. I want it to go on forever! I don’t care how bad it gets as long as it doesn’t break my feels and my headcannon comes true!

5) Do you have any allergies? What are they?
I think I’m allergic to some sort of medicine…

6) If you could be raised by any of your OTPs (or any other fictional couple I guess) who would you choose?
Zoi and Neffy, they’re the only ones I can think of who would be decent…kinda says a lot about my other OTPs then, huh?

7) Which Disney hero or heroine do you think you’re most like?

8) What Hogwarts house would you belong to?

9) If you could have any song play any time you walked into a room what would it be and why?
Blood Teller, because it sounds scary and I think people should fear me

10) Cats or dogs? Why?
Cat, I grew up with a cat thus cats are superior, your argument is invalid 

11) Favourite dessert?
Cheesecake…or strawberry shortcake…or just cake in general…

My questions:
1) If you could only ever say one thing to Senpai what would it be?
2) What kind of Dere do you think you are?
3) If you could be an element on the periodic table which one would you be?
4) Which element of harmony are you?
5) If you could be the voice in anyone’s head who’s head would you be in and what would you make them do?
6) Favourite Pokemon and why?
7) Biggest tear jerk you can remember?
8) What was your last crowning moment of awesome?
9) Is there anyone that you would drop everything for no matter what? Who are they?
10) If you could jump into any verse which would it be and who would you marry?
11) What was the theme song to the last anime you watched and who sings it?

Okay, sorry I’m not sorry that these questions are a bit hard…too bad, have fun, don’t die.

absolutelyfantastic reblogged your photo: so… here i am watching sweeney todd and who i…


I think you mean Giles, but I’ll let it pass for now.

no, i don’t mean giles, i mean uther… (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9a/Anthony_Head_Cleveland_Vulkon_Slayercon_cropped.jpg/200px-Anthony_Head_Cleveland_Vulkon_Slayercon_cropped.jpg)

and on the cast list of sweeney todd we have: “Anthony Head as Man in the Street (uncredited).”

An effective use of my time

Ok guys. I am going to do one of two things this evening. 

1. I will rewatch and do a thorough review of all versions of Winx Club. I will do this one episode at a time and for all the dubs and if someone can find me a sub. I want the sub regardless…

2. Continue working on my novel since I was on a bit of a role. This second one will only be fulfilled if my wonderful girlfriend would care to come and skype with my while I work because I don’t have the attention span otherwise.

That’s all. See you when I see you, tumblr

Tumblr Crushes: Not really sure what that’s supposed to mean

So posting this before it changes to someone I debate with or something again.

That happens far too often.

I’m not sure what that says about my tumblr thingy.

Also this doesn’t account for 36% of my love, apparently.