Finally, my Valentine’s Day follow-forever. I’ve only been on here a few months, but I’ve found so many wonderful blogs, thank you all for being amazing! I can’t make choices, and you’re all fabulous, so the list is sort of long, but I’ve organized it into categories to make it easier. Not everyone got tagged, it’s being weird. I’ll try to fix it in the morning.

My amazing real life friends! Emily Jill Leena Robina Toria

Marvelous Mutual Follows

A-C: a-galaxy-of-time- absolutelyfantastic- accio-elderwand- alohomoramyworld- amyandrory- amyandrorywilliams- arthurssdarvill babyturtleduck -barrricade- brttaperry- claradiedtwice- clarayowzin -commandertyler

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V-Z: valiantginger- whats-wrong-with-silly

Blogs that I admire from afar:

A-M: ameliuspond- amysgone- angstinspace- blueboximpala- byebyemyponds- davidsteninch- derdoktor- expelliarmus- hipster-rawry- itspond- jennalouisecoleman- kazzasbabes- lastofthetimeladies- littlefallofrain- mattsmithisabadger- mattsmithissexy- miecroft

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So this was my cosplay at the Adelaide Supanova yesterday :)

I handmade them both (sorry I’m just so proud of me) and I’m the Dalek and my sister is the TARDIS.

My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. david-tennants-little-fangirl (13%)
  2. alljustletters (13%)
  3. the-tenth-will-see-you-now (8%)
  4. absolutelyfantastic (6%)
  5. aroseintime (6%)
  6. slowlizard (6%)
  7. thetruththatshouldbe (4%)
  8. worstwolf (4%)
  9. lisabraedenfan (3%)

In review, a sparkly Master, RP, and Dean/Lisa have taken over my reblogging! (Had to post before potential debates messed it up again. Pftt.)

(I’m being dramatic, they haven’t taken over. But they do make that cool diagonal tic-tac-toe.)