When I was younger, I always thought there was something romantic and inspiring about fighting for the one you love and trying to win them back.

But as I sit here, broken and lost, I’ve come to realize that there is absolutely nothing amazing about trying to convince someone to love you back.

—  LA // 2 a.m. thoughts

Tonight’s episode was absolutely amazing. Like watching the comics. SOOO SOOO SOOO HAPPY that Carl is getting his comic arc. Chandler knocked it out of the park this episode(along with JDM ofc). The chemistry really works. Can’t wait for next week. But first, I must find a more HD picture of Carl’s eye. LOOKS SOO GOOD

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What do people in Norway think about 5 fine frøker cause Isak serm to really hate it. Is it like a bad song? Cause it's really catchy (for someone who is not norwegian)

I think it’s an either-or kind of song. Either you love it or you hate it. It seems to be that way with the artist (Gabrielle) as well. I’ve always found her songs catchy, but I know so many of my friends find them annoying. I saw her live last summer and she was absolutely amazing! 

I am absolutely over the moon to let everyone know that Danneel and I welcomed two new little members into our family two days ago. Our little boy, Zeppelin Bram, was born one minute before his sister Arrow Rhodes and they are both doing absolutely amazing. I’ve spent the past two days trying to settle into life as a new dad of twins as well as juggling my sweet three year old and honestly…? I was not even remotely prepared for this. Someone help.

#BooklrPositivityWeek Day 1: Introductions!

The absolutely amazing @books-and-cookies and @thebookishdragon have come up with a fantastic idea - a week of booklr love! I am so down for that. So, let me get started by introducing myself!

I’m Kimi, 28, and a bookseller in the UK. At work, I specialise in Children’s and YA, but in my personal reading I tend to pick up anything!

I live with my other half and three cats (the cats often make appearances on my blog…), and when I’m not selling books, I’m at home reading them, or blogging about them.

I’m a pop-punker at heart, and sometimes I pick up my camera and take photos of my friends (and my cats…). I’m also a tea-addict, who cannot function on less than 5 cups a day.

#BooklrPositivityWeek prompt post here.

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@jily hating anon: Don't follow if you don't like. Besides that, your Lily is absolutely amazing. Just like all the other characters you portray so well. ~ Tiny child

When anons fight your other anons for you ^^^


These are all sent to @imjasminetaylor and this is 100% fucking NOT okay. You have all taken this waaaay too far. Jasmine is an amazing person, absolutely stunning and you have to be the dumb one not to see that. This person needs to stop and please never involve my name in this kind of child play ever again. Me and Jasmine are good friends and she has known about me and Misha for long which means she hasn’t tried with me the way you want to make it sound. We are adults and you need to get back to the sandbox and don’t disturbe us again. Jasmine, please don’t take this at heart, we all appreciate you very much around here - I for one do!

I just watched “the Holiday” and it was a great movie. I was absolutely amazed by acting skills and charm of Jude Law during the entire movie. His facial expressions totally got me. Kate Winslet did a really good job at portraying her character, she was really into it. The scenes with Eli Wallach also touched my heart. I felt a little bit sentimental. Then, I felt sentimental once again towards the end of the movie thanks to Cameron Diaz. The movie also is a great fit for the month December and the Christmas session. I am sort of starting to feel hopeful about future love possibilities in my life thanks to this movie.


Amazing 3 days omg

J&J were absolutely amazing, when Jared was signing it he asked if I still had the hats and I was like “yeah” and he was like “oh that’s awesome”

in the Cas photo op I was like really nervous and like backed away from Misha and he said “you know you actually have to come in for the kiss” and I died

(also got a few shirts signed from louden swain) I also had a mark shepherd photo op and kings of con op and the Misha one I had (not Cas) they retook it and I ended up with both versions

When I asked Ruth a question she gave me muscle easing cream and she signed it

I got two free pictures from the castiel costume contest and one from the regular costume contest

And I got some banners which was great, okay bye bebs ❤️

if you love being agender no matter the consequences that is great and awesome!

if you hate being agender and you’re scared and worried you are absolutely amazing for understanding who you are even if it’s hard!

Hey beauties, mod wonderland here! I’m pretty excited to say now that I’ll be a lot more active now. I apologize to the other mods for just kinda leaving, only with the occasional ques, but you guys are doing absolutely amazing!!! I’m sorry for being gone, but now I think I’ve got life a little more under control. I love you all!!


This Christmas will be my first Christmas at home in Australia in 4 years!!!! I have spent so many ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING white Christmases throughout America/Canada and Europe over the past few years!!!!!!!!!

I’m getting all excited and spamming you with photos from the past few years because Jack and I leave on the 26th of Dec for Europe this year (22 DAYS OMGGGGG!!) so I get to have a hot beach Aussie Christmas for the first time in forever with my amazing crazy family and then escape back to the northern hemisphere for a few magical weeks backpacking together!!!!!!

Here’s photos from the Christmas markets in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Banff, Lake Louise and Quebec!!! 🎄❤️✨🌍🌏❄️❄️❄️⛄️⛄️⛄️🎄🎄🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎁🎁❤️✨🎄❤️🌍
Thanks 🇳🇴

I don’t really know how many times I have actually watched Skam’s season 3 but I don’t get tired of it. It just makes me feel so many emotions at the same time. I don’t know how to put it into words but this tv show is absolutely amazing in many, many ways.
Huge thanks to Norway and all the amazing people involved in this show.

((by the way, if anyone ever wants to like. draw and submit fan art or do cosplay based on anything on this blog, feel free!! that’d be absolutely amazing!! i try and post all the fan art that gets submitted because i know how much it means to y'all :> the same goes for fanfics– feel free to write them and tag me, i’d love to read anything y'all write!!)

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Holy cow did you -- did you do that in gimp? did you sketch it and scan it in or did you actually create that in gimp? because i love gimp for editing photos but i can't create in it worth squat diddly? you're amazing?

For this particular piece with Popplio, I actually traced my line art from a my notebook drawing (which you can see here )

Other pieces of mine I have done 100% in GIMP. For example, this:

This was done done completely with GIMP and GIMP alone. Thank you so much for the compliments uwu 

I know this is already a wall of stuff, But I really just want to add my inspiration and use for GIMP came from @ctchrysler and his works, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHECKING OUT because what he can do with this program is absolutely amazing.

When manual pencil and papers aren’t around these are my best friends …

SketchBookX app is absolutely amazing! For about 7 months with this baby I could totally draw anytime, anywhere without a hassle (I could even use my finger when that 10 bucks pen isn’t around). And it’s FREE, which only adds more to its amazingness. 

(After photoshop, this is what the final piece looks like)