More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Electrical Engineering: Parasitic Capacitance and Crosstalk

We know that a capacitor is simply two conductors spaced closely together with some nonconductive material between them. If you think this sounds like a really common situation, you’d be right - it’s very easy to accidentally create an “invisible” capacitor in a circuit. Two wires next to each other meet the definition of a capacitor, after all - there’s two conductors separated by a nonconductive material.

The capacitance you unintentionally produce in a situation like this is called a parasitic capacitance. In a lot of cases, it’s a negligible effect. The wires (or whatever conductors you’re concerned with) are far enough apart so there’s very little capacitance occurring, or you’re operating in a regime where capacitative effects have relatively little impact on what you’re trying to do. However, there are definitely situations in which parasitic capacitance absolutely wreck you.

Let’s look at a couple of wires running right next to each other.

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Summery:  Vladdy being sent a street camera from the night Tolya was killed and watching it, it takes him a minute to process what he is seeing but when Matt comes home he is an absolute wreck

Vladimir stared down at the envelope in front of him. His name was printed on the front in neat bold letters, no return address in sight. He had no idea who it could have been from, no one knew of his where abouts. He hadn’t even left Matt’s apartment since he had been pronounced dead a month ago. The blonde reached forward picking up the small package in front of him carefully. Running his hands over it softly, flipping it in his hands as he searched for anyway to find out who the sender was.

After 5 minutes of coming no closer to finding what he was looking for Vladimir sighed giving up, moving his thumb under the flap to open it. He went slowly, not entirely trusting the package to not blow up on him. He reached inside frowning when he got the top ripped open completely, His hand grazed over a smooth rounded surface. He pulled his hand out quickly not expecting the cool surface over paper. When nothing happened though he reached back in taking a grip on the envelopes content.

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I’m associated with two roles, largely, in peoples’ minds: Jean-Luc Picard and Charles Xavier. Upright, worthy, noble, intelligent, sensitive, compassionate, caring individuals. And that sort of stuck. But that’s not me, either. You know, I’m a mess, I’m an absolute wreck, I’m hopeless.
—  Sir Patrick Stewart (x)

Straight out of a horror movie 😂 Absolutely wrecked and my voice is gone. Last day of #sitc today! Hopefully I don’t get ill again, want to make the most of today 😊


About when filming THE ROVER in the Outback, Rob says: “If you look at some of the shots, there were these weird massive mines, which they’re still digging, but they’ve basically just devastated the landscape. You stand there and look at it and there’s absolutely no wildlife anymore – nothing’s going to be able to grow in these places for hundreds of years. And it’s not just that bit of land: it’s wrecked absolutely everything around it, even if it doesn’t look like it has. You kind of think, ‘For what?”


genre: shameless smut like seriously might as well consider this pwp

pairing: reader x seungcheol

disclaimer: so, yes. i decided to combine these two requests aha this should be fun. i apologize in advance because i haven’t written smut in a while so i might be a little rusty lmao also since nothing regarding this was specified, i wrote it as your first time with him, and not as your first time in your life ok

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goodbye (seungcheol)

type: angst
synopsis: sad seungcheol
a/n: idk man ive been feeling so angsty lately im sorry if i didnt do ur request or anything ive been busy with school :^(

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He could still feel the heat on the bed, right beside him. It’s as if she was just there a few seconds ago. The warm of her hand lingered on his, and her scent, he swore it’s still there, intoxicating his mind.

It’s been 3 weeks since she left, leaving him absolutely wrecked. He keeps wondering what he did wrong to have her left a letter on their bed. Which said, “I love you, and I don’t want to hurt you, but I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry, Seungcheol.” He didn’t understand. Did he do something wrong?

The image of her flashing him a warm smile as she laced their fingers together is still there in the back of his mind. “and I don’t want to hurt you,But why did you left me? The fact she didn’t say anything to him face-to-face angers him even more. Was he not good enough for her?

He remembered her asking him about his biggest fear, “I’m afraid of losing you.” She punched him playfully, laughing after and plant a quick kiss on his lips, “You know I’ll never leave.” Thinking about that night made him laugh bitterly, he couldn’t believe he fell for that. But, how could anyone doesn’t  fall for that when she is smiling at you with a spark in her eyes that’s screaming ‘I meant what I said’.

There’s not even an exact reason on why she left. It was just that short letters and that’s it. He never saw her again, and when she tried calling her it would just go to voicemail. Hundreds text he sent, none of them got a reply.

Seungcheol keeps pointing out every flaws he has. Is he not this or not that. He had been locking himself in his room for about a week until Jeonghan tries to cheer him up and forces him to get some fresh air. He agreed, he needs to get over her, she probably doesn’t care anymore. And two weeks after that, when he thought he could erase her, it’s only getting worse.

He keeps seeing her in crowds, even though she wasn’t there. It was crazy. He needed to see her, he needed her to tell him that it’s okay, she made a mistake. But after three weeks, nothing happened.

Seungcheol sighed, he had to pretend he was okay this past weeks. Showing a smile, as if he’s over her. Where can I find you?

Everyone in practice room is about to go back to the dorm right now. Except for Seungcheol, because an idea just popped up in his mind. “I’m going to get some coffee!” He grabbed his bag quickly and run out of the room. He runs to a café that is not so far by. It was where she is working, he couldn’t believe he forgot about it. It was late, and it was so quiet when he gets in.

“Welcome to o–Seungcheol?”

He imagined it to be her voice calling his name, but he knew it’s not her voice. It was one of her co-workers, one of her friends here. He scanned the room before walking towards the cashier.

“I can’t believe this,” she said, he eyed her confusedly. “She said you’ll come by our café today, a day before your birthday and also you guys’ 3 years anniversary.” He gulped, he forgot. He cursed in his head, he even forget about their anniversary. I totally don’t deserve her.

“Wait, here.”

She disappears to the back, he assumed that she is calling her to meet him. But, when she comes back with an envelope in her hand, he just knew.

“S-she left you this,” she stuttered. “I hope you’re okay.”

“What is happening?” He took the envelope from her hand.

“You didn’t know?” She gasped, he was confused. Bad things are going through his mind, what’s the worst that could happen to her? He started panicking inside his head.

“I’m sorry,” her voice is slightly cracked. “she told me that you should read that when you’re home.”

“Thanks,” he said, quickly walking out and straight to the dorm. He decided not to go their old apartment, there are so many memories there and he just couldn’t think straight there. It’s like he could feel her there, he is seeing things that are not even there.

He stormed in and saw that the boys are watching some movies. “Hyung, you want to jo–“ Mingyu didn’t even get the chance to finish his words as Seungcheol stormed to him room.

He sat down the bed, opening it to see a folded paper inside it. His heart is beating out of his chest, like it could explode anytime. Why is she writing me this? Did she write the reason why she left? Is she okay? Where is she right now?

His shaky hands unfold the paper and.. he started reading:


Hello, and I’m sorry. I want to tell you this earlier, but I don’t have any bravery to. Sorry for leaving you for no exact reason. Sorry if I hurt you, which I probably did. I left you to teach you how to live without me. Since, I’m probably not here anymore when you read this.

I’m dying. I’ve been wanting to tell you that, I only have a few weeks left, and I swore I want to spend it with you. But,  I don’t want to see you cry, I don’t want to see you cry for the very last time. I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry.

But, I meant it when I said I love you. And I’m not leaving, you said even if I’m gone I’ll live forever in your heart right? I can’t believe you said that, so cheesy.

I remember your sweet smile the morning before I decided to pack my things and leave. I could still feel your lips on mine. Your scent is lingering around me and I can’t breathe. My heart is beating so fast, just remembering your presence.

Please, please, please, find someone else. Find someone else who can make your heart beats fast. Someone who can make you laugh so hard. Someone who make you feel safe. She is out there, somewhere.

Everyone said that every hello is haunted by a goodbye, but I don’t want to believe it, you know? Even though I can’t deny that what they said was true. I am so terrified of losing you, about saying goodbye, because I don’t want to.

But, I will always remember you no matter what happened. You’ll never forget me too, right? This is not a goodbye.

Remember that I love you. So much. Don’t mind all the hate you get, you’re perfect baby. Please love yourself the way I love you. I loooooooooooooove you. How many times did I say that? But no, seriously I love you. I hope you still feel the same way, Seungcheol.

I do, baby. I do.

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pls talk about how Ashton absolutely wrecks Luke's throat when he's giving him a blowjob

tbh after reading that last chapter of ATROP I like to imagine that Luke is the one in control when he’s giving head. Like, it’s the one moment where Ashton hands over the reins and lets Luke do whatever he pleases? And Luke is… he’s such a minx, okay, he would lick Ashton from the tip to his balls and Ashton would be at his complete mercy bc Luke doesn’t take Ashton in his mouth until he feels like it. This is how it would go at the start, until Luke decides that he’s had his fun and now it’s Ashton’s turn. He’ll tell Ashton to fuck his mouth, and that’s when daddy is back in control and he just grips Luke’s hair with both hands, tugs on it roughly but not too roughly y’know, and starts fucking into Luke’s mouth while Luke just takes it like a champ!!! He’d moan around the cock in his mouth and try to keep his jaw relaxed as Aston hits the back of his throat, again and again without mercy, and Luke loves it. He loves the feeling, every bit of it, and he loves knowing that he’ll probably have a sore throat later on. He’d dig his fingernails into Ashton’s thick thighs, urging him to go faster, deeper, until he’s coming down Luke’s throat and Luke swallows like the good boy that he is :-)