and okay but how destroyed is nick when the very first night he goes to tuck nat-tot into bed, she holds up one tiny chubby arm to the headboard, and asks him not to forget her handcuffs. (via absentlyabbie)

Well, thanks, Satan. WHAT IF INDEED.

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Supernatural Spin-Off - All Female Cast
(sarcasticfina & absentlyabbie)

Archie (Panjabi) grew up knowing exactly one thing about herself; she was going to save lives. However, despite a love for medicine and the job she’s spent her entire life working for, one run-in with the supernatural changes everything. Now she’s partnered up with occult obsessed college student, Kat (Dennings), who’s been researching and taking note of every odd thing the world has ever produced, and seems to have the answer to every one of Archie’s once completely unbelievable questions. Like, what are demons? Are monsters real? And, most importantly, how do you kill them?

Questions beg answers, but more than that, they beg action. After putting in her resignation at the hospital, Archie decides that maybe saving people doesn’t have to be conventional; maybe she has a bigger calling than that. That dream is seemingly impossible. Until, at least, Archie and Kat meet long-time demon hunter Jamie (Chung), who’s more than willing to teach them all the tricks of the trade, and she has a lot of them. Of course, she might not have mentioned she was a demon herself, and got her kicks out of seeing her own kind burn. But what’s that matter among friends?

If you completely ignore the train wreck that was their first few forays in the field, which they do, Archie and Kat find hunting is exactly what they were meant for. After remodeling a bus to be their on-road home, they stock up on guns and rock salt, brush up on their Latin, and hold nothing back as they take on the dark side of the supernatural world with one thing in mind; saving people. With a little help from Jamie and some guidance from the goddess Kali (Rekha Sharma), the hunting world is soon their playground.

Kicking misogyny in the balls via monsters and their hunter counterparts, Archie and Kat build up a reputation of always getting the job done and never taking any bullshit. Smart enough to put together a quid pro quo agreement, they build alliances with the various monsters and demons that are willing to live peacefully among their human brethren and exchange goods and knowledge to help keep the balance.

And if, along the way, they pick up a kind-hearted, though often confused, angel in Madeleine (Mantock) and a stowaway who wants to join the ranks as a young hunter herself in Devery (Jacobs), then that’s just a part of the job.

Sure, things aren’t easy. Kat can’t keep her snarky comments to herself; Archie is only half-sure she should have probably been a one-woman show; Madeline is struggling with her identity; and Devery’s not loving the home-schooling part of being a stowaway, but as far as smart, ass-kicking, music-loving, monster-killing women go, these four take the pie. 

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Okay fandom, talk to me about Oliver’s social intelligence. How as a young man Ollie had many friends as he wanted, and could turn any female friend into a lover with a few well-placed flirtations. How he got his way with his parents more often than not, and learned to utilize power and image practically from birth.  Talk to me about how Island!Oliver wins the loyalty of person after person, until they fuck him or die for him or eventually hate him, but they never forget him. How he learns to be calm like Shado, violent like Slade, and cold like Waller.

Talk to me about Hood!Oliver, how he slips almost seemlessly back into that city life, hiding his injuries and being everything to everyone. Buddy to Tommy, confidant to Laurel, son to Moira.  How even though he can’t think of quick lies on the spot he always, somehow, wriggles out of any social situation and comes out on top.  How he uses people’s assumptions and their devotions and their weaknesses to position himself, consciously or unconsciously. How sometimes he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it until people get fed up and call him on it (Thea, Felicity).  With Sara he’s the fellow war orphan, with Felicity he’s the hero, and with Diggle he’s the brother in arms.  Even with Isabel Rochev, he’s the over-pressured young executive looking to prove himself to doubters. Drop him in a room with anyone and he will slip into the person they need or want him to be. So who is Oliver Queen, anyway?

In just five years he learned archery, survivalism, guns, martial arts and Chinese and Russian fluently.  Oliver is adaptive as fuck.  People always want something from him, and he balances them all like spokes on a wheel.  Not only does he compartmentalize his feelings and relationships, but he actively learns from them and uses the skills from each new person to assist in his interaction with the next person.  

“Social intelligence is the capacity to effectively negotiate complex social relationships and environments.” [x]

From a dinner party to mafia murder island if that doesn’t describe Oliver to a t you can go back and watch the show again because you’re wrong.

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"Okay, it's really dark in here, so PLEASE tell me that was YOU who just licked the back of my neck."

“What?” Oliver’s voice was suddenly much closer than it had been.

Felicity froze. “Oh my God, it wasn’t you, was it?" 

"Why would I lick your neck?" 

"I don’t know, maybe you’ve got a vampire fetish or something you didn’t tell me about.” Felicity cleared her throat. “Not that you’d have a reason to tell me what your fetishes are. I mean, clearly – leather, for one thing, but…" 




"Right.” Felicity took a deep breath. “Okay, so – we keep going? Deeper into the dark, scary cave?" 

"Yes,” Oliver said. “Keeping in mind that there’s probably an arrogant asshole prick of a billionaire on the other end of this tunnel." 

Felicity chuckled.


"It’s just funny that you don’t like Bruce Wayne." 

"The man is humorless, Felicity." 

"Well, there is where you differ because you, my friend, are a laugh-a-minute." 

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.”

“…is something people say who have no sense of humor." 

Suddenly – something whizzed through the air, embedding itself in the cave wall next to them. Felicity’s eyes widened. "You did tell him you were coming, right?”

“It might have slipped my mind.”

“Oh God, I’m going to die. Batman is going to kill me.”

“No, he won’t,” a gruff voice said from … somewhere unidentifiable. “He just wants to know what you’re doing in his very secret lair, Queen." 

"Tracking you down, Wayne. I have something I need your help with." 

"Last time I saw you, you were driving off in my Aston Martin. What makes you think I’d want to help you?" 

"Because I had a full house, and I won fair and square. Besides which, neither of us are exactly those people anymore. Maybe you never were." 

"Wow. Can I just say the testosterone in here is… really… quite something.” Felicity coughed. “Is there any way we can go to whatever part of this cave is… less… cave like? We can brief you there." 

"Who is this?" 

"Felicity Smoak,” she said, extending her hand, unable to see in front of her. She was a little surprised when a gloved hand took it, and shook it firmly. “Oliver Queen’s… partner." 

"Charmed, I’m sure." 

"All right, Wayne, turn down the smooze. Let’s get to work." 

"And he was calling me humorless." 

"I know, right? Completely devoid of self-knowledge." 


"All right, all right." 

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Flommy “remember when we were in high school and we swore that if we were still single at 30 we’d marry each other, well hey guess whose birthday it is”

Felicity moved back against the porch step she was sitting on. The edge of the step was slightly digging into her back as she stretched her legs out past the concrete at the bottom of the steps and into the grass. She stared up into the night sky, almost missing Tommy walking toward her.

He smiled briefly as he approached the steps, holding out a beer for her. The lights strung across the porch brightened his smile as he sat down next to her.

“Thanks for the party,” Tommy said as he took a slow draw from his beer.

“Thanks for getting older.”

“Thirty. I guess that means I have to start growing up now.”

“Probably. Might need to limit the number of days you come into the office with a hangover down at least 10 percent.”

“I might need to decrease my drinking 30 percent for that to happen.”

“Old man problems.”

Tommy laughed, tapping his beer against Felicity’s. “I’m not doing too bad, am I? If my mom was here, she’d be hounding me about finding a wife and grandbabies. But, not too bad, right?”

“Not at all,” Felicity said sincerely. “And your mom wouldn’t start hounding you quite yet. She’d probably still be in the not so subtly dropping hints stage. She was classy like that.”

Tommy shook his head silently, stretching his legs out as he mimicked Felicity’s position on the stairs to look at the sky. Even fifteen miles from town, the sky remained mostly without stars. The smog and clouds blocking them from shining through. The moon, however, was bright and full, illuminating the dying party.

“She’d be really proud of you, Tommy.” Reaching across the porch, Felicity’s hand squeezed lightly on his knee. “I know I am.”

“Aren’t we supposed to be getting married anyway,” Tommy asked, changing the subject.

“What?” Turning her head to face Tommy, Felicity’s eyes narrowed trying to understand what he was talking about.

“Yeah. We agreed that if we were both thirty with no real prospects of marriage, we’d just marry each other.”

“Oh shut up. I was fifteen.”

“A deals a deal Smoak.”

Felicity rolled her eyes, shaking her head as she went back to looking at the sky. “I’m only 28, Tommy. Looks like you have another year and a half before you can collect that deal.”

Tommy snapped his fingers in fake disappointment. “Damn. I thought I had you.”

“And who knows maybe I’ll find the perfect guy in that time.”

Tommy looked down at her, trying to ignore the way his stomach tightened at the thought. “Yeah, maybe you will.”

“So, you and Tommy are going out on another date,” Iris asked, watching Felicity struggle to put the clasp on to the back of her earrings.

Felicity groaned, glaring at her friend as she finished securing the piece of jewelry. “It’s not a date. Tommy and I aren’t dating.”

Iris laughed, her head tipping back to rest against Felicity’s headboard. “Says the girl wearing her classic third date outfit.”

Glancing down at her outfit, Felicity frowned. Iris was right. She was wearing her third date outfit. “Great,” Felicity snapped, peeling off the sweater she had just put on. The floor of her room was already littered with the clothes of the night’s failed outfit choices, which was ridiculous because she was going to dinner with Tommy. And it was not a date. “Thanks for pointing that out. It’s not like I have anything else to wear.”

“Felicity,” Iris started, getting up from Felicity’s bed, her hand grabbing onto Felicity’s. “What is going on.”

“What’s going on is that I’m Tommy is going to be here soon and I have nothing to wear. Nothing.”

“The clothes scattered across your room would say otherwise.” Waving her free hand, Iris made a point of sweeping it over the mess on Felicity’s floor. :Besides, Tommy has seen you in those dorky pajamas you wear. I don’t think he’s going to complain about a red top that makes you look like a sex god.”

“That’s not… that’s not the point.”

Iris raised her eyebrow, dropping Felicity’s hand. “Not a date my ass.”

“Iris,” Felicity warned, bending down to pick up the sweater she had taken off.

“What? Things have been weird between you guys since his birthday.”

“They have not.”

“I’m not really going to allow our conversations to degrade into a third grade he said, she said deal, but, they have to.”

Leaning back against her wall, Felicity sighed, her hands twisting the sweater she was holding. “He brought up the marriage thing.”

“The marriage thing?”

“You know, the whole if we aren’t married by the time we’re both thirty, we’ll just marry each other thing.”

“Oh that marriage thing.”


“And you really are convinced that you two haven’t been dating the past three months?“

"Yes,” Felicity responded quickly, ignoring the knowing look Iris giving her. “I would know if we were dating. Obviously, it’s not like we could be dating without me knowing.”

Felicity was cut off by someone knocking on her front door. “He’s early.” Felicity shot Iris a worried look as she continued playing with her sweater. “I’m not ready.”

Iris nodded as she began walking out of Felicity’s room. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it.” She paused under the door frame, turning around to give Felicity a mischievous smile. “Besides, I think it’s time Tommy got the if you hurt my best friend lecture.”

“Technically I think he’s given that speech.”

“He still needs to hear it.”

Felicity glanced up from her plate to look at Tommy. There was candles, wine, and pasta in between them on the table. Tommy had passed on ordering garlic bread. In the twenty years of friendship they had shared, Felicity had never seen Tommy pass on garlic bread. With Iris voice ringing in her head about how things had changed, she was starting to think maybe she was right. Maybe they were on a date.

“Have we been dating,” Felicity asked right as Tommy had taken a bite of pasta.

Tommy coughed slightly as he looked at Felicity. “Uh,” he paused, his face reddening as the question fully registered with him. “I thought that was what we doing? Or, at least, I was hoping we were maybe getting to the dating point. Sort of like pre-dating?”

“Pre-dating,” Felicity repeated back, her body relaxing at Tommy’s answer. “What exactly does pre-dating entail?”

“All the same things dating would entail, but with me getting away with not having the guts of actually asking you out.”

Felicity smiled as Tommy finished speaking, nodding her head along to his words. She didn’t say anything back, instead taking a drink of her wine and another bite of her food. The intensity of Tommy’s gaze almost made her want to laugh as she finished her food.

“Do we want dessert,” Felicity finally asked.


“Yes, dessert. You know the sugary goodness that can sometimes follow dinner.”

“You want to talk about dessert?”

“I want to talk about us getting dessert.”


Felicity shook her head, reaching across the table to place her hand on top of Tommy. “Do you want to get dessert with me, Tommy?”

“Like a date,” he asked, squeezing her hand in his.

“Yeah, like a date.”

Felicity woke up at exactly 11:59 pm. One minute until her thirtieth birthday. She rolled away from the clock and toward Tommy’s side of my bed. She pressed her lips against his cheek, before contributing to leave soft kisses against his face.

“Tommy,” Felicity whispered, brushing her nose against his. “Wake up.”

Tommy made an unrecognizable noise as he shook his head in protest. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her on top of him.

“Tommy,” she laughed. “I’m serious. Wake up.”

Tommy’s lips turned up in a slight smile as he one of his eyes. “What’s up?”

“It’s my birthday,” Felicity stated, her eyebrows lifting up slightly.

The smile that spread across his face made Felicity’s heart speed up, his hands brushing along the edge of her shirt. “Happy birthday.”

Felicity smiled back at him, leaning down to kiss him. “Marry me,” she asked, her lips still pressed against his.

Tommy pulled back, his eyes meeting hers. “You thirty already?”

“Well, technically, not for another six hours and,” she paused turning to look at clock. “Forty eight minutes. Plenty of time to back out.”

“Deal’s a deal,” Tommy said with a shrug.

“Is that a yes, Mr. Merlyn?”

Tommy rolled over, kissing Felicity’s forehead as he hovered above her. “Yes. I’ll marry you.”

The next time Felicity woke up, Tommy was curled up behind her, placing kisses along the space between her shoulder blades.

“Think you can act surprised when I propose to you during your birthday party tonight. Thea and Iris have been working with me on the plans. I’d hate for them to be disappointed.”

Felicity nodded as she pulled his hand up, her lips pressing against the back of his wrist. “I think I can do that.”

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“You were mine, and I was yours.”

“I’ll always be yours. Always.” His knees shook, his voice quivering with the intensity of his vow. “And you’re always going to be mine.”

“Your good story.”

“My best story,” he breathed, his voice cracking.

yeah. i love that one. that one still makes me emotional. 

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Felicity squirmed and Oliver snapped his eyes to the ceiling, jaw clenched on a string of swears.

“Felicity, rule number one of being stuck in a trunk with me is… stop. wiggling.

"I’m sorry if you find my additional presence during your kidnapping to be distracting. But there’s really not much I can do about it. I think my butt is falling asleep." 

"I can say with certainty that it is not because you keep rubbing it against me.” Oliver bit his lip and looked up. 

“It’s not intentional. And you’ve got… parts… that are distracting right now, too.” Felicity said. She pounded on the top of the trunk. “Let us out, you moronic douchebag!" 

"Does that make you feel better?" 

"Sort of.” Felicity hissed. “Mostly it hurts my wrists." 

"Okay, when that trunk opens, we’ve got a very narrow window of opportunity, Felicity. They’re probably going to try and kill us, so…" 

The car screeched to a stop. Felicity and Oliver slammed against the back of the trunk and against each other. "What’s going on?” Felicity asked. 

“I have just as good an idea of that as you do,” Oliver said. Outside, they could hear the sounds of a fight – screaming, pounding… Felicity’s heart raced in her chest. “Whatever it is – get ready." 

The trunk popped open and Oliver rolled her over, prepared to jump out and defend her but… 

"The Arrow,” a woman said, her voice tinged with surprise. “And his trusty assistant, I see." 

"Diana? What are you doing here?" 

"Apparently,” the woman said, letting Oliver climb out before she reached in to help Felicity. “Saving your ass." 

"Oh my God,” Felicity said, her eyes wide. Diana was… beautiful. Long, raven hair, held back with a golden tiara. The most killer blue bustier she’d ever seen – and killer boots. “You’re Wonder Woman. And I have got to start wearing an outfit." 

"I like the outfit you’re wearing very much,” Diana said. “And here’s where we share our information, Mr. Queen. Maybe together we can track down the man we’re looking for." 

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Flommy. Stepsibling AU. ;)

I’m pretty positive you knew this couldn’t be done in three sentences.


“Mom? Why is there some guy in a really fancy car standing outside of our house telling me he’s ready to leave whenever I am,” Felicity asked, glancing over at the guy again, smiling slightly before she turned away. “Mom, what did you do?”

Felicity cringed at the sound of her mother’s laughter hit her ears. “I got married last night.”

“No you didn’t. Mom. Tell me you didn’t?”

“Would I lie to you?”

“Do you want me to seriously answer that?”

“Felicity. We’re getting ready to board the plane. That man standing outside of the car is John Diggle, he works for Mr. Merlyn.”

“Merlyn? Like the company. Who in the hell did you marry?”

“I don’t have time for this. We’re getting ready to board.”

“Board? Board what?”

“The plane. God, Felicity, how did you get into MIT?”

“You’re leaving? This John Diggle person is telling me I’m supposed to pack and you are leaving?”

“You’ll be staying at Malcom’s house until we get back.”

“Why can’t I stay here?”

“Because we don’t live there anymore.”

“I don’t want to go live somewhere else by myself mother.”

“You won’t be by yourself. Malcom has a son about your age, Tommy, he’ll be there too.”

“Another reason not to go. Mom, please don’t make do this.”

“You’ll be fine Felicity. I’ll see you in ten weeks.”

“Ten weeks?! Mom, I leave for MIT in nine. Are you seriously doing this to me? Mom?” Felicity glanced down at the phone, groaning at the screen that showed her mother had hung up. She turned around, pulling her lip through her teeth as she looked at the man standing by the car again. “Um, sorry about that Mr. Diggle. Just give me like twenty minutes and I’ll be ready to go, okay?”

He nodded. “Take your time ma’am.”

“Felicity, please.”

“You can call me Digg.”

Felicity smiled at him briefly before walking into the house. She leaned back against the door, closing her eyes. Her mother had clearly lost her mind. That was the only possible explanation for any of this. How was she supposed to go live with some guy she had never met in some house that isn’t hers and not see her mom for any of it? Who was even supposed to introduce her to Tommy? If he even cared. Tommy Merlyn, the name sounded familiar.

Felicity pushed herself off of the wall before making her way into her room. She headed straight for her computer, typing in Tommy’s name. She grimaced as the headlines popped up on the search. That’s where she knew him from. Tommy Merlyn, best friend of Oliver Queen, all around trouble maker. Her mother was even crazier than she had thought. There was no way she was going to live with one of the most spoiled brats alive.

She grabbed her cell phone, calling her mom again. She sighed when it went straight to voicemail.

“You cannot do this Mom. You just… you can’t. You need to get off of that plane and tell me this is all some sort of joke. I am not going to move into some millionaire’s house and live there before I leave. You are completely insane—“

Felicity groaned as the automated voice cut her off, ending the message. Tossing her phone on the bed, she grabbed the two bags she had already started packing for MIT, quickly shoving the rest of her can’t-live-withouts in. She grabbed the bags and made her way back outside.

“That everything,” Digg asked, glancing down at the two bags.

“Everything I need for nine weeks.” She handed the bags over to him, watching as he placed them in the back of the car. “What’s going to happen with the rest of the stuff in the house?”

“Movers will be here tomorrow. Everything will go to a storage facility.”

Felicity nodded. “Sorry for making you wait out here. You totally could have come inside.”

“Don’t worry about it. You ready to go,” he asked, opening the door for her.

Felicity glanced back at the house, shaking her head slightly as she slid into the back seat. “Guess so,” she muttered as he closed the door.

The drive to the house was silent as Felicity watched the neighborhoods that she had grown up in fade away into new, upscale neighborhoods she had avoided. The house that she was now looking at was a neighborhood in itself. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Not a fan?”

Felicity looked at Digg, tilting her head. “Do I look like the kind of girl that lives in a mansion?”

He laughed, looking at her in the rearview mirror. “Only one way to find out. We’ve been here for fifteen minutes. You’re going to have to leave the car eventually.”

“It’s pretty comfy back here, actually. And I’ve always wanted to live in a car.”

“I snore.”

Felicity rolled her eyes, opening the door. “Just had to go and ruin a good thing didn’t you Digg.”

She stood beside the car, staring at the place she was supposed to call home. Her mother had never been known for making great decisions. This wasn’t even her first unannounced marriage, but none of the other ones involved living in a house this large or what she imagined would be a press field day when word got out. Felicity wasn’t even sure how in the hell her mother would even meet Malcolm Merlyn, let alone how she managed to marry the guy.

“You ready?” John’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts. She glanced over at him, he had her bags in his hands.

“If I say no, will you drive me back home?”

“You are home now.”

“Lead the way then.”

Felicity followed John through the house, up the stairs, and around corners. He finally stopped in front of one of the rooms opening the door and placing the bags beside the bed. She glanced over at him from the doorway, hoping she was doing a better job at hiding how uncomfortable she felt than she thought she was.

“Do you have a map? ‘Cause I’m not sure I could manage to find my way out of here.”

“Three rights, four lefts gets you to the stairs. The bathroom is the first door after the second right. Kitchen is the big room with the shiny tables and fancy electronics. You shouldn’t be able to miss it if you wander downstairs for a while.”

“And the liquor cabinet?”

“Two rooms to your left. But you didn’t hear that from me.” He smiled at her, holding out a card. “If you need a ride somewhere, call me.”

“Thanks,” Felicity responded, grabbing the card from his hand. She watched as he retreated from the room, closing the door behind him. Sighing, she picked the bags up from the floor, setting them on the bed. She looked around the room taking in the dark wood of the furniture, and wide spaces. She was pretty sure this room alone was probably at least half the size the house she grew up. Unzipping the first bag, she pulled out the picture frames that she had scattered on top, placing them on top of the dresser in the corner of the room. She ran her hand along the frames before she opened the top drawer, throwing in the clothing items that belonged there. She grabbed the second bag off the bed, opening it up to toss her laptop and tablet onto the bed.

She made her way across the room, opening the door to what she assumed was the closet. Rolling her eyes at the size, she tossed the first bag in a corner, before hanging up the rest of what was in bag two. She made her way back to the bed, climbing up and settling into the massive pillows that lined the headboard. She grabbed her tablet, pulling up the app that she had been working on before John Diggle had shown up on her doorstep to change her world. She moved her fingers across the screen out of habit, testing the solutions to the bugs that she had found earlier in the week.

She glanced at the time in the upper corner of her tablet as her phone flashed signaling a new text message. It had taken her mother five hours to respond to her. She opened the message, taking in her mother’s smiling face, bright blue seas and golden sand behind her. The message underneath the picture told her to try and enjoy it. She typed back quickly that she would have enjoyed staying home for nine weeks more. She sat the phone down on the nightstand, turning it over when the light flashed again. She rolled over, squirming under the blankets, she would figure a way out of this tomorrow.

She woke up to the sound of someone opening her door. She opened her eyes, reaching around trying to find her glasses. She squinted trying to get her vision to clear enough to make out the person standing beside her bed.

“So, you must be my new sister.”

“Step sister,” she corrected automatically, her hands running across the mattress. “Do you see my glasses? I’m completely blind, and it’s sort of awkward having this conversation when I can’t really make out your face. Not that this conversation wouldn’t be awkward if I could see your face.” She smiled in his direction, she hoped, as she felt him place her glasses in her hand. She slid them up her nose looking over at him. He looked much, much better in person than he did on the pictures that she had looked at yesterday. He was standing right beside the edge of her bed, his hands shoved in his pockets, his blue eyes glued on her. His very, very attractive eyes. She pushed the thought out of her head, she so did not need to add crushing on her newly announced step brother to the list of problems with her life. “I’m Felicity. Apparently our parents got married yesterday. Or, at least, I’m assuming it was yesterday? I don’t really know what’s going on. I was home, and then John was knocking on my door telling me he was there to take me here, and then my mom was just all ‘I got married, yay, go have fun in some random house until you leave for college, and I’m talking a lot aren’t I? Sorry, I do that when I get nervous, and this is a bit of a nerve wracking situation, but I’m going to go ahead and shut up now.”

Felicity bit down on the bottom of her lip in attempt to keep it shut as Tommy continued to stare at her. The smile that took over his face made her stomach tighten. He was seven different kinds of beautiful.

“I’m Tommy. I had no idea. But to be fair, my dad doesn’t really tell me much of his plans.”

“Is there food in this place? I sort of didn’t want to get lost yesterday, Digg tried to explain where things were, but I ended up in some sort of library when I tried to find the bathroom and I didn’t want to risk trying to find the stairs. I’m hungry. That’s what I’m trying to say.”

Tommy laughed. “Follow me. I think I can show you the way.”

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Bamon - Undercover

[Bonnie’s outfit]

“In retrospect, this was a terrible idea…” he admitted. 

Bonnie could feel him squirming around behind her, no doubt wincing as the vervain ropes bit into his wrists. The cellar had a magical suppressor spell on it, making the situation just that much worse. 

“This was your idea,” she grumbled, turning her head to try and see him on the other side of the support beam they were tied to. 

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Flommy - Going Slow

Felicity looked back at him over her shoulder from where she stood at the kitchen table, stirring their salad. “I’m not saying we’re snails, I’m just saying that I think we should go slow… Like, well, no, maybe not sloth slow…” 

Joining her, he rested his chin on her shoulder. “When you say slow, are we talking hand holding, or is kissing still on the table…?”

“Kissing is always on the table. Just not this table, because one of the legs is loose and the last thing either of us needs is a trip to the emergency room. How would we even explain that? Sorry you have to stitch up my leg, but we were kissing on the table and it broke.” She frowned. “Huh, I guess that wouldn’t take that much explaining after all…”

Amused, he moved to stand in front of her, giving the table a little wiggle to test its resilience. “You could always add the fact that we’re not sloths or snails, just to give a little more meat to the story. Really pump up the romance.” 

Rolling her eyes, she slapped the back of his chest with her hand. “Cute. But I’m being serious. I just think that after everything, you dying and then going into the pit, and coming back a little…” She waved a hand around her ear in a clearly ‘you were crazy’ gesture. “Now that you’re on the mend, I just think it’s a lot to take in and romance should be the last thing on your plate.” 

“Or this table, apparently.”


“All right, okay, yes, I hear you.” He framed her face with his hands and stared down at her, searching her eyes as he smiled. “But, for the record, this isn’t an elaborate plan to not date the formerly dead, no longer crazy me, right?” 

She smiled, shaking her head slightly. “No. I still very much want to date you. Just… slowly.” 

“Okay. So…” He leaned in, his nose gently bumping hers. “Is this slow enough?” He kissed the corner of her mouth. “Too fast…? Stop me when I hit roadrunner.” 

Laughing, she hooked her arms around his neck. “Shut up.” And then she kissed him, and he forgot to tease her. Slow really wasn’t so hard once he got the hang of it. Of course, three months later, once slow was off the table, fast happened on the table. For the record, much steadier than he expected. Just to be sure though, he fixed the leg. He planned on putting it to much more use in future.

absentlyabbie asked:

Kiss on a dare.

“You’re a bastard, a twelve year old, and a perv Ollie.” Sara hissed, smacking her ex across the shoulder as he grinned and sat back in his seat to enjoy Sara’s moment of humiliation.

“Yeah, yeah I am, and I’m also clearly not the one you’re interested in. Now get to it.” He said, motioning from a flushed Sara to a Felicity who was taking off her glasses and shaking out her hair, grumbling to herself about covert operations in paper mills.

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absentlyabbie asked:

On the crazy offchance you're still taking prompts: Flommy "Wow, that is a hell of a dress."

Felicity turns a little on her stiletto heel. “You think?" 

Tommy lifts one corner of his mouth in the smile that he uses when he can’t help it. He lifts his hands in surrender. "Have mercy, Felicity." 

The dress is as red as sin and the slit is as daring as she’s ever worn. The strapless gown seems to be held up by hope. She’s left her hair down and painted her lips to match. 

"You think that mob boss is going to eat his tongue?" 

"I think he’ll swallow it, yeah." 

Felicity grins at him, kisses his cheek as she prepares to leave. "Hey, Tommy?" 


"You going to be here to help me out of this when I get back?" 

"Nowhere else I’d rather be, Smoak." 

absentlyabbie asked:

Flommy - Dirty Dancing

Felicity rolled her eyes. “I’m not doing the lift.” 

“Come on! Just once!” He cocked his head. “Are you afraid I’ll drop you? Because I’ll have you know, I have impressive upper body strength… If there was a salmon ladder here, I could almost definitely reach the bar.” 

“I’m pretty sure reaching it isn’t exactly what it’s intended for…” 

“Eyes on the prize, Smoak.” He rubbed his hands together and moved across the room. “Cut me a break. I didn’t move all this furniture for nothing.” 

Felicity scoffed. “Tommy, you moved an armchair. One. And it’s the same one I told you to move to the other side of the room last month that you said you would get to eventually.” 

“Yes, and today is eventually. It just so happens to line up with the night you wanted to watch Dirty Dancing. Life is full of coincidences. Embrace them!” 

Rolling her eyes, she pursed her lips to keep from smiling. “If you drop me…” She moved to stand directly across from him, with plenty of room to get a good run going. 

“You’ll never forgive me, I’ll spend all weekend making it up to you, I’ll be the worst boyfriend in history, I know.” He wiggled his fingers in a ‘let’s go’ gesture and planted his feet, grinning at her. “Ready?” 

Felicity took a deep breath and then rushed forward, making a little low-pitched humming noise of nervous uncertainty before she finally jumped up and hoped for the best. 

He did catch her, and he very slowly turned in a circle while she hovered high above, her arms spread out and her mouth upturned in a smile. Okay, this wasn’t so bad. It was actually kind of awesome.

“See!? What’d I tell you?” 

“Okay, you were right,” she admitted.

“I knew I should have filmed this.” 

“Yeah, yeah,” she muttered, shaking her head. 

“I’m going to let you down now. Not because I can’t hold you–”

“Because you have impressive upper body strength,” she teased.


He brought her down a little less suavely than when he caught her, but nobody was injured, so she was happy. Arms around his neck and feet firmly planted on the floor, she kissed him.

Nuzzling her nose with his, he said, “Fun, right?” 


“Maybe next time, you can catch me,” he joked. 

She hummed. “Nobody puts Tommy in the corner.” 

From the Tommy lives! Legacy AU...
  • Jon:Like, not to brag or anything, Uncle Tommy, but I don’t need your thirty year old pickup lines. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.
  • Tommy:Oh, no, why trust something proven to be effective as recently as Tuesday night, when you can bumblefuck your way through some clever gem you thought of in the shower this morning? I, an old, old man, bow to your youthful wisdom.
  • Jon:Tuesday night, huh? That museum curator woman?
  • Tommy:And her lovely friend, if you must know. But you’re right, “classic” is practically just another word for “obsolete.”
  • Jon:You lucky son of a bitch. I don’t believe for a second it wasn’t their idea though.
  • Tommy:Heh. Oh, young padawan. I’m sure they think it was.
  • Jon:I hope they ignored you for each other.
  • Tommy:That is a terrible way to conduct a threesome. My God, who raised you? Wolves? Was it wolves? Has Felicity been telling me lies all these years? First rule of any sexual situation involving three or more partners, Jonny boy - nobody gets left out. I mean, after consent, but that’s obvious.
  • Jon:I know. Jesus, you’ve lectured me about it enough. I’m just saying you’d deserve it. (beat) I share.
  • Tommy:You share. Cough drops, maybe.
  • Jon:(in his most deliberately douchey pose) Hey, if they want to make me the center of attention, I’m not going to file a complaint.
  • Tommy:(long stare)
  • Jon:(insolent shrug)
  • Tommy:(deep sigh) This is not how I raised you.
  • Jon:(laughing) Relax, Uncle Tommy. I just wanted to see you make the sad panda face.
  • Tommy:I will never forgive your mother for that damn face name, and you can tell her I said so. You’re a shit nephew, hurting your elderly, uncool uncle in this way.
  • Jon:Raised by wolves and pandas. The fuck you expect?
  • Tommy:I just don’t know, and like your lovers, I wind up disappointed.
  • Jon:Now that hurts, man. (hand on heart) That hurts right here.
  • Tommy:Could be breast cancer. Better get Elaine to check that out.
  • Jon:Yeah, she doesn’t really do house calls anymore. I did what you said - you know, I went ahead and told her - and uh, I think maybe that was a bad idea.
  • Tommy:Aw, kiddo, c’mere. (pulls him into a rough hug) It was still a good idea. Hurts, maybe. Sucks, sure. But it was a risk you needed to take. Love is always worth the risk. And now you know, you know? Give it time. (musses Jon’s hair fondly) One day you’re going to look up and realize you let her go, and it was better for you both. It’ll be a little sad, but you won’t be sorry.
  • Jon:If you really believe that, what are you doing single and banging art snobs on a Tuesday night?
  • Tommy:(inhales sharply)
  • Jon:Sorry. I’m sorry, that was an asshole thing to say.
  • Tommy:It was, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a question you get to ask. And maybe one of these days I’ll tell you the whole story. But that doesn’t change what I said, either. I’ve had to let love go a couple times, Jonny. And it sucked. A lot. But that doesn’t mean the way it turned out wasn’t good. Maybe for the best. My life might not be what I… hoped it would be. But it’s a good life. And I do okay.
  • Jon:I guess not everybody ends up like Mom and Dad. (putting on a smile) And hey. Threesomes.
  • Tommy:(oddly strangled laugh) Yeah, not everybody’s, ah, quite that lucky. (grins and waggles eyebrows) But some of us still get lucky.
  • Jon:(narrowed eyes) Something I’m missing here? They announcing the divorce tomorrow or something?
  • Tommy:(incredulous snort) Yeah, right. (clears throat) Anyway. What do you say we order some pizzas, catch that Die Hard remake on Netflix? You and me hanging out like old times. (puts hand to chest, lowers chin, pouts) Unless you’re too cool for lame Uncle Tommy now.
  • Jon:(grimace) Pizza? Uncle Roy is going to make me murder the shit out of a bunch of trees tomorrow morning. Seven a.m.
  • Tommy:(winning smile) We’ll make yours veggie then. And invite him over. Then I can tell you all about the days he had to parkour the shit out of every fight he got into for some ungodly reason.
  • Jon:Done. Lead the way, Master Yoda.
Glitter In The Air

Set after the Undertaking in an AU Season 2 of Arrow. Tommy lives(!) and he and Felicity have become friends. They decide to spend Valentine’s Day together as friends but their Not-a-Date/Date quickly gets away from them…

The title is from the song by P!nk.

This story was inspired by this gif set: http://absentlyabbie.tumblr.com/post/107288370733/mother-freaking-flommy

and this post by Abbie: http://absentlyabbie.tumblr.com/post/107289318378/padawanparent-replied-to-your

This is Felicity’s dress: http://padawanparent.tumblr.com/post/108244071415/fashionhunter333-rami-kadi-couture-le-gala

You can read it at AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3289715

Or FF: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11022250/1/Glitter-In-The-Air

Or enjoy below :)


“What are you talking about?” Tommy stared at Felicity, a shocked expression on his face. “How can you not have a date for Valentine’s Day?”

Felicity sighed. “And when, precisely do I have time to meet someone, let alone get asked out on a date? I spend all day at QC, most of the night here,” she gestured around the Foundry basement. “And about 4 hours sleeping before I do it all over again.” 

Tommy shook his head, “But what about Oliver..?”

Felicity looked at him warily, “What about him? He doesn’t think of me in that way.”


“No. Not gonna happen and I’m not waiting around just in case.” She saw the look he was giving her and stood to reassure him. “Really Tommy, it’s fine. I made my peace with this situation a long time ago. But what about you? Are you taking Laurel out?”

Tommy grimaced. “Speaking of making peace with things…”

“I’m sorry Tommy,” Felicity said softly.

He shrugged. “We decided that we work better as friends nowadays. Too much water under the bridge and luggage enough to sink us both.”

She nodded in understanding and a thoughtful silence fell between them.

“You know what?” Tommy said suddenly. “Screw it. Let’s dress to the nines and go out together.”


“Absolutely. Let’s go have some fun for a change. We both spend far too much time in darkened rooms, let’s let a little light in.”

He snapped his fingers, warming to his subject, “I know a place you would love. We’ll go have some dinner, maybe dance a little…just two friends enjoying each other’s company. What do you say, Smoak?”

“Dress to the nines?”


“Dinner and dancing with a friend?”

“You’ve got it.”

“Sounds wonderful, “she breathed.

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“Are you ever coming out?” Oliver said to the door. “You lost the bet, don’t welsch now.”

“I don’t welsch,” he heard, “I’ll be out in a minute.”

Oliver turned from the bedroom door to where Tommy was lounging on the couch, beer in hand.

“She’s not coming out.”

“I don’t know,” Tommy said, “she did the thing with the whipped cream and that was only a dare. This is a bet.”

“I don’t know,” Oliver said, “the cream thing was private, this is pretty public.”

“It’s our apartment,” Tommy said, “nothing public about it.”

“Stripping is exhibitionist,” Oliver said, “felicity is not an exhibitionist.”

“Are you talking about some other Felicity?” Tommy asked, “because this one wears dresses with peekaboo panels to your office. That’s not a woman who doesn’t know what she looks like.”

“It’s different.”

“Stop being a grouch,” Tommy said, “sit down and enjoy the show.”

Oliver let Tommy pull him onto the sofa, still sure that nothing was going to happen.

And then the door opened.

Felicity stood there in a satin corset, bordello shorts and a feather boa.

“The penalty was I had to put on a show right?” She said, “and I know you guys meant stripping, but burlesque is so much more interesting.”

She let a hand slide down the satin.

Oliver gulped.

“All in favour say aye,” Tommy said, and grinned.

title: take my heart (and take my hand)
category: arrow
genre: romance/humor
ship: felicity/tommy
chapter rating: pg-13/teen
overall rating: nc-17/explicit (eventually)
prompt: Flommy Roommates AU – absentlyabbie
polyvore: [club outfit]
warning(s): this is au - there are no vigilantes and no island in this universe!
word count: 8,559
summary: After Malcolm decides that Tommy simply isn’t living up to expectation, Tommy is stripped of easy access to his trust fund and forced to move out. Enter Felicity Smoak, who needs a roomie and decides to take pity on him. Close confines breeds friendship and then something a whole lot deeper for both of them.

read part one: FFnet | AO3