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Because I’ve never seen a female Virizion gijinka.

Virizion ♀
Adament Nature
Ability: Justified

Moveset: Double Kick/Sacred Sword/Leaf Blade/Close Combat

Abrielle is a skilled gunner, though shows more talent when she puts the gun down in favor for the sword. In her time, she was seen as a great hero for justice, along with her two companions, though as years pasted and attitudes changed, she isn’t as active as before. People just can’t appreciate a sword swinging protector of the innocent anymore, can they?

(This is also with the assumption that legendary Pokemon live a lot longer than your average Pokejinka. Also, someone needs to help me make this trio pleaseit'llbefunljsdf )

I’m gonna draw up a casual outfit for her later, and actually draw her with a sword.

shark-knight  asked:

No you see, that's actually gabes twin brother, Abriel, he carries 3 shot guns and is Definitely Not Gabriel At All™. It's as good as canon.

Multiple reaper theory confirmed

Ursa Major Collection’s No. 6 Look book #SS17

Shot by Nastassia Brückin

Clothes Caron Callahan

Model Abrielle Stedman

Hair/Makeup Rita Lee Burton

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Sad Lisa - Cat Stevens
Undiscovered Colours - The Flashbulb
Gabriel - Bear’s Den
Day is Done - Nick Drake
Esmerelda - Ben Howard
No Mean City - Maggie Bell
Saved - Bob Dylan
Queen of Peace - Florence + the Machine
Use Me - Beans & Fatback
Anyone Home - Genaro
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - Nina Simone

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