Bec your Regi'jinkas are just so precious and I’m going to end up drawing them all one of these days.

And can I just lkjsdlkjfsadg I want to friend-ship these two so badly. Legendary Fashionistas.

While I’m on that subject I think it’d be great to mention that Abrielle is really vain. She’s super proud of her appearance and her skills, and she doesn’t hesitate to use it to pick up ladies. She also has a high class French accent, and totally falls into that French diva voice when she’s having one of her more..theatrical moments.



External image


Because I’ve never seen a female Virizion gijinka.

Virizion ♀
Adament Nature
Ability: Justified

Moveset: Double Kick/Sacred Sword/Leaf Blade/Close Combat

Abrielle is a skilled gunner, though shows more talent when she puts the gun down in favor for the sword. In her time, she was seen as a great hero for justice, along with her two companions, though as years pasted and attitudes changed, she isn’t as active as before. People just can’t appreciate a sword swinging protector of the innocent anymore, can they?

(This is also with the assumption that legendary Pokemon live a lot longer than your average Pokejinka. Also, someone needs to help me make this trio pleaseit'llbefunljsdf )

I’m gonna draw up a casual outfit for her later, and actually draw her with a sword.

I am very very happy to introduce my new character, Abrielle!

Partly inspired by Undertale and mostly inspired by my childhood, Abrielle is a half-demon, with a human father and a demon mother. When she was six years old, her mother ate the soul that she got from her father. As a result, she became unable to relate to other people, understand empathy, or make friends. Over time, though, she learned how to love again and a new soul was born.

On Friday I’m gonna learn screen printing and put her on a t shirt ;D