disclaimer: i’m not turkish, so i don’t know if anyone seriously listens to these songs or not, but i just chose my favorite/the most popular artists. also, if you don’t like obnoxiously fun, bright pop music this list isn’t for you. anyway, enjoy!


ayşe hatun önal


derya uluğ 

demet akalın 




serdar ortaç

sinan akçıl

*Whispers* Cisco looks so in awe of cindy in that fight because he thought he’d fucked them up during abrakadabra and didn’t think she’d want to come back to him. On top of that, while she may be aggressive about it and may still have walls up, shes actually openly showing she cares about him. And she’s been keeping track of him. And they’re connected. Jackass.

Kingdom (Remix)
Common Ft. Vince Staples & Jay Electronica
Kingdom (Remix)

jayelectronica’s verse is crazy! peep:
[Verse 3: Jay Electronica]
Nas hit me up on the phone like “Peace, Isa”
You know you need to preach out of pyramids in Giza
Or long condemn Easter
Instep of sniffing lines, popping thongs and he beat the ether
Nigga, are we not thy brother’s keeper?
Allahu Akbar, abrakadabra
We used what we had to stay alive like MacGyver
Started from the bottom, now we really, really here
Started kinda blurry, now we really, really clear
It’s the mad king unforgettable, black king on a pedestal
The way he made words and the edibles was incredible
Herbs and spices, giving life out to the lifeless
Giving Christ out to the Christ-less
My handle with the dices been documented as priceless
I roll 7’s naturally
Devils who used to laugh at me bow to me internationally
Rappers I gave birth to shot at the God, blasphemy
Told these motherfuckers to never Jimmy DeGrassi me
This goes out to those that choose the view
Disrespectful views on the original Jews
The chosen people of God getting slandered and abused
In the streets and the news by the seed of Yakub
The senegals of Satan wanna keep us confused
That’s how we lose, niggas got the ill street blues
From Chiraq to England
Me and Common dropping bombs like the baby planes as we establish the kingdom