AWESOME turnout at the Texas Rally for Life today! Thousands of people came to Austin from all over Texas to march for life and support our courageous legislators and public officials who are working to protect the preborn and their mothers from abortion.

We had maybe 10-15 pro-choice people protesting. They didn’t disrupt much except for when they used noisemakers to try to disrupt the opening prayer (super classy and so tolerant, guys).

Oh, and I got interviewed by our local Fox station, and they played a clip of my interview on the 9:00 news!

HUMO: You’re a feminist, you have already said that several times. Many young women do not like being associated with feminism, because in their eyes it is a movement that forbids them to wear heels.

Evelyne Brochu: Feminists are the reason that I can vote, and my main concern is not whether I should wear heels or not, but that I might soon lose that acquired right as a woman. That Donald Trump is completely disturbed. The first thing he did as president, was to abolish subsidies for abortion clinics. And isn’t it scary what humiliating statements the most powerful man in the world can make about women? Everybody says: “They are just words.” But words set the motion more often than you think. A man thinks much faster now, “If the most powerful man can say that, it is okay if I say it too.” While women previously where not given the same room as men to be angry, or different, or crazy, a man is admired for those things, “Look how strong he is and what strong opinions he has.” A woman would be called hysterical.

Women are constantly belittled. We are told how we should behave if we want to be loved. That’s my biggest concern. I could care less about those heels.

This is a translation of Ebro’s interview with a Belgium magazine. For the full translated interview keep reading.

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Overturning Roe v Wade is not the end goal.

Abolishing abortion is not the end goal.

The end goal is that every human being has equal protection under the law.

Truly ending abortion means switching our thinking. We are not out to restrict or ban something. We are fighting to protect vulnerable human beings from the systematic violation of their basic rights, not just to life, but to be treated as a human being under the law.

If the law says you cannot kill someone, the preborn need to count as “someone.”

When we accomplish that, we will end abortion in America.

AHA had a meeting with the sheriff’s department in Seminole County. 

The police are not on your side if you want to access abortion

The police are not there to protect your civil rights if you want to access abortion. 

The police are not there to help. 

Police may be there to stop you. 

I long for the day when pro-abortion media is looked back on like The Birth of a Nation or Nazi propaganda films. When today’s respected leaders, doctors, and humanitarians endorsing abortion sounds as nonsensical as their predecessors endorsing slavery or the Holocaust. When pro-choice sympathizers are as (rightly) ostracized as Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists are today.

VIDEO: In 6 minutes, this guy DESTROYS the pro-choice abortion argument.

Matt Chandler is a Christian pastor, but in this video he’s not making a religious argument.  He’s making a purely logical and scientific one about the humanity of a developing fetus.  It’s darn near perfect. 

As a libertarian, my only quibbles with Matt are a couple of his points about government regulation at the end.  But his broader point is certainly true: life is life, and that’s where the government should be regulating.  It’s time for us a society to stand up and abolish the atrocity that is abortion. 

You would think trying to save lives wouldn’t make people so angry, but as soon as you mention abortion people loose it. Had a conversation with a woman a little while back, who was ENRAGED that i am pro-life, she didn’t have any valid information, all of her arguments were based on emotionalism, and when i tried to explain to her what is involved in an abortion and how violent and inhumane it is, she tried to call me a misogynist… Some people are hell bent on staying ignorant and loud. 

Let’s be very honest. When those who advocate for the murder of an innocent unborn child use the terms ‘choice’ and ‘freedom,’ it comes from a misguided understanding of the whole situation in its entirety.

Latest Planned Parenthood video: “And she just taps the heart, and it starts beating”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more revolting or incriminating for Planned Parenthood, here’s the seventh in the series of undercover videos laying bare Planned Parenthood’s human tissue trafficking. 

Warning: there are some disturbing images in this video (but if you’re pro-choice, don’t worry, “it’s just tissue.”):

So, we’ve got multiple witnesses in this video talking about babies being born in tact and even in one case having a beating heart, but that doesn’t stop Planned Parenthood from dissecting them for their organs.  On the contrary, the more developed and complete these tiny bodies are, the more cash they can get upon sale.