Ivory Coast Market: Goods for Sale

Colorful vegetable seller in Abidjan, open market, Ivory Coast.

Photo Exhibition in Brasilia, Brazil
November 5-20, 2008. Featuring six international photographers. Overall exhibit: THE HEART OF AFRICA. Thirty images from Steve Evans in a sub-show called: AFRICA HEART, AFRICA SOUL. Sponsored by Cara e Cultura Negra.

Africa Heart, Africa Soul

A Photographic Exhibition by Steve Evans

“When shooting, there are certain qualities that immediately capture my attention,” Steve said. “It often has to do with the face and the eyes and what they might be saying – ‘I have wisdom,’ or ‘I know sorrow,’ or ‘I have dignity,’ or ‘I survived,’ or ‘I’m in love.’ I look for dignity and pride in a person. I look for pain and sorrow, melancholy and loneliness. I look for wisdom reflected in the wrinkles of age. I look for the innocence of youth, for the bond of strong relationships between a mother and a child, a father and a son, two friends, a man and a woman. These reflect the heart and soul of a person. In addition, there are particular circumstances of nature – like a sunrise or sunset – that reflect the very heart and soul of God.” Each image of “Africa Heart, Africa Soul” is a window into the very heart and soul of Africa, featuring photographs from the slave forts of West Africa to the majestic sunrises and sunsets of southern and central Africa. Six countries are documented: Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Ivory Coast, and the images span over twenty-five years of photographing Africa.


Honoring Abidjan, Ivory Coast, with @joana_choumali

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Joana Choumali (@joana_choumali) is a fine art photographer based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Her polished projects have received international attention, yet on Instagram, she prefers to share observations of her city, through personal images of everyday life without fanfare.

“To me, Abidjan is a 50-year-old woman. She looks juvenile, even though she is not. She attracts young people, but she is an old city. She absorbs every international trend without taking the time to think about it. She is also changing her appearance. She is taking back control of her life. New construction, a new bridge — the city landscape is evolving every day.

Abidjan is a beautiful woman. Indeed, she is living above her means. But she is very charming and she knows it. You can’t put Abidjan into a box. Either you adore her, or you hate her. By picturing my city, I am talking to her. Sometimes I get mad at her. She has so many flaws. But the more I travel all over the world, the more I feel she is my home. She is perfect.”

(This quote is from an interview conducted in French.)