Leo Messi Alphabet: –> B - Ballon d’Or

“On 7 January 2013, Messi became the first player in the history of football to win a fourth Ballon d’Or. And he celebrated it wearing a polka-dot dinner suit. Platini, Van Basten and Cruyff won it three times. Beckenbauer, Di Stéfano and Ronaldo twice. Cristiano Ronaldo once. In the previous six years, there had been little rotation, proof of how complicated it is to reach the top: Ronaldo was on the podium on five occasions, Iniesta two, Xavi four. Messi on all of them.

While Messi walked to the stage, the cameras cruelly zoomed in on Ronaldo’s twisted face, he was finding it hard to project a smile. Messi received 41 per cent of the votes, Ronaldo 23 and Andrés Iniesta 10. That was the year Rodrigo Messi told L’Équipe that his brother had been clear about it from the beginning: ‘I still remember when he told me he’d love to win the Ballon d’Or some day. He was thirteen years old.’

Although he was known to be favourite, Leo’s words did not flow easily: ‘I want to share and thank my Barcelona team-mates, especially Andrés. I am proud to be by your side today and train and play with you every day. To my Argentina team-mates. To those who voted for me, both captains and coaches.’ There Leo stopped. ‘I don’t know … I’m very nervous. Thanks to my family, my friends and lastly and especially my wife and son who is the most beautiful thing God has given me.’ Later he explained what had happened: ‘I went blank in the middle because of the joy and because of the nerves. The truth is that I’m not used to speaking in front of so many people. I told the truth, but I was nervous.’ Thiago ‘doesn’t understand anything yet,’ he said later in a press conference, but he wanted to name him and his girlfriend Antonella, too. He also wanted to pay tribute to Tito Vilanova and Éric Abidal but the nerves betrayed him: Obviously, this one is for Tito, too. As I said recently, at that moment the words wouldn’t come out. It is for Tito and Abidal. It was a tough blow for us but I hope to see them now, it makes us very happy. The biggest prize we can receive is them being here with us.’


Behind the psychology, complexity of prolific comfort manifests, overlapping resonance incites a vase of wispy yield. Bright and brackish, like thriving, like movement. Embers flicker, crackle wildly from their depths, taunting mood. Beguiled to the point of compelling - I dance. Moonlit exploration loans a tide of merciful rapture, an attraction we fall privy, our shadows rise, abiding the obsessive pulse. The hour grows atrophic, dotted with coils of limber continuance, heavy grace that always falls upon soft erosions. This is what we live for, artistic conceit, mortal convictions parallelled, gathered and hissing from the heart of carnal succor. A ravenous aching of deciduous plans envelops, unfolds, realigns concentric cirrus. Vacant ash of severity, akin to the eve of ethereal dreams expands, assumes, cradles the balance of arabesque dark. The point of full return, a kind of poison felt in palpable fractions, the day is all lace and trembling flame, waking our hopes of fleeting presence, colluding with strength, this body of sunlight, borrowed highs, mindful lows.

Who else is tired of living in a racist, sexist, classist society that prioritizes the rich and discriminates so much to keep people in a fake made societal standard of normal that is so overreaching and ubiquitous that most people don’t even understand their need to abide by it and wants to just escape to the astral plane forever

Submission: My Story Idea

Hello :)

I really like your book as well. Aside from this, I have had this idea in my head for a couple of days and I think it would be lovely if I got feedback on it. I am thinking of writing a story about it but at the moment I am not sure because I every time I do, I get writer’s block and I end up not finishing my little book. So here it goes:

  • 42 Days - After schools break up, a group of people get together and go on a trip to a Land for a couple of days. On the coach back to their Homeland, things take a sinister wherein the government introduce measures to separate the races and later on introduce measures to divide people based on their level of intelligence. Later on, people start going “missing”. The government wants the people to remain pure, law-abiding citizens. For those 42 Days of summer, a small group of people get together but then for 3 out 6 of them, they get sad endings whilst they devise a plan to bring down the regime and carry out a campaign of civil disobedience. They start to have damaged relations with some of their peers who believe the government is right. The 3 are harassed by police (one is stabbed, the other runs away from the country but is later “missing” presumed dead  and one gets a ferry to evade arrest from the police only to drown by one of his/her rogue false friends).

So that is that. I hope you see this and feedback would be great. Thank you :)

Well it certainly sounds like a thrilling story! But if you’re waiting for people to tell you that your story idea is good or bad before you write it, you’re not going to get anywhere. I know writers block is hard to break through, but the motivation to write your story has to come from within. Here are a few ways to break down the process of writing without getting stuck too often:

1. Collect notes. Write down your ideas, put them all in the same place. Keep a journal or notebook by your bed at night, or send ideas to your email through your phone.

2. Outline. You already have a good outline built up, but you need to make it more detailed. You have a lot of characters, so you need to make sure you have a good understanding of each step in the story for each character.

3. Start writing. Don’t look back and read what you’ve written. Just keep up your energy, try to stay excited about it. Set aside an hour everyday or a couple times a week that are just for your writing. 

Hope this helps! You have a good story idea on your hands!

Mcelroy LGBT+ icons

-Bone Dogg
-Carey and Killian
-Sloane and Hurley
-The final Pam
-Susan Crushbone
-knife dads gay daughter
-Magic Bryan
-boy detective Ango McDonald

Feel free to add on (in fact, please do)

i’m..convinced the mcelroys are incapable of creating a show without a gay character of some kind? 

like. taz has 3 canon gay relationships, monster factory’s mëlissa has a girlfriend, bone dogg from touch the skyrim has kissed and married (and killed) 2 men, busto 2.0 from car boys has had intercourse with both himself and iron man, doug from law abiding citizen is undeniably falling in love with russ, and at one point in things i bought at sheetz, dwight and justin just straightup get married