The nine-year-old Kashmiri girl who rules the kickboxing world - BBC News

A nine-year-old girl has created history in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Tajamul Islam won the sub-junior World Kickboxing Championship in Italy in November.

She has been winning local championships since last year, and now aspires to participate in the Olympics.

Photographer Abid Bhat chronicles the life and times of the troubled region’s newest heroine.

Tajamul comes from a village in Bandipora district, some 65km (40 miles) from the main city of Srinagar. Her father works as a driver with a construction company and earns 10,000 rupees ($146; £117) a month.

She began kickboxing at an early age and picked up a gold medal in a state championship in Jammu last year.

She defeated a 13-year-old opponent to pick up the gold medal in India’s national kickboxing championship in 2015.

“I was a little afraid when I saw her [my opponent]. But then I said to myself that age or body structure does not matter. I will remain focused and give it my best shot,” she said, after her win.

Tajamul began kickboxing in 2014 when she joined a local martial arts training academy.

“I was walking near the stadium here when I saw many young boys and girls training. I saw them punching and all that and told my father that I wanted to join them and he let me,” she told a journalist.

Every day she puts on her boxing gloves, punches the sand bag and does her stretches under the watchful eyes of her local coach Faisal Ali.

Mr Ali says she has sometimes practised up to 25 hours a week.

Earlier this month, Tajamul won the gold medal in the sub-junior world championship, winning six bouts in five days. Some 90 countries participated in the event, where she defeated opponents from China, Japan, France, Italy, Canada and the US.

Tajamul’s neighbours are turning up in droves to congratulate her after her return from Italy. Many garland her, shower her with gifts and carry her around the village.

She has become a celebrity of sorts as people recognise her on the streets and take selfies with her. She has also become an inspiration for the youth in the Kashmir valley.

Tajamul’s brother and two sisters also practice kickboxing.

“It is in their genes. All the siblings are champions, but Tajamul is far ahead of the pack,” Shabnam Kounser, principal of her school told the Press Trust of India news agency.

“She has a fighting spirit even though she looks soft-spoken and cute. Do not be fooled by her innocent looks, they are deceptive.”

Her mother has been very supportive of her daughter’s sporting efforts.  

Tajamul is close to her younger brother, Adnan-ul-Islam, who wants to follow in her footsteps. She often plays with Adnan and does not mind pretending to lose to him.

A student of the Indian Army’s Goodwill School, Tajamul frequently tops her class and participates in all extracurricular activities at school.

“She dances well. She has her own team here and teaches them dancing. She is a bright kid and very good at studies,” Ms Kounser says.

Tajamul says she wants to become a doctor.

“It will have its own benefits. I will first break my opponents bones and then treat them,” she says with a laugh.

Ass n Creed Community Guidelines

Greetings to current and aspiring Ass n Creed Discord members!

This is the official Community Guidelines Post.

Here we shall be outlining and expanding on general community behavior and language protocol from the basics to the inexplicably complicated minutia of a peaceful and respectful community. If you cannot respect and abide by these rules, there will be a series of consequences that range in level of severity that we will employ for your benefit and the players’.

Early consequences are warnings, heads ups and lectures. Kicks means being thrown from chat which may precede Soft bans which are timed ban periods.
Permanent bans means you will be removed and not invited back. Please no not exceed a warning or light lecture. Our patience and our tolerance are two different things.

Ass n Creed is an anti- discriminatory all inclusive server which welcomes users from all walks of life to discuss Assassin’s Creed the franchise and share content. This is contingent on your views and beliefs not infringing on those of other people. Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted. You can be present in chat but you will not be suffered.

Mild swearing, humorous swearing, mentions of sex or adult relationships, and discussions of politics and religion are permissible everywhere. However, anything over a solid T/light M or graphic depictions and nsfw language must be taken to ezio_aka_nsfw.

Act i:
We do not tolerate discriminatory, prejudice or intolerant remarks/behavior of the following topics/human conditions:
• Race/Nationality
• Religion/Faith/Way of Life or lack thereof
• Culture
• Sex/Gender or lack thereof
• Sexual/romantic/platonic preference or lack thereof
• Political Alignment/Views or lack thereof

We ask that all users keep this expression of the creed in mind when they discuss these topics when referring to AC and to real life in the chat. No topic is banned, as long as the approach is respectful and “lawful”. This precedes our next point.

Act ii:
We do not condone the expression of or interest in the topics of rape, physical/verbal assault, molestation, child abuse, pedophilia, addictions, murder/suicide and general violence outside of fictive/fictional setting. We do not ban topics or mentions but refusal to move and tag conversation for other users or disturbing approval or sanction of these topics will result in a permanent ban.

Our Community is large but simple so topics and conversation are fairly open. As stated before, all topics are permitted and nothing is banned but there is a time and place for certain conversations.

Any and all mention of these topics go in the following chats:
• child abuse/pedophilia see after list
• rape/assault/molestation whether serious or playful, real life or fiction goes in ezio_aka_nsfw/private message/tumblr
• Addictions may be discussed anywhere but we ask that uncomfortable delving or requests to move be taken to ezio_aka_nsfw/private message/tumblr
• Physical assault/verbal assault/murder/general violence can mostly be discussed anywhere (this is an AC group after all) but we ask that uncomfortable delving and requests to move conversation be taken to ezio_aka_nsfw/private messaging/tumblr
• Suicide and Self Harm (in regards to fiction) goes in ezio_aka_nsfw.

Fanart and fanfiction that depicts graphic sexual abuse/assault of a child or pedophilia is completely banned. No mentions or links.

No discussion of graphic Pedophilia or sexual abuse of children.

Romance between an adult and child under 17 (i.e. early ac3 Connor) is completely banned.
Non graphic mentions or discussion of child abuse or assault (nonsexual) in regards to characters as in canon (i.e. Desmond Miles), headcannons, and theories MUST stay in ezio_aka_nsfw.

Fanfiction and fanart that heavily centers around and graphically depicts rape/assault/molestation, domestic abuse and or self harm/suicide must be mentioned only and links must be provided in private or over tumblr. Fanfiction that alludes to/raises/reveals Pedophilia in a referential manner to plot may be mentioned.

The #tags so the Ass n Creed community can avoid/find these on tumblr or elsewhere must be assncreed nsfw and assncreed trgr. The acronym trgr stands for trigger.

If there is a disturbingly zealous trend in mentions about fics or fanart that heavily portrays or highlights these non-condoned topics and raises flags, you will be investigated/questioned and or banned permanently. We do not compromise on this.

Please use your common sense and or ask about other media. If it’s a fic or fanart with kid Ezio being bopped on the head or spanked, you can post it. If he’s being beaten half to death or sexually assaulted take that elsewhere. Are your favorite Templars doing some very aggressive roleplaying? Ezio_aka_nsfw. Is your favorite Templar horrifically assaulting someone? It better not be outside of mention to a link you won’t be posting directly to chat.

Comforting support is welcome in any chat room and encouraged. We ask that euphemisms or code be used outside of ezio_aka_nsfw if the need for mention of specific acts occurs but insist that the conversation be moved to ezio_aka_nsfw, private messaging (group or otherwise) and/or tumblr as to prevent discomfort to other players. We ask that any player considering suicide or self harm please reach out to the community and seek help from their resources available to them whether online or in person!!!

Now on to the excruciating minutia!

In regards to Act i + Act ii:
Please do not use controversial racial/national/cultural/sexual slurs or ebonics casually outside of memes or references to memes or specific content. We cannot keep track or everyone’s races, religions, cultures, etc. and are unable to police this fully. Unless you are referring to yourself or specific content like a meme , history or piece of media, please withhold abrasive slurs or ebonics. This currently includes but is not limited to:

• The n-word /‘nigga’, coolie, chink, injun, savage (in reference to aboriginal people), etc.
• Slut, whore, etc. unless discussion and media humorous or otherwise.
• ‘Cunt’ is permissible in the way ‘dick’ is permissible. Because that is sex/gender equality and ‘cunt’ is often used in a non serious manner. Serious argument/usage will result in a soft ban.
• Gay, queer, etc. outside of actual discussion and media humorous or otherwise.
• Faggot unless you are referring to how British people say cigarettes.

Please do not use the term ‘sin’ or ‘sinning’ in reference to shipping, objectifying or fetishizing gay, queer, or non-monogamous relationships like open or poly. This is a serious disrespect and uncomfortable labeling towards lgbtqa and non-monogamous individuals. For example, saying

“I’m shipping these two guys so hard in some nsfw scenarios. Its very gay. I’m sinninnnnnng” is just as weird and uncomfortable as saying
“I ship this white, French woman and this Arabic Syrian man in some nsfw scenarios. It’s soooo interracial. I’m sinning!”. Please do not do that either.

Act iii:
Please do not fight, tease, bully or pressure other members of Ass n Creed. This is an inclusive community. It is important to be respectful of everyone’s opinions and presence. If you cannot come to an accord, simply agree to disagree or drop the subject. Heated discussions with few or single individuals should otherwise should be moved to private messaging or tumblr. This is not your stomping ground.

Please try not to flood/spam or hijack channels or conversations unless you are presenting or discussing something in a thread the group has started/been notified of and the floor has been given to you. Many of our members are shy and patiently and respectfully attempt conversation or put forth opinions. If you are constantly spamming chat or cutting off conversations, many people will find it hard to be heard or upkeep a cohesive thread. This is especially true of novice.

If necessary, group conversations may be moved elsewhere or an additional channel may be opened for you temporarily/permanently. Otherwise, try to keep conversations on topic to the channel you’re in and not spread them out everywhere such as novice, fanart and assassins simultaneously.

Whether or not you understand the need for all these rules from your perspective we ask that you follow them to the letter and as we are willing to talk to you first before dropping the ban hammer for every little accident. The only non negotiable areas are in regards to assault and Pedophilia in Act ii and aggravated slurs and attacks in Act i.

This is currently all the community guidelines. As the server ages and the community grows we will likely implement changes and additions to this rule set. If you have any suggestions or advice please message one of the admins @madlyhazel, @lordsexmachine or @darkchocolatepleasecake.
Please feel free to message us with questions and concerns if you are confused or uncomfortable about certain topics!
Thank you very much for reading til the end and happy posting!

“The implication of this verse is you and your Shi'a. On Judgment Day you and your Shi'a would arrive pleased and satisfied and your enemies would be involved in chastisement having chains around their necks.”

— The Messenger of Allah (ص) Haqqul Yaqeen p. 132

on the occasion of the following verse being revealed to the Messenger of Allah (ص) said to Amirul Mo'minin Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (ع)…

“Their reward with their Lord is gardens of perpetuity, beneath which rivers flow, abiding therein forever; Allah is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him; that is for him who fears his Lord.” (Surah Bayyinah 98:8)

in relation to that last reblog,, like why do we have to abide by age sterotypes? you dont have to be a “certain age” to enjoy video games, or prefer innocent humor, or maybe sometimes that humor isn’t so innocent… idk man just let people live their life and don’t get bogged down by tHEY are THIS old or THIS young so they shouldnt be doing that because they should be doing behaviors that are “age appropriate” !!1!  


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