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Basically, he also mentions that they’re not allowed to marry Muggles.

So when Queenie was flirting with Jacob, she was practically BREAKING THE LAW. And Tina is such a law-abiding person, it’s no wonder she was strict about her sister staying away from the “no-maj”, no wonder she wanted to get him away before he and Queenie became a couple. That’s also why the kiss was such a big deal, because it was technically illegal. So that makes FBAWTFT also a love story about overcoming rules\regulations.

Oh, and it makes Queenie a cool as heck heroine who seems cliche but breaks almost every rule possible and I like her even more now.

Damnnnnn, I love this movie.

there’s a new polygon series called “law abiding citizen” that has begun with russ frushtick playing GTA5 like a normal citizen and justin mcelroy butts in as the devil on his shoulder telling him to do evil deeds

Strangely enough, those who complain the loudest of the emptiness of their lives are usually people whose lives are overcrowded, filled with trivial details, plans, desires, ambitions, unsatisfied cravings for passing pleasures…. They have no sense of being related to any abiding beauty, to any indestructible life: they are afraid to be alone with their unrelated hearts.
—  Caryll Houselander, A Child in Winter

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Any tips for people wanting to make their own aesthetics/moodboards? Your's are really amazing, and I'm inspired, but I don't know how to start.

Tbh I haven’t really been doing this that long but some things I would say are:

Make sure that you use good quality pictures - Pinterest, weheartit.com and tumblr itself are really good places to get good pictures that fit your aesthetic.

Also do what you want, you don’t have to abide by anyone elses rules or preferences, if you want to do that colour for the aesthetics then you do that, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Use good software to make the, PicsArt is good (they have some really nice templates) and also Photoshop if you have it. I use PicsArt the most though!

Have fun! You need to remember that your aesthetics aren’t going to be amazing to begin with, you may not get very many notes but that doesn’t matter, as long as you enjoy what you’re doing and it isn’t stressing you out. Move at your own pace!

Finally, practice makes perfect. Make as many aesthetics as you can and play around with colour schemes, themes ect and see what works for you!

Hope this helps,

Charlie :)

Storm Blooded

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Rating: M for language, violence, darker themes, sexual situations and abuse. (More may be added) This story may be triggering.  I will do my best to give warnings about certain triggers as they occur but this is a heads up in case I miss something.

Diabolik Lovers Oc fanfiction

Summary:  Her kind and theirs have fought for centuries. It was no secret that vampires and witches did not get along. But when her Coven starts working to initiate peace treaties, Cora must stay with the Sakamaki brothers for the remainder of the negotiations. Six vampire brothers were bad enough but things get complicated when there are people behind the scenes who are trying to start another war…

(Chapter One) (Chapter Two)

It did not come as a surprise to Cora when Reiji had a long list of rules for her to abide by while residing in their home.  No messes, no loud noises, keep yourself presentable and no foul language to name a few. She was quite convinced that her very existence broke half of them.  And on top of that, she was explicitly banned from burning sage within the house.  Cora scowled sorting through her supplies, crinkling her nose in irritation at the thought.

‘I’m sure he wants to keep me from cleansing this joint.  The whole damn mansion oozes entropic, negative energy.  I need a death witch to take care of this shit.’

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Hey, just wondering - Does you being demi reflect to your fic preferences? Aka do you prefer long burn fics and/or when they fall in love before doing sexual things? Or does it not matter because it's fiction? (And I guess it might similarly reflect or not reflect to your preferences in other fiction and entertainment too?) Kind of a personal question but I was just wondering :)

Good question, I never really thought about that. Since fics (or books or movies) that have two people fall in deep abiding love/lust immediately piss me off and ruin the story, I’d have to say yes LOL!

And I’m not a fan of most “enemies to lovers” either, never thought about why, but it’s probably related.

My sweet spot is “friends to lovers” or “interested/crushing at first sight” with subsequent reasons to increase the crush because the person is so lovely and warm. GAH! LOL!  It’s funny that I have never thought about this at all, but yes, absolutely I would say that affects my fic choices.



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