Song Suggestions #10

You might wanna listen to these:

I’m sort of in the mood for some RnB and hiphop tonight, so yeah. Enjoy. I hope you find something you like.

Anyway, here are the previous lists: #9#8#7#6#5#4#3#2#1

You can also check out the songs on my StreamPad through this link: BGM


Here are some Ellie shots in order since June 21st when I started cosplaying her up to 2 days ago, I’ve done her summer, winter and left behind costume up to date, she’s my favourite character ever and I totally love cosplaying her. My cosplay actually got pretty popular and I got to meet Troy Baker (the voice of Joel) who was totally lovely and sooo kind, he offered to be my Joel as I didn’t have one, Ashley Johnson (voice of Ellie) favourited it a few times on twitter, Neil Druckmann favourited it and so have others involved in the game. So yeah here’s a few timeline pictures. Also; extra bonus, Melissa Hutchinson (voice of Clementine from twdg) favourited it too!