Song Suggestions #10

You might wanna listen to these:

I’m sort of in the mood for some RnB and hiphop tonight, so yeah. Enjoy. I hope you find something you like.

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Abel Miller - Tonight ft. Cashtastic

For the first time…I’m stumped about this track that I posted for y'all. I LOVE artist from the UK. However, I’m not sure about this guy. Am I just posting because I think this little 20 year old is cute? Or can her REALLY sing? If I close my eyes and listen to Abel’s EP….all I can see is Chris Brown. Basically that’s what I get from him. A U.K. version of Chris Brown without the rapsheet. 

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to this song and tell me if you don’t hear Chris Brown. 

If you love, download his free EP here

I don’t LOVE him…but I can see my little godsisters having a crush on him. Just as long as he’s not gyrating he’s ball sack on the TV screen….I’m good. 

Sidebar: You peeped the Patti LaBelle sample? Dopeness….


Abel Miller ft Cɑshtɑstic-Tonight