This is what I think of all the characters that have had a role recently in Y&R

First of all, are you kidding me!? He ran over a child with his car, ran like a coward, and came back and hid his identity. I hate him. He kills a child, and he gets NO JAIL TIME, but 5 years with a patrol officer and 1000 hours community service. That is just wrong!

Neil, you are not good looking. You think you are because Hilary loves you again, you’re not. When you get rid of your girlfriend Gwen who made Hillary’s recovery possible, to go be with your son’s wife, which was your wife before.

Devon is so annoying!

This was him for an entire month

Paul: We may have a lead on the kidnapper
Devon: THAT’S MY WIFE, I NEED TO FIND HER, SHE’S MY WIFE (makes everything worse by over reacting like punching a guy!)

You are not good looking, and you and Hillary are over.

Another thing, Cane has been trying to help you non-stop look for Hillary, and you go yelling at him saying he kidnapped her.

Lily what are you doing! I love Lily and all, I think she’s a great character, but stop sleeping with Joe. You are good friends with Avery and knows what he does, he put a huge gap in your marriage, and yet you still sleep with him?? #disapointedbutstillloveyou

I dislike Chadam, and Chelsea gets on my nerves now. She’s all happy that her criminal lover got off free from killing a child. She makes it sound like Adam did NOTHING wrong at all. And after all the times Adam lies to her face, she stays with him. Love Anita tho : )

YOU! You are NOT pretty! You “stand” by Billy, but talk about forgiving Adam for what he did. Vicky, if you lost a child like this, and Billy said that to you, you would get all mad at him. You annoy me so much. 

Come on Abby! You are Newman and Abbot, but EVERY time, you choose Newman. “Yes he paid for what he has done” or whatever the question was at the stand. 


Like I love this show, as well as the Bold and the Beautiful, and there are things I do like, but there are also things I don’t like at the moment. This is just my opinion, like and reblog if you agree.