Abby Lee Dance Company


Wow. This is disturbingly beautiful, and haunting, and intimate, and sad. This is almost old school; they don’t make music videos like this anymore. Maddie and Shia are perfect together. They’re both naturally expressive on their own, but together they’re a powerhouse. My dad died when I was little and I come from a long line of fatherless daughters, so this hit me.


Y’all can criticize Maddie’s dancing all you want. But last night she suffered a major wardrobe malfunction and still performed her heart out.

Moreover, she incorporated that fact that she had to be holding up her leotard with her hand, into the actual choreography. 

She didn’t allow it to impede her performance. She worked with it and made it look as though her clutching her chest was part of the dance.

So yes, Maddie isn’t the best dancer, she doesn’t have great technique, or the best lines - but she went above and beyond the call of duty when a wardrobe malfunction, such as this, occurs. 

props to Maddie.