Abate out for remainder of the season

During the match against Sassuolo Ignazio Abate left the pitch towards the end of the match due to an injury to his left eye. However, he came back on the pitch shortly after to play the rest of the match as Milan were out of subs. This saw Abate stay in a forward’s position, which seemed to confuse many viewers and even some commentators. It all makes sense when you realize that he only had one good eye to use while playing - making him vulnerable if he stayed in his defensive position.

Official Statement from Milan:

“AC Milan announces that Ignazio Abate, after several medical examinations in Italy, went to Miami for an expert medical opinion in relation to the blunt forced trauma to his left eye suffered in the match against Sassuolo, last 26th February. The results of the visit are positive and the recovery is proceeding smoothly. Therapies will give Abate the opportunity to resume competitive activity during the summer preparation phase for the 2017/2018 season.”

Abate now joins Bonaventura on the list of players who are out for the rest of the season. Let’s hope no more players join this list.


Weekend in pics. I had some great outfits this weekend but don’t have pics :(

Won the boobie contest Saturday night and walked away with over $200.

It was 109 heat index riding down Friday afternoon. That caught up with me Sunday night with extreme nausea, chills, shakes, dizzy, miserable. Still didn’t feel well yesterday.

Big fight w husband over not being back to make supper (I was out riding on a gator with my cousin and some boys she was friends with)

Weekend could have been worse but could have been better too.

Now back to reality :(



  1. to reduce in amount, degree, intensity, etc.: lessen; diminish
  2. (Law) A) to stop or suppress (an action, nuisance, etc.); B) to annul (a writ)
  3. to deduct or subtract
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