A massive hotel left to rot when the financial bubble burst.  6 glorious floors of exploring await visitors.  There is even a 10 story high amusement ride at one end that was obviously this hotels feature attraction.  It is a bizarre feeling wandering through this hilltop hotel with an amazing view imaging all the families that visited and all the memories that were made.  How would they feel if they visited now?   I would really love to know…

This set shot with a Lomo LC-A and Kodak Portra 400

A room with a view.  And a dandy TV.  There was a beautiful sunroom off to the left but it really bad shape.  When it was new it was probably a quite the place.  This was the largest bedroom at a dormitory-style house.  The first floor was just like a large house with a living room, kitchen, etc. while the second floor was a row of about 8 smalls rooms.  This probably housed workers.  This was the fanciest and at the end so I am assuming it was for the boss.

Reaching out.  A doll reaches out in vain from under the rubble to a fallen comrade for help.  This doll was made by hand by parents who have lost a child.  They wrote the child’s name and a prayer and then brought it to this temple to be blessed.  Unfortunately, the temple has been long abandoned along with hundreds of dolls each one representing a child that has died. See more from this location