A room with a view.  And a dandy TV.  There was a beautiful sunroom off to the left but it really bad shape.  When it was new it was probably a quite the place.  This was the largest bedroom at a dormitory-style house.  The first floor was just like a large house with a living room, kitchen, etc. while the second floor was a row of about 8 smalls rooms.  This probably housed workers.  This was the fanciest and at the end so I am assuming it was for the boss.

Reaching out.  A doll reaches out in vain from under the rubble to a fallen comrade for help.  This doll was made by hand by parents who have lost a child.  They wrote the child’s name and a prayer and then brought it to this temple to be blessed.  Unfortunately, the temple has been long abandoned along with hundreds of dolls each one representing a child that has died. See more from this location