Abandoned Mansion


I initially posted this about a year ago but recently found a blogger who actually went inside and took a few photos. I added the new photos under the original post. Peep the rest of the photos here: http://bit.ly/15KzNvP He ran a hella rad blog.

Original post: Originally a luxury hotel built in 1890, Halcyon Hall closed in 1901 and reopened as The Bennett School For Girls but finally closed it’s doors permanently in 1978.



Commissioned in 1866 by an aristocratic family fleeing the French revolution, it would stay in their hands until World War II when it was nationalized. Later it would serve for decades as an orphanage, earning it the nickname “Chateau de Noisy.” The children left the home in 1980 and it has sat untouched and abandoned since 1991.

More pics of the abandoned mansion Chateau de Noisy here.


The Carleton Villa was built in 1894 for William Wyckoff and his wife. Sadly, a month before they were due to move in, his wife died from a heart attack. William moved in himself but on the first night, he also suffered a heart attack and passed away. The house was left to his son, but as a result of the Great Depression, the son could not afford to keep the house in shape or afford to run it. It was abandoned and has remained abandoned.

The house is currently up for sale for $495,000.