Abandoned Houses

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ooohh a sequel to motm? can you tell us more abt it?

The protagonist is fifteen, female, name is Victoria.

She’s just a normal teenage girl, a dancer, reserved and socially awkward. Suffers from social anxiety although she doesn’t know it. Has a hard time fitting in, she’s usually the butt of the joke with her “friends” who’re really actually bullies more than friends.

One day they throw one of her books through the open window of an abandoned house that’s supposed to be haunted.

She goes in even though she’s scared to get it and accidentally comes across a band of thieves who in a panic, shoot her.

She dies in the basement of the house and well.

If you read memoirs you know what that means.

Only there’s not a human soul haunting that house.

It’s a revenant who was bound there by…someone.

He flees into her body and the rest of the book is whacky shenanigans and murder.

And torture.

And Victoria learning how fucked up her world always was, beneath the veneer of civility.

and of course she becomes more than fucked up herself. A la KL Somniate.

alternative horror game locations to Abandoned American Mental Hospital

  • underwater cave system full of crawling things
  • the irish countryside in the middle of the night
  • the forest of dean 
  • the middle of a desert. the heat shimmers in the distance are writhing in ways hot air shouldn’t
  • a motorway full of dead cars. some have claw-marks the length of your arm on them and the bridge up ahead has been crushed
  • an abandoned RAF base
  • soft play spaces after hours. something keeps shuffling behind you and everything is sticky
  • sewers
  • a crashed aircraft carrier. there are skittering noises and the sound of something chewing
  • multistory car-parks
  • the moon

I walked by a Street of abandoned houses tonight and I saw that the door was open to one of them and I took a picture with the flash on and if you look really closely, it looks like a figure is standing in the door way and another is in the window. I also think that’s the same house I’ve walked by in the day light once before where I swear I heard a child screaming.


So this is a picture of that house I shared a while ago with the figures in the windows, only this is during the day and it doesn’t look that creepy, but Since that first picture, I had heard another noise coming from that Street and a person with a deep voice started talking to me through the fence. Today right after I took this current picture, my phone randomly shut off within two seconds of taking it. My phone wasn’t dying and it wasn’t cold enough to shut it off. My phone never does that.