Abandon House



Natalia stood at the doorframe down at the sleeping man. She hadn’t meant to wake him up, or even intrude on the man when he was sleeping. But she had spent so much time looking for him. All of them had. 

She had been positive that she’d be the one to find him, only because she knew him better than the others. She knew all of his moves, but nothing could prepare her for finding him in the abandoned house. 

The agent trembled as she watched him stir. His reaction, she couldn’t expect. She didn’t know what to expect with him. Her arms ached to hold him and she wanted him to smile again. It’s all she wanted.


In the eye of the Beholder

Context: So my party had to venture deep into the Underdark to find some talisman for a god so we could get some answers out of them. We come across a creepy, abandoned, wooden house in a cave and it’s roughly where the god told us his talisman would be so we stroll up in there. After our Sorceress mind controls the crazy lady living there and our Bladesinger slices her throat (basically avoiding the final boss), we find the talisman. However, we decide to snoop around the rest of the house to find any missed goodies. Low and behold we find some not-so-goodies and come face to face with a Beholder.

Bladesinger: *pulls off Cloaker that tried to eat his face and creaks open the door to the next room* Oh shit, it’s a Beholder.

Ranger: “Uhhhh….. Those are dangerous. Should we?”

Bladesinger: “But there’s a chest in there! What could go wrong?” *combat starts*

After a valliant fight, the Bladesinger is charmed, the Cleric and the Ranger are asleep. It’s down to our Sorceress. The Beholder is near death but has his anti-magic vision on her.

Sorceress OOC: “Guys, I’m seriously out of spells! Literally only cantrips left! And I cant even use those!”

Everyone: “We’re going to die”

DM: *evil chuckle*

Sorceress: “Ok, you know what? Screw it. I’M GOING TO THROW MY STAFF AT HIM.”

She wails the staff at the Beholder and…

*rolls natural 20*

DM: *speachless for a moment* “Ok you know what? You literally throw that staff as if your life depends on it and it sinks right into his big eye and he flops to the ground. Dead. Everyone’s magical effects end… I cant believe that worked”