Aaron Alexis was a mass murderer who committed the Washington Navy Yard shooting in 2013. In total Alexis murdered 12 people. On the day of the shooting he entered the Naval Yard using a valid pass, and assembled a shotgun that he had purchased a couple of days previously, in the fourth floor bathroom of building 197. Once he emerged from the bathroom he immediately began shooting, and continued with the shotgun until he managed to murder a security guard and took his beretta semi-automatic pistol which enabled him to continue the shooting despite having run out of shotgun ammunition.

When police arrived on the scene Alexis was still firing at people on the third and fourth floors, and began to engage the police with gunfire. He wounded one police officer in the leg, and after a 30 minute shoot out Alexis was fatally shot in the head. 


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Washington gunman Aaron Alexis heard 'voices in head' after playing violent video games up to 18 hours a day

Crazed Aaron Alexis was treated for mental illness after playing violent video games for up to 18 hours day and night.

The 34-year-old told psychiatrists he heard voices in his head long before he went on the rampage at a US naval base and slaughtered 12 people before being shot dead himself.

Friends said the length of time he spent glued to the “shoot ‘em up” games on his computer, including the popular Call of Duty, triggered his dark side that had previously landed him in trouble with the police on gun crimes.

If video games which are a worldwide phenomenon are such an overwhelming factor in these mass shootings, why are most of the mass shootings only in America?!

Blaming video games, much like blaming metal music, is a cliche excuse. Look at the Big Pharma industry and the availability of guns in America. And in saying that, I’m NOT for gun control but to say America’s 2nd Amendment isn’t a factor is just brainless bullshit.


‘My ELF Weapon’: More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons 

“The mainstream media is reporting that suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis carved the phrases “My ELF Weapon” and “Better off this way” into his weapon before 12 people were reportedly killed with it in a mass shooting this week. ELF typically stands for extremely low frequency, the type of waves used in everything from weather weapons to mind control devices.

Can you imagine having voices talk to you, directly inside your head, for weeks on end? What if you went to authorities only to find they thought you were insane? What if those voices wouldn’t stop? What if they commanded you to do something you didn’t want to, something unspeakable, over and over and over, even invading your sleep without reprieve? What if they finally promised you rest, finally promised you that you would be “Better off this way” if you just did what they asked?

While we don’t really know what happened that day, more and more it appears that Alexis had been a target of directed energy weapons. The Washington Post is even admitting that ELF is used in conjunction with 'weather efforts’! Discussion that would have been considered the talk of crazy conspiracy theorists even six months ago is apparently mainstream now…“

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I've seen all the Active Shooter episodes so far and I think they are presented incredibly well. There is no bias and the facts are presented succinctly. The survivors and first repsonders accounts honestly caused me to tear up multiple times. I think they have done a great job of retelling these events with respect and without elevating the shooters. I highly recommend you keep watching.

From what I have seen so far I completely agree with you. They are extremely well done. I cried a few times when the survivors and medical staff/law enforcement teared up or cried during the Aurora shooting episode. I am on episode 2 right now. 

For those who are interested the show is called “Active Shooter: America Under Fire” and it is on Showtime. The episodes that have aired so far are…

1. Aurora Theater Shooting - James Holmes

2. San Bernardino Shooting - Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik

3. Charleston Church Shooting - Dylann Roof

4. Washington Navy Yard Shooting - Aaron Alexis

5. Pulse Nightclub Shooting - Omar Mateen

The upcoming episodes that haven’t aired yet are:

Santa Monica College Shooting - John Zawahri (November 3rd)

The Sikh Temple Shooting - Wade Michael Page (November 10th)

Columbine High School Shooting - Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (November 17th)