The Perfect Arrangement

A/N: A Hotch x Reader where she is his sugar baby. ;) I made the setting AU. Hotch is a 30-somthing, high profile doctor and due to his insane schedule, he doesn’t have a ton of time for a full on relationship, hence this arrangement. 


DC General had a number of high-profile doctors, but none more likable, skilled and intelligent than Aaron Hotchner. Ever since he was a child, he knew he wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. Watching his father die of a heart attack at the age of 53 made him want to do all he could to make sure another child didn’t have to grow up without their father.

Aaron had achieved everything he’d ever set out to do.

Graduate at the top of his class? Check.

Finish internships, residencies and fellowships at nationally-ranked hospitals and then work for one? Check. 

Swanky DC penthouse and multiple expensive cars? He had them.

But he still felt empty. He felt like something was missing. And as he sat in his office filling out a small amount of paperwork he needed to finish, it became increasingly obvious what that thing was. When he went home tonight, he was going to be going back to an empty penthouse. He lived alone. He had all this money from speaking engagements and executive positions and his general excellence in surgery, but he had what he wanted and no one to share his wealth with. 

What was everything he had really worth if at the end of the day he was lonely?


Paperwork was done. The drive home was lonely and reflective and now he was here, sipping on a scotch neat in front of his laptop wondering if he should do this or not. 

For a while, he’d been contemplating put a profile up on a dating site, but he wasn’t in a state of mind where he wanted to be committed to a relationship - one woman, yes, but not a relationship. The other option he came across was connecting through a site for men with money; he didn’t enjoy the title of sugar daddy or sugar baby unless it was a candy, but this one particular site boasted the fact that both parties knew exactly what was to come from the arrangement before they were even connected. He could stipulate what he wanted from a relationship and he would be matched accordingly. Aaron never thought he’d do something like this, but…fuck it. He was tired of spending his time alone and his money on himself; it was boring.

After nearly two hours putting up a profile dictating exactly what he wanted from a relationship, he turned off the laptop and went to bed. If nothing came from it, so be it. At least he tried.


The next day brought no match. And neither did the day after that. Within a week though, he found himself matched with a fellow 30-something named Y/N Y/L/N, a lawyer in small but notable firm in the middle of the city. Like him, she maintained a busy schedule. Due to her pro bono work, she made enough money to live comfortably, but she didn’t live above her means, and she did like nice things. She was looking for a man in a similar position who was looking for companionship and possible sex with the occasional nice designer bag considering she walked around town with a bag she’d had for nearly five years that was falling apart. It seemed like the perfect arrangement. 

After exchanging numbers, the relationship became exactly what he needed. They went on nice dates when they were both available. Most of the time he paid, but occasionally she did because she didn’t enjoy being fully supported, and occasionally they’d end up back at his place devouring each other after a bad week.

This week was one of those weeks.

A: I’ve been working for nearly 30 hours straight and I think I’ve worked 120 hours this week. 

Y/N: I just had my position moved to second chair in the case that I’ve prepared meticulously for. Great week for us, huh?

A: Come over? I miss you.

It had been about a week and a half since they’d been able to see each other.

Y/N: I’ll be there in 15.

Fifteen minutes later, Y/N was at his door. “Hey,” he said softly as she walked into his arms. She pressed her lips to his and sunk into his embrace. “I have something for you.”

Her eyes softened. “You didn’t need o get me anything.” Sure, that was a piece of their arrangement, but it was the smallest part. That didn’t stop Aaron from buying things that reminded him of her. A medium-sized green velvet box emerged from his desk in the living room and when Y/N opened it, she was stunned to see a sterling silver bracelet that looked like it came straight out of the 20s. “Aaron, it’s beautiful. Thank you.” Standing up on her tiptoes, she gave him another kiss and smiled as he clasped the bracelet around her wrist. “How about I wear nothing but this?”

“That sounds like a great idea,” he laughed. After the hell that had been the past week or so, this was what they needed. He backed her into the wall, hungrily devouring every ounce of flesh as he pulled the shirt up over her head and discarded it on the floor. She attempted to do the same, but Aaron needed her taste and he needed it now; before she could unfasten even one button, he was down on his knees in front of her, pulling the pencil skirt to the floor and licking at her sex.

She gasper at the ferocity of his hunger and leaned back into the wall so he could settle himself in between her legs and feast upon her. Y/N ground down into his mouth and grabbed at his hair, pushing him further into her until his lips were coated with her arousal. 

The storm in his eyes called to her and she pulled him up to taste herself off his lips. “Take me inside and fuck me.”

Aaron growled at her desperation and met it with his own, lifting her up off the ground and turning around toward his bedroom in one fell swoop. While he nipped at her collarbone, she finally had the chance to unbutton his shirt and skim her hands over defined muscles and soft chest hair. 

Once inside, he dropped her to the bed; she couldn’t help but laugh, her eyes darkening as he hastily removed his clothing. She was in the midst of removing her bra when he joined her again, not caring that she was partially clothed. “Need you. Now.”

Her teeth grazed over the distended veins in his neck. “Fuck me, Aaron, please.”

Foreplay was great, but it was for another time. Lifting her leg, he splayed them open and entered her slickness, immediately launching into a quick pace that had them both panting and sweating. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and her arms found their way behind him, grasping desperately at his shoulder blades and the firmness of his ass as he fucked her. 

“Oh my fucking god, Aaron,” she breathed, her walls tightening around him as he pulled his fingers into her mouth and began to suck on them. “More please. Please, please, more.”

Her back arched into the mattress as he picked up his already frantic pace. Grunts and moans filled the bedroom, his hand slamming down by the side of her head to give him leverage as her sex clasped around him for the last time. As she fell over the precipice, she called out his name, which mixed beautifully with the strangled cries that escaped him. “Y/N…fuck.”

“I needed that,” she laughed, biting down on his earlobe. 

“Me too. More than you know.”

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Come Around Again

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A Criminal Minds Fan-ficiton

Featuring: Aaron Hotchner x Female Reader

Setting: Late Season 12

A/N: Happy Smuturday! This was a requested follow up to New Around Here. I ended up giving more backstory than usual. I hope you like Hotch in witness protection as much as I do! xoxo Stu

Jimmy had called you early the next morning, apologizing once again for leaving you like he had. He was such a devoted father, you couldn’t be angry about needing to pick up his son. You reassured him that he was still in your good graces, teasing that perhaps next time you would even let him into the bedroom before he was called away. The call ended quickly as it was the start of the Sunday Brunch crowd and you helped your servers bring out orders each week.

Your mind eased back to the chaotic rhythm of the work. The day proceeded with a slightly easier smile on your face, after the impulsive night you had shared with the new single dad in town.

Aaron (now Jim) had felt guilty walking out on Y/N like that, but there was no way to send Jack home with the Marshals without a painfully obvious phone call. He hated to think that he had regressed to disappointing women because of his work, even after leaving the BAU behind. He promised himself he would make it up to Y/N, sooner or later. Jack had been withdrawn since moving across the country, but Aaron thought the sleepover was a good sign that his son had been making new friends.

Apparently, Jack (now Jordan) had made friends easily, but his mind was where the social hang ups lingered. Today was a guys day, easy breakfast, kicking the ball around at the local park, a free day full of possibilities. Days they got so rarely when living in Virginia and Aaron traveled with his team. It would have been heaven, if they weren’t being surveyed in shifts by six highly trained government employees.

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S7E7- There’s No Place Like Home

“Hey, what are you doing?” Hotch protested as two surprisingly strong arms wrapped around his waist and began shoving him towards the exit.

“Taking you to get something to eat. You haven’t eaten since yesterday and we just went through a tornado.” Emily was grinning, which drove him mad. He tried to wiggle out of her grip and instead only made himself look like a stumbling mess.

“I’m fine, Prentiss,” he hoped using her last name would make his out-of-breath plea sound more like a command. It didn’t. “Let me go!”

Morgan looked up at the scuffle, noting proudly that Emily seemed to have their Unit Chief neatly under control. “You taking him out to eat? Good, he hasn’t eaten since yesterday. Bring me back, something, alright?”

Hotch managed to flash a scowl at the agent who went back to his paperwork as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. He looked at Rossi desperately. “Me too,” the senior agent added before turning away.

Hotch huffed, feeling betrayed and abandoned. At last he relented. Emily’s grip let up when he stopped squirming, but she still kept a firm hand around his waist. She beamed up at him. “You ready?” Torn between angered at her insolence and humbled by her concern, he put on his usual furrowed brow as she led him out of the station. Her smile broadened. “Good!”

Cross Your Mind

AN: My first ever crossover fic! The timings are way off as this fic is set while Emily is hiding in Paris whereas the team in Crossing Lines wasn’t set up until two years later but it fit so well! You don’t need to have seen the show to read the fic as the premise is explained.

Could silence kill you? Lying in hospital for weeks, struggling to get even a fraction of her strength back, Emily was sure it could. There were doctors and nurses sure, the incessant bleeping of machines and she was dimly aware of JJ’s presence but between that were long stretches of nothingness.

Emily Prentiss hated nothingness. Nothingness was too close to loneliness for Emily’s liking.

In Paris she would eat in restaurants and hear Rossi’s voice critiquing the food. She would wander round the museums and Reid would explain the stories behind the different paintings. Derek admired the architecture with her and Garcia oohed and ahhed over the French fashions. When Emily sat in the park and watched families playing she could hear Jack and Henry laughing while JJ and Hotch cheered them on.

It was partly a coping mechanism and partly a way to distract herself. The nothingness was at the door. There were only so many places Emily could visit and JJ’s work in the Middle East meant that they were restricted in how much time they could talk online. There was only so much online Scrabble one person could play anyway. Hotch was busy with the team and with Jack though he made a point of calling her at least once a month but refused to discuss cases with her.

JJ suggested starting a hobby but apparently going to the shooting range didn’t count. Knitting, cooking, reading, soccer, salsa dancing, painting. Nothing appealed, nothing set off that spark inside her. The only thing that had was working at the BAU. The thought made Emily want to cry and scream for a number of different reasons and she said as much to Hotch when he called to check up on her. The phone went quiet for a moment.

“I have an idea” said Hotch slowly.

“Sounds ominous”

“I’m not making any promises but I may know someone who can help. Just let me make sure it’s safe.”

Emily didn’t hear anything for a week. She was lounging in her apartment, working her way through a stack of Godard movies and wondering if it was worse than Doyle’s torture when her phone beeped. It was a message from Hotch.

May have solved your problem. Can you meet a friend of mine tomorrow at 10am at the Café Victoire? He’s 100% trustworthy, I promise.

Emily swallowed, her fingers shaking. After a moment she texted back a yes and tried to settle back down to finish the film, her mind whirring.

The Café Victoire was quintessentially French. It was cosy and quaint and the coffee was good. Emily arrived an hour early, making sure to get a table at the back where she could see all the exits. By the time the tall man approached her table she was on her third cup of coffee. 

“Are you Aaron’s friend?” he enquired in accented English. He had a soft voice and a laid back manner that put her almost at ease. Emily nodded and gestured to the seat in front of her. A waitress came over and he ordered a small white wine. Emily couldn’t help but chuckle. The man smiled back.

“You are still not used to wine in the morning?”

“Not so much” said Emily “Plus the coffee reminds me of home.” He nodded.

“I was in New York for work a number of years ago” he explained, “The coffee was amazing.” 

“Hotch didn’t explain anything about who you are or why…” Emily wasn’t sure how to finish that sentence. 

“Apologies, I wasn’t sure how much he explained. I’m Major Louis Daniel, of the Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire but I am hoping that will change soon.”

“How so?” asked Emily, her interest piqued.

“How much do you know about the ICC?” asked Major Daniel.

“The International Criminal Court? They prosecute war crimes don’t they?” said Emily with a frown. She couldn’t see where this conversation was going but she felt better already sitting there, talking with someone else in law enforcement. It was the first time in a long time she felt normal.

“They do” nodded Major Daniel as he wine arrived “I have an idea to form a task force that is based at the court and can specialise in cross border crimes. Michel Dorne, the chief prosecutor at the court is on side and we are hoping to get the idea off the ground.”

“I believe my mother worked with him a few years ago,” said Emily “He’s a good man but doesn’t Interpol deal with those sorts of crimes?”

“Yes but I hope a team of detectives and investigators from all over the Eurozone could be more direct and bring a different kind of expertise.”

“It sounds like a great idea but I don’t know how I can help,” said Emily “You know why I’m here right?” Major Daniel nodded but said nothing. “I’m still healing and there is a psychopath after me.” 

“I know” Major Daniel’s voice was gently “I am not here to put you in danger and I can’t offer you a space on the team though someone of your calibre would be invaluable.” Emily wasn’t sure how to feel. On the one hand she knew that would be the case but she couldn’t deny that she wanted a purpose, to be an agent again and to help people.

“So what do you need?” she asked, trying to shake off the disappointment she knew she shouldn’t feel. 

“I would like to draw on your profiling skills,” said Major Daniel “Firstly as I select people to be on the team I would like your help vetting them, ascertaining their skills and identifying what role they could fill. After that I was hoping you could maybe consult on a case by case basis?”

It took every ounce of composure Emily had not to leap across the table right then and there. Instead she took a sip of her coffee and pretended to consider the offer.

“I do have a lot of spare time at the moment” she said with a small grin “And honestly I miss my work.”

“Is that a yes? We can take things at your pace, no pressure” 

“That’s a yes Major” 

Fantastique! Now you need to have wine, we can’t toast with coffee,” grinned Major Daniel, waving the waitress back over. As they clinked their glasses Emily felt a glimmer of something familiar. It wasn’t quite home and it definitely wasn’t family but it was a sense that the nothingness was finally receding slightly.

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Inktober Day 20

If the prompts continue to be uninspiring, I may end up just drawing portraits of people for the rest of the month because this was fun. I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of Hotch’s face at this point because I’ve drawn him so many times, but going from just line-art to proper shading is always a good challenge. (Especially with pens. Pens are scary. Pencils are so much nicer.)

  • Someone: How are you?
  • Me: I'm fine :)
  • Inner Me: Okay I just wanna know how Garcia knows how to spell every name the team tells her to search ??! Like I can barley spell my own name some days ??! And she just knows how to spell any given name handed to her ?!!! Names have so many different spellings and she ??! always guesses the right spelling?!! I,.
  • fanfic: you walk in to see him cheating on you, crying your eyes out he finally notices and jumps up "Y.N! it isn't what it looks like!" you cry more as the blonde skanky skanky bitch smirks at you "it's exactly what it looks it looks like" you run out of the house and jump into your car, hightailing it out of there, you never got to tell him you're pregnant with twins, his twins, and now you'll never get to tell him, you won't allow him to be in their lives, a couple days later he shows up at your house and before you can slam the door he walks into the house "get out" you angrily cry "Y.N! listen to me it wasn't me, i was being possessed by a demon and had no control over anything i love you" smiling "aww" you squeal you jump into his arms kissing him "i have to tell you something" you look him into the eyes as he speaks "i only have two days to live" you sob falling onto the floor-
  • me: God damn